IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: Does The Sacred Seductress End The Trifecta World Tour? (April, 22nd 2017)

Welcome One and All to a New IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion report, and as Xplosion has as of late, it will again feature a new name in the Knockouts Division, namely MJ Jenkins who is one of two recent signings to the company. The Extremely Athletic acquisition has a tough battle ahead of her, battling the vicious veteran and 6x Knockouts Champion Angelina Love.

MJ is first to enter for this single Knockouts Match, coming out to the theme song occasionally used during Deonna Purrazzo’s IMPACT appearances (which i seriously hope they change as it just does NOT suit). Second to enter the scene is Angelina Love, and MJ may just appear to have her work cut out for her with the equally vicious assist of Davey Richards at ringside. However, instead MJ shows no fear towards this dangerous couple, grabbing Angelina as she disregards the fellow competitor to attempt to flatter Davey. When MJ suggests they leave the love making to the hotel, Angelina takes not too kindly to this and shoves the newest Knockout towards the other side of the ring. MJ responds a little harder, pushing enough to send Angelina to the mat. Angelina shows MJ just how vicious her offense is as she sends her to the mat and brutally fires at her with kicks. Angelina whips MJ to the opposite ropes, only for MJ to fire back against Angelina with a deep arm drag after hitting the opposite ropes. Two more follow before MJ goes to work on the left arm and shoulder of Angelina, with Angelina managing to break off by taking MJ to the ropes, grabbing her hair as she does so.

Angelina lodges a knee into the midsection of MJ with a second managing to bring MJ down temporarily. Angelina whips MJ to the ropes, missing a forearm as she attempts to take her down along the way. MJ handsprings and connects with a back elbow, but she doesn’t even get her first attempted pin as Angelina quickly rolls from the ring and over to Davey for a brief moment to regroup. Angelina attempts to recover from being overtaken by MJs athletic offense as we go to the one commercial break of the match.

Angelina is only just making her way to the ring when we return from the single commercial break, and MJ is quick to storm over to the opposition only to be tricked into walking into Angelina’s counter as the 6x Knockouts Champion snaps her jaw against the top rope. Angelina returns to the ring shortly after separating herself from MJ, and batters her with forearms as MJ remains laid against the canvas. After a brief spat with senior official Earl Hebner, Angelina turns the focus back to MJ with a corner shoulder block, executing a second before resorting to hard kicks. Angelina takes MJ to the center, going for a vertical suplex, but MJ counters into an inside cradle, used for her first pin attempt, but only enough to get a near fall on the veteran. After taking Angelina close to the ropes, MJ proceeds with another roll up, not doing much as Angelina slips free at the count of one this time. MJ charges as she readies the next lot of offense but is taken down by the fiery clothesline counter from Angelina, but rather than try and pin the opponent, Angelina spends time crawling around the ring and fraternizing with Davey. Angelina gets back to her feet the same time as MJ but MJ still is in regrouping stage, unable to block Angelina’s double forearm in the corner. However she sees the next offense coming and blocks with both boots.

MJ rolls through within seconds to find a quick way to make it to the center, connecting with a dropkick after to take down Angelina. MJ tries to capitalize there with a new pin attempt but she ends up getting a near fall result. MJ takes to the ropes but as she runs back shes subjected to Angelina’s drop toe hold, and Angelina, taking advantage of MJs position, hoists her face up before planting it multiple times against the canvas. As MJ again writhes in pain, Angelina has another moment of affection with Davey, and once she turns her focus back she tries to clothesline MJ, only for MJ to respond with her own beforehand. MJ connects with many forearms then goes for the corner offense only to be elevated to the apron by Angelina. MJ nails a shoulder block from under the top rope to knock away Angelina by some feat before spring-boarding off the top rope to deliver a dropkick to Angelina. MJ gets some crowd backing just as she may look to finish Angelina but Davey has soon dashed to the apron. MJ engages with an aggravated Davey briefly before walking into Angelina’s forearm smash. Angelina covers MJ there and gets the three count. Angelina wins the match.

(MJ Jenkins vs Angelina Love)

Thoughts On This Match:
Well what can i say? Again Angelina’s veteran experience is really helping the new ladies on Xplosion and MJ is highly promising and has a lot of athletic ability that can put her on par with the X Division. MJs loss doesn’t hurt her here either as she shows much promise and is just starting in her career in IMPACT Wrestling, and her high flying move-set is sure to draw some eyes on IMPACT in the near future.

– Catherine


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