WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Do Team “Royal Glow Fire” Have True UNITYYYYYY? (May, 16th 2017)

Would you believe the last Smackdown before WWE Backlash has arrived? And to think Smackdown hasn’t even had a Pay Per View since WrestleMania. Though sadly there is no title on the line this coming Sunday, the callous work of the recently formed Welcoming Committee (Carmella, Tamina and Natalya) has forced Becky Lynch, Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi and Smackdowns newest acquisition Charlotte Flair to unite, as the two teams have one last battle of words (or maybe even more) in a contract signing before the feuding forces meet in tag team action at Backlash.

Shane McMahon is on hand to play host to this booked segment, welcoming out first Carmella, Natalya and Tamina, who have James Ellsworth also in tow. Natalya heads the vicious group as they make their way to the ring, and once poised, out come Charlotte, Becky and Naomi, separately then unified. Notably each woman is also in ring gear. Once the babyfaces step foot, Shane is ready to get to work on the said contract signing, but he believes Natalya has something to say first. Natalya very much does, expressing how disingenuous the partnership of Becky, Charlotte and Naomi look, labeling it pathetic. Furthermore Natalya is still furious at Becky turning down her offer for her to join her side, and she cant wait to say she told her so when they meet on Sunday. After addressing Becky, Natalya reminds all three that they have been continuously overcome by the Welcoming Committee, and it looks to be no different at Backlash when they prove who is the best there is, was and ever will be. Natalya closes off her words to sign the contract, with Tamina and Mella following suit.

Its Becky’s time to express her fury at the Welcoming Committee, and as much as she knows Natalya gave her a chance, she makes it clear there was no chance in hell of Becky even joining them. Becky cannot wait to slap the face of each and every single one of them, and with that said, she signs the dotted line. With that done, its the champion Naomi’s turn to speak, as she warns the Welcoming Committee that they should focus on their next hair appointment than the past few weeks, as Team “Royal Glow Fire” plan to snatch them bald. Naomi closes off that singular statement to also sign the contract, then up steps Charlotte. The “Queen” has made herself aware of the villainous trio having problems with her, moaning and complaining among their “babysitters club”. She warns each of them to bring everything they have in Chicago, then after clearing them off on Sunday, the focus is on taking the Smackdown Women’s Title. Charlotte’s threat towards Naomi ends with her signing the contract, and just as Shane makes the tag team match for Backlash official, Ellsworth has something to say.

Ellsworth accuses Becky of staring longingly at him, despite her disapproving facial reaction, and quotes Shane’s Father Vince by stating Becky has no chance in hell. Furthermore if Charlotte sees him as her King, he will pass, being the prince to the Princess of Staten Island, Carmella. Ellsworth steps up to Naomi after, getting straight to the point as he addresses Carmella as a threat to her championship. Naomi has had enough and seizes Ellsworth, but his princess charges to his rescue, planting the champ face first against the table. Shane has to try separate the champion from Carmella and Ellsworth, but due to their showcased issues, he isn’t waiting to see these women compete thus Carmella will face Naomi right now.

We Return from a commercial break and the bell has rung to start this official match, and Naomi immediately lunges at Carmella. Carmella uses the ropes to evade Naomi first time, then a second as Naomi charges at her again. When Carmella frees herself from the ropes, the two lock up and Naomi overtakes as she pounds Carmella towards a corner. Again Carmella seeks solace as she ducks between the ropes and just as she goes after the champion, Naomi fires at her and takes her down with a Lou Thesz Press. Naomi throws Carmella to an opposite corner back first, then clotheslining her against the same corner. Naomi isn’t done utilizing the corners advantageously as Naomi runs Carmella into the opposite corner, connecting with a running bulldog. Naomi rallies the crowd then nails a dropkick to Carmella at the end of the apron, then rolling to the ring to try and pin Carmella, getting a near fall.

Naomi targets the left arm of Carmella, though only for a short time as Carmella gets to the ropes to force the break. Naomi traps Carmella in a waistlock, reverting to a side headlock moments later. Naomi goes back to targeting the left arm, with Carmella trying to break off with fists to the midsection. Naomi brings Carmella over to one shoulder but Carmella slips free and kicks the back of Naomi’s leg. She follows by planting Naomi head first against the mat, but Naomi soon comes back with a kick. Naomi whips Carmella but rather than Carmella running into the rear view thats supposed to follow, shes brought to the outside by Ellsworth. Ellsworth’s compassion for Carmella leads to trouble for his side, as the male companion of the Welcoming Committee is ejected from ringside, no ifs, no buts.

