Cattie’s Catch Up: Hitokiri vs Pentagon Dark on Lucha Underground (November, 30th 2016)

At the end of the month comes the return of Lucha Underground as the third season continues, with Ultima Lucha Tres also looming. Its a fair while before that arrives, but one match that took place on a regular Lucha Underground episode stunned (like most) as Black Lotus’s Tribe of Vicious Warriors finally debuted, Hitokiri (Io Shirai) Doku (Kairi Hojo) and Yurei (Mayu Iwatani).

The Famed Females of Stardom were a trio hell bent on taking down Pentagon Dark for intervening in Black Lotus’s debut match against Azteca, reduced to one now as WWE have obtained both Io and Kairi. Io stood out as the most vicious and fearless of the tribe, being the last of Pentagons Challengers on the night and managing to defeat him. The Battered, beaten down and bruised Pentagon was then left to the tribes leading female and assassin Black Lotus as she looked to finally exact revenge against the popular competitor, and in turn used his own arm breaker against him, leaving the triad standing tall, furthermore avoiding any post match damage from Azteca who attempted to clear them off with history seemingly renewed, before instead shockingly attacking Pentagon and finishing off their work.

– Catherine


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