WWE NXT RESULTS: The Jersey Devil is Back in Business (May, 17th 2017)

Takeover Chicago arrives on Saturday, and while we have a triple threat anticipated (originally a four way championship match until Ember was ruled out with a saddening and sudden injury) this week offered us one more message from the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka and a showcase from the future of the NXT Women’s Division as Lacey Evans faced off against Daria Berenato, now named Sonya Deville.

So as we go in chronological order, we first are graced with the presence of Asuka. The soon to defend NXT Women’s Champion was joined by an interviewer on her way to the NXT Tapings, questioned on whether she feels pressure at facing two women with her title on the line (despite facing three in the past). Asuka declines to speak on this after a big sigh, but the interviewer persists, instead asking Asuka on whether she feels any relief over Ember being taken out of the match at Chicago. Again Asuka fails to answer and when questioned on what her ultimate goal may be as champion, Asuka has heard enough, asking if the interview is over. The Interviewer ends it, having heard Asuka’s tone and Asuka dismisses herself from the vehicle and switches up her mood to pose with the NXT Universe, then reverting back to her moody ways once out of the way of the NXT Fans.

Moving to present day, and the Arena is surrounded with spectating fans as the women’s division gets its own share of in ring action, featuring two familiar faces that briefly brawled amid the NXT Women’s Championship Contendership battle royal, Lacey Evans and Sonya Deville (who most will remember notably as Daria). Lacey struts to the ring to open, then out comes Daria, now officially Sonya Deville (Why OH Why). Putting the unapproving name change aside, Sonya is all business heading to the ring, and Lacey herself looks ready, staring down Sonya as the Competitor with an extensive fighting background steps into the ring.

Once the bell rings, Lacey locks up with Sonya, who proceeds to knee Lacey right in the midsection. Sonya drives Lacey to the mat and tries to capitalize early with the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall. Sonya goes right back to utilizing offense but has a knee blocked by Lacey who takes her down and duplicates Sonya’s earlier strategy of capitalizing early post offense with her own pin attempt, also getting a near fall. Before Lacey can try anything else, Sonya sends her back to the mat via a wicked spear, though Lacey recovers quick this time around by escaping her follow up pin attempt at one. Sonya roughs up Lacey amid a bodyscissor, with Lacey trying to pin by managing to bring the shoulders of Sonya to the mat. However Lacey only gets a one count and Sonya helps herself back up quickly, keeping the bodyscissor intact. Sonya rolls her over to get a near fall, also breaking the bodyscissor as Lacey breaks loose.

Sonya knees Lacey in the ribs, and business is indicated to be picking up as Sonya removes her gloves, soon pummeling Lacey with hard fists just as she rests up in the corner. Lacey shoves Sonya away and receives mockery from the former MMA Combatant, who coaxes Lacey into attacking her. Lacey misses a clothesline, taunted by Sonya who goes for her own clothesline, missing as Lacey did, but as Sonya turns, shes slapped right across the face. Lacey starts her comeback offense there with a shoulder block and kick, followed by handspring knees into the midsection. Lacey hoists Sonya into position in the middle of the ring and connects with a neckbreaker, then splashing her upper body before attempting another pin. Lacey gets a near fall.

The Wheels begin to turn as Lacey darkly turns to face Sonya as Sonya tries to regroup in the corner. Lacey storms over but is knocked away by Sonya, who pumps up before executing an inziguiri near the opposite corner to Lacey. A Cocky Sonya drags Lacey from the corner and proceeds to pin after her big maneuver, getting the three count. Sonya wins the match, showing no sign of limiting her ruthlessness for whenever she may meet any of the divisions willing competitors in the ring in the future.

(Asuka Segment 21.50 – 23.05)

(Sonya Deville vs Lacey Evans)

Thoughts On This Match:
While the few minute matches are becoming more and more in NXT nowadays, in the minutes given, both showed so much potential, with additional chemistry. I’m not sure Lacey’s character will work long term or on the main roster, but her in ring work shows so much potential, shes very athletic and based on her own background, can work the badass type easily. Speaking of Sonya, who should still be Daria in my opinion as the name change does nothing for me, shes, as Ive said before, a rarity of a character as a combatant utilizing her various fighting backgrounds, and furthermore has the potential to be NXTs/WWEs version of Ronda or Miesha and her position as a “beast” could make her the new dominant threat of the division in Nia’s place and a threat to future NXT Women’s Champions. It takes a lot to ask from WWE nowadays to nail creatively, but all i ask is they don’t mess around with the booking of Sonya.

– Catherine


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