WWE RAW RESULTS: Pain In Maryland Is Bliss (May, 15th 2017)

While the Smackdown Brand have one last pit-stop before Backlash, RAW are weeks from their next Pay Per View, namely Extreme Rules. As the hype to this intense event continues, we have Sasha Banks meet with Alicia one on one again in the squared circle, and we get a hint on what exactly Alexa Bliss, your RAW Women’s Champion, may have planned for the contender and former champion Bayley come that very night.

Things are a little different regarding this secondary showdown between Fox and Banks as in this case Noam Dar is back in the corner of the former Divas Champion per them rekindling on 205 Live some weeks ago. Banks is shown making her way to the ring while Alicia snidely glances at the former RAW Women’s Champion, her cruiserweight support Dar at her side, and as referenced by Michael Cole, this rematch is being done clearly due to the finish from last weeks vicious encounter, a video recap backs this idea.

Once the bell rings, Alicia finds her position and tries to swing at Sasha, though missing and instead being caught in Sasha’s waist-lock. Alicia connects with a swift elbow to break from Sasha, then taking to the ropes to perform her next move, only for Sasha to head the same direction. Sasha sends Alicia to the mat per a running back elbow, and after mocking Noam she turns back to focus on the opponent, dodging her clothesline and blocking a follow up attempted boot. Sasha hits with a high knee that sends Alicia sprawling into the nearby corner, going for running knees up until Alicia positions herself between the ropes, demanding a time out. Once cooled off, Alicia goes for a boot again, missing on first try though another to the face gets the target. Alicia tries to capitalize over this hard hitting maneuver but its only enough to get the eleven year veteran a near fall on the NXT Alumni.

Alicia continues the new found momentum with a forearm, turning Sasha to face her supportive man Noam before connecting with a Northern Lights Suplex. The Well Executed Northern Lights into the bridge gets Fox a second near fall. Alicia knees Sasha right into the back before rag-dolling her amid a rear choke-hold. Sasha manages to slip free and execute a drop toe hold to send Alicia into the earlier corner, and the comeback hopefully begins there for Sasha as she throws forearms, slaps and clotheslines right at the veteran. Sasha also nails a tilt-a-whirl headscissor, sending Alicia’s leg into the nearby ropes along the way. Sasha fires double knees into Alicia in an opposite corner before taking a follow up elbow from Alicia, Alicia elevates herself to the top rope and sunset flips Sasha into a new pin attempt, this time getting a one count. Sasha tries to break Alicia off the ropes in order to connect with the Backstabber to no avail. Instead Alicia tilts her over the top rope, right over her head and sends her down to the apron, which the lower back hits, before heading right to the floor.

Alicia doesn’t wait for Sasha’s recovery as she drags her back into the ring within moments, following quickly behind before being caught in Sasha’s surprise counter, a small package type pin that lands her a two count. Before Sasha can even find herself upright, Alicia connects out of nowhere with the lethal finishing axe scissor kick. Alicia covers Banks for the three count, and (to the surprise of some) wins the match, celebrating happily with Noam. The Once Former comrades turned allies again are back on top.

On the topic of continual physicality, The Miz (with Maryse) also got his one on one shot against his continuously scrutinized opponent and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. Ambrose was unintentionally disqualified after deflecting a low blow from The A Lister, and Miz, still not having his championship, got another chance booked for him at Extreme Rules.

Moving forwards to later in the show and we are graced with the presence of the charismatic RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss who has something to say as hinted. Alexa opens her newest promo with a mockery of Newark, New Jersey where RAW just so happens to be before moving the focus to herself as she puts over the accomplishment of being the first woman to have held both the Smackdown and RAW Women’s Championships. She explains that being smarter and more dominant makes winning more easy, its the formula she believes this crowd are wanting to know. To Add she reminds everyone that she beat RAWs top three women currently to get to her current place, and shes that confident that the same would have occurred if she’d even competed in the Miss USA Pageant. Before she can further put over herself, out comes the person wanting one more chance at what she once held, the RAW Women’s Championship, its none other than Bayley.

Stepping into the ring, Bayley has admittance for Alexa undeniably achieving her accomplishments. However Bayley has one thing to not agree on, the “Goddess” moniker that Alexa has applied to herself, but furthermore the one she must worry about, is the RAW Women’s Championship currently around Bliss’s waist. With that in mind Bayley has decided to evoke the rematch clause even AJ Styles didn’t get for the WWE Championship, and surprisingly this announcement from the former NXT Women’s Champion and also as known former RAW Women’s Champion, draws a fair few boos. Alexa accuses Bayley of being jet-lagged with this announcement being made, if its not the former champions ponytail bobble cutting off her blood circulation, as she questions Bayley on whether she knows the meaning of “Extreme Rules”. Alexa envisions Extreme Rules as a way of winning whichever way necessary, where no help is given and where there’s no way to stop a match even if damage is too much. Alexa sees Bayleys good girl image as a meaning for her to never be envisioned as someone to go to the extreme, and furthermore her moment of excitement, her spotlight given as RAW Women’s Champion back in the day is gone. Alexa suggests Bayley leaves for the kiddys table, to leave the championships with the adults but Bayley proves Alexa’s earlier remarks were far from correct, shoving her relentlessly towards the ropes then dropkicking the champ from the ring. Alexa manages to block Bayleys next attack and takes time to retrieve a kendo stick from under the ring, smacking the hurt Bayley with it.

Bayley shows the effects of Bliss’s earlier vicious attack backstage as she is approached by RAWs General Manager Kurt Angle. Despite Kurt trying to give her a straightforward non stipulated match due to the damages inflicted by the kendo sticks, Bayley wants otherwise, trying to urge some sort of extreme stipulation. Kurt throws out the most oddest of extreme stipulations, and has Bayley booked at Extreme Rules in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match against Alexa, with the championship on the line.

(Alicia Fox w/ Noam Dar vs Sasha Banks)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dean Ambrose; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(The Miz, Maryse, Elias Samson and Kurt Angle Backstage Segment)

(Alexa Bliss and Bayley Segment)

(Bayley and Kurt Angle Backstage Segment)

(Noam Dar and Alicia Fox on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Alicia: This felt like a more smoother affair, and while there was a heel at ringside, it came as a shock not that Alicia won but that she won cleanly. To be fair, Alicia has spent her time putting others over and has been in need of a win at some point and it enhances this angle that is sure to continue. I’m expecting it to go down the route of Alicia/Dar vs Sasha/Cedric Alexander or Rich Swann but Dar and Alicia need some spotlight on them and some dominance because they deserve more than to just be paired due to the ridiculous moniker “Alicia Fooooxxxxxx”. Plus the heels winning could contribute to Sasha falling further down the card and influencing her eventual heel turn due to Bayley continually competing in the biggest matches in comparison to her. If a mixed tag is coming, which by the way has SO MUCH Potential, by all means let Noam and Alicia go over.

Alexa/Bayley: A Good segment and even i noticed the boo’s for Bayley, which i shouldn’t be surprised for to be honest, because it looks like fans in attendance also are clamoring for new blood, for others in the spotlight rather than Bayley being relied on though i don’t see Bayley fading out either due to her position as a continually seen top babyface or because her spotlight will contribute to Sasha’s heel turn later on. The Match booked for Alexa and Bayley however, im very worried for. Looking at past times in the Diva’s era, matches like these were won just by retrieving the said item, and why retrieve a kendo stick to win if it cant be used afterward? Do the competitors continually retrieve the kendo sticks and batter each other until someone cant get up? I Dont know but right now this match stipulation needs more clarification. A Missed opportunity on a street fight in my opinion.

– Catherine


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