Your Monday Post #161: Charlotte and Natalya’s Contract Signing for the Womens Championship Extreme Rules Match Main Events Monday Night RAW (May, 16th 2016)

Welcome All to this weeks first wrestling related post of the new week. I Just happen to be typing this well after midnight so this particular moment just so happens to be a year today, as Natalya and Charlotte, generational rivals of royal blood, met one last time before a scheduled Extreme Rules Match for the former NXT Women’s Champions RAW Women’s Championship (then just the women’s championship as it was prior to the reintroduced brand split.)

The reignited rivalry that first began in NXT between the female grapplers of the Flair and Hart name continued following Charlotte’s historic first WrestleMania, as the daughter of Ric Flair managed to capture the newly introduced Women’s Championship, having surrendered the Divas Championship that night in the place of the title introduced by WWE Hall of Famer Lita. Natalya introduced herself easily as the first contender to the new title in Charlotte’s hands, first meeting at Payback where both had respective family members Ric Flair and Bret Hart in their corner. Shenanigans involving Charles Robinson allowed for the Female Flair to defend the championship for the first time successfully. The May 16th episode of RAW allowed for Natalya to engage in her first RAW main event, in a contract signing for her official stipulated rematch against Charlotte as continual contender, overseen by RAW Co GM’s Stephanie McMahon and Shane. Scuffles between Ric and the McMahons lead to the contract signing breaking down, also leading to a rare near altercation between Charlotte and Stephanie that concluded with the Then Babyface Queen of Harts standing tall.

– Catherine


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