IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Another Loss Looms with the Veteran Silenced (May, 18th 2017)

Welcome to this weeks report on another episode of IMPACT Wrestling. So its just over a month until Slammiversary and we have the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship getting exposure, while the Knockouts Title has yet to have a new challenger defined. While that challenger may be awaited for a little longer, Sienna has no problem putting her title on the line in comparison to last year where she lost it in a sudden multi Knockout battle. Thats right, the GFW Womens Title is on the line this week, but which Knockout takes the place of voluntary contender? Time to find out…

But FIRST, Diamante is on hand to witness as Santana and Ortiz, her LAX Comrades, battled Garza Jr and Laredo Kid in the next qualifying match to determine the new Global Force Wrestling Tag Team Champions. The LAX duo ended up gaining the victory, reaching one step closer to the possibility of being dual champions.

Also the rivalry between Braxton Sutter and Kongo Kong reaches boiling point as the two meet in the ring at last, Kongo under the control and watchful eye of “Hot Mess Van Ness” and Braxton having the supportive wife Allie at his side. Kong gets his first win over an established signed talent by defeating Sutter, and after the match KM and Sienna join in as well as Laurel in beating down on the babyfaces. An unexpected ally in Mahabali Shera (assuming they are giving him exposure in time for IMPACTs visit to India) charges down and helps to clear off the villainous lot, and with this engagement comes an idea from Sutter, because once helped to his feet by Allie, he suggests Kongo and KM face himself and Shera next week on IMPACT.

Sienna and KM reappear later in the show as Sienna puts her Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship on the line, and her revealed challenger is Knockouts Veteran, the last to have challenged for the Knockouts Title, ODB. Sienna, once in the ring, tries to get mouthy with ODB, who still has the support of the IMPACT Wrestling fans. Sienna shoves at ODB and ODB retaliates with her own physicality, in the form of a forearm. ODB takes to the ropes, ducks under a clothesline attempt from Sienna, and takes her down on the way back with a running shoulder block. ODB connects with the second before her third attempt to take Sienna down is thwarted, as the defending champion sends ODB through the ropes and right to the ringside floor.

Sienna heads out after her, but takes her eye off ODB temporarily, enough for ODB to get herself up and strike her. ODB tries to take back momentum by trying to whip Sienna over to the ring post, but Sienna reverses, leading to ODB meeting the ring post instead. ODB manages to get up but its not for long as she receives a boot from Sienna. Sienna brings ODB back to the ring as the fans continue to back the former Knockouts Champion, but the motivation from the fans doesn’t perk up ODB, still in recovery stage when shes splashed against a corner by Sienna. After a hilarious taunt, Sienna looks to duplicate that last offense, but meets the corner instead when ODB recovers and moves out of harms way. ODBs comeback begins with chops and a discus clothesline fired at Sienna, with an additional corner splash. ODB goes for a possible fallaway slam only for Sienna to break loose and shove ODB to the corner. Sienna charges to that same corner but meets a countering back elbow from ODB, who tries to propel herself on the ropes. ODB hooks Sienna by her hair and smacks her face continuously against a turnbuckle, but then misses a crossbody when Sienna moves from harms way. Sienna awaits for the former Knockouts Champion to get to her feet then connects with the Silencer in the center of the ring for the three count. Sienna wins the match, retaining the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship.

And Last but not least, more tag team action will go down on next weeks IMPACT, as Alisha and Eddie Edwards get their anticipated mixed tag team match against the vicious and brutal rivals of Angelina Love and Davey Richards.

(Santana and Ortiz w/ Konnan and Diamante vs Garza Jr and Laredo Kid)

(Kongo Kong w/ Laurel Van Ness vs Braxton Sutter w/ Allie feat KM and Sienna)

(Braxton Sutter, Allie, Mahabali Shera, Sienna, KM, Kongo Kong and Laurel Van Ness Post Match Segment)

(ODB vs Sienna w/ KM; Global Force Wrestling Womens Championship Match)

(Braxton Sutter, Allie and Mahabali Shera #IMPACTLastWord Digital Exclusive)

(Sienna, Kongo Kong, KM and Laurel Van Ness #IMPACTLastWord Digital Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
To Be Fair, ODB may not be IMPACTs top player in the division right now but is there to help put over the allocated Knockouts of the division, but the length of this match was extraordinarily bad in my opinion. ODB can and sometimes cant be expected to be enhancement and sure she did her job here, but even when they had nothing to do with her some years back title wise, they had her and Gail pulling out some good matches on their way towards later glory. Usually when you hear Sienna vs ODB you would expect a big caliber type match up because of their powerhouse statuses, and even their last match was longer than this. The Jarrett’s are trying so hard to put importance on their own titles but they need to be defended in top caliber, more physical and more lengthy matches. Von Eerie vs Sienna in the past was a good example of a physical match where the title felt it had more meaning in comparison to Von Eerie’s debut defense. Sienna and ODB deserved better here but the length of the match seemed to be cut short to make way for the announcers angle, and while Mathews as a heel is working, its taking away time from other storylines, just look at them taking the main event over Davey vs Eddie weeks ago. C’mon IMPACT, i know next week will make up for it, but still…

– Catherine


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