With Ellsworth gone and the potential assists he could lead removed, Naomi has taken advantage during and following the commercial break, kicking Carmella from a corner after shaking her rear in the opponents face. Carmella takes offense to the switch in momentum, and the fun thats come with it, but gets kicked by Naomi just as she responds. An exchange of kicks follow between the two, with Naomi overtaking. Naomi dropkicks Carmella towards a corner, and Carmella, having taken the brunt of Naomi’s offense, has had enough, rolling from the ring and expressing no desire to return to action as she starts climbing the barricade in possible retreat. However Carmella sees Naomi charging towards her and sends her to the floor with a superkick. Becky and Charlotte run over to possibly stand up to the dominating heel, but with that also comes the presence of Tamina and Natalya to watch things. Carmella rolls to the ring as the two sides stand guard, and no offense is exchanged as both sides watch Naomi clamber to the ring by the count of eight. However as soon as Naomi makes it to the ring, shes pummeled by a load of forearms from Carmella. Carmella tries to capitalize following the round of offense with a pin attempt, getting a near fall on the women’s champion.

Following her failed pin attempt, Carmella wastes little time executing extra offense as she runs Naomi head first into her foot planted against the corner post. Carmella follows this with her corner bronco buster, dragging her from the corner after for one more pin attempt, resulting again in a near fall on Naomi. Carmella applies a side headlock to Naomi, who uses the motivation of the crowd and the support from Becky and Charlotte at ringside to try return to a vertical base and break away from the NXT Alumni. However, it falls short as Carmella drives her knee directly into the midsection of the champ, following by whipping her into a corner. Carmella goes for a corner splash but is blocked by Naomi’s retaliating back elbow. Carmella tries to block Naomi’s chance to fend her off with both feet but is kicked to the mat upon trying. Carmella finds her way to her feet and goes for a clothesline but misses, receiving one from Naomi instead. Spinning back elbows and a flurry of knee strikes, complete with a sit out jawbreaker after a roundhouse didn’t connect follows. Naomi kips up, charges to a corner and is elevated to the apron by Carmella, but Naomi takes advantage, connecting with a high kick from behind the ropes to separate herself from Carmella before scaling the turnbuckles. However as she does so, Tamina starts to make her way to the apron to distract the former comrade, and this doesn’t bode well with the official, as now Natalya and Tamina have been ejected. As these ladies are dismissed, they turn and charge down the ramp after Becky and Charlotte, leading to a brawl. As this breaks out, Carmella takes advantage and rolls up Naomi, pinning the women’s champion for a second time. Carmella wins the match.

Moving from the physicality to a preview of someone sure to get physical once she makes her Smackdown arrival, we see a mixture of Lana’s vignettes piled together. However, its still unknown when the Ravishing Russian will be arriving on the brand.

(Becky Lynch, Naomi, Charlotte, Carmella, Natalya, Tamina Contract Signing Segment feat Shane McMahon and James Ellsworth)

(Carmella w/ James Ellsworth, Natalya and Tamina vs Naomi w/ Becky Lynch and Charlotte)

(Lana Vignette)

(Carmella on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
As first i didn’t expect a match to follow up the contract signing, at least not until the ladies came out in ring gear. Carmella and Naomi’s matches are intriguing for me at this time not only because both times have come off so well but because of how each have ended. Now i wouldn’t be surprised if Charlotte is thrust right into the title picture at the dismay of any other heel on the roster, but Carmella’s double victory cannot go ignored regardless of the term of wins and losses not mattering in WWE. Remember when Bayley was running through Carmella and some of the should-have-been-leading ladies of NXT to get to Asuka and how she did the same to Dana Brooke over and over to get to Charlotte? I Wouldn’t be surprised regardless of rumors of Carmella being a top candidate in the eyes of Triple H if Carmella is pinned this Sunday by Naomi to erase her contention, and to put focus on the tweener Charlotte vs Naomi in what may be Naomi’s last feud as Women’s Champion. However, what is a topic amongst many fans including myself, is whether the match goes the predictable route of the faces winning considering the Welcoming Committee have looked indestructible over the weeks, or whether someone on the babyface side walks out. That is what keeps me drawn to this match for Sunday, eyes on Charlotte and Becky especially.

– Catherine


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