WWE NXT RESULTS: And Then There Were Three… (May, 10th 2017)

Welcome all to a brief report on this past weeks NXT Report. NXTs next Takeover event emanates from Chicago and with it comes quite the casualty as for the first time in NXT Women’s History, an Injury has removed a contender from contendership position, leaving Asuka with one less challenger and two challengers remaining. Who faces this horrid news? Lets find out now.

After a recap of the past battle royal that lead to William Regal announcing that Asuka’s next challengers would be Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross and Ember Moon due to Asuka gatecrashing and attacking all three ladies, we see Ember being tended to in a follow up segment. After being launched near to the barricade by Asuka, the aftermath of the fall has lead to Ember suffering a grade one shoulder sprain. While her recovery period is four to five weeks long, this definitely throws the top contender out of NXT Takeover. She makes it clear she is out, but when she is back, she will be back better than ever.

This reduces Asukas next defense from a four way to a triple threat match and with that in mind, we get segments including the remaining challengers, first Ruby Riot then Nikki Cross. Ruby makes an introduction of herself, describing herself as a small town kid who wasn’t meant to amount to anything. She sees herself as not one to blend in, and her look leaves her judged by others. She states that the many tattoos adorning her body have a story behind them, and an additional one will be added should she obtain the NXT Women’s Title. To get to her current point, shes had to go through many years in the business with sacrifices, missing big family moments, birthdays etc. She views the NXT Women’s Championship she will soon compete for as validation of the sacrifices she has had to make. Shes assured no one has seen anyone like her before in the ring, and as a message to her upcoming combatants, she warns them that they will be in for the battle of their life. Her final message is that her aim is to break the mold of NXTs current women’s division.

We’re joined with the presence of Sanitys Nikki Cross after, and the interview already starts off difficult with Nikki’s playful and sometimes aggressive antics. She counts down to the beginning of the interview, but avoids the question of what her plans are for Takeover when she gets distracted. When asked to go over her strategy to become champion, she instead snaps, asking where her opponents are, Asuka and Ruby. She removes herself from her seat and asks additionally where her championship is, and as she plods over to the camera, she again asks for Asuka before sending a small but fearful warning to Ruby, promising to draw a line under her name. She addresses Asuka one last time in the closure of the interview, threatening to take everything away from the Empress of Tomorrow.

(Ember Moon Segment 07.27 – 08.15)

(Ruby Riot Segment 12.08 – 14.01)

(Nikki Cross Segment 14.29 – 16.22)

Thoughts on these segments:
First of all i am HUGELY gutted for Ember. She was my top pick to leave Chicago as champion considering she was thwarted by dirty tactics in her first clash with Asuka, and because of the segments that followed that showed Embers desire to retaliate. Ruby, meanwhile, is great at her promos and Ive followed her work since OVW and shes already a great in ring worker, with years of experience to back her up, so her position in the NXT Women’s Title match is most likely due to her veteran knowledge. Nikki Cross gets the same here, with the added bonus that shes in a feud with Ruby, meaning two feuds would originally have meshed into one here. Nikki has also never been pinned by Asuka, and her character work this past week is only a reminder of how unhinged she is and how much she will be once Takeover arrives. Nikki is a dark horse going into this match and tactics from her fellow Sanity comrades could bring her a victory. However based on the current UK Tour line up and the fact that Asuka vs Ember is a logical move due to Embers past loss and how it was done, that is the match that should be the case for Takeover Brooklyn and nothing other. Asukas need to retain cant be any higher here if Nikki isn’t a pick to win by the bookers or else Embers redemption will be far off with a new champion crowned unless whoever is the new champion looks to have a very quick reign.

– Catherine


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