WWE NXT TAKEOVER CHICAGO PREDICTIONS: Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot vs Asuka for the NXT Womens Championship (May, 20th 2017)

Its a double weekend of wrestling in Chicago, beginning today (as its Saturday here in the UK now) with NXT bringing their latest Takeover Special to Chi-Town…Chicago! With every Takeover show comes an NXT Women’s Championship defense and its safe to say Asuka has been very dominant since arriving on the scene, having surpassed 400 days as champion, but in turn, is facing another multi woman title defense with two challengers lined up, the recently debuted Ruby Riot and a challenger both Ruby and the “Empress of Tomorrow” are very familiar with, Nikki Cross. With Ember Moon, the initial third challenger, out due to a sudden injury inflicted during the post battle royal altercation with Asuka, i give to you my thoughts on who may walk out as NXT Women’s Champion.

It cant be ruled out how dangerous a competitor Nikki has been since arriving in NXT, Rabid and ferocious just two words to describe her, mauling one opponent after another. Ruby Riot meanwhile stands against that of which Sanity wishes to conform people to, and these beliefs have made her a quick target for Cross. Does that feud boil over to the point where the focus is off the NXT Women’s Title due to Bad Blood? That may be the case, and while i feel its far too early for Ruby to even win the title, i cant deny a surprise win for Cross, though i feel the timing wouldn’t work due to Embers expected return after Takeover as the supposed challenger for Asuka, and going over Cross would end her title reign early, while Cross winning and keeping the title would stall Ember’s contention and dream rematch further. So with all those factors in mind, and the fact that Asuka winning no matter what odds are against her, im all for and expect for Asuka to retain the title in Chicago, moving onto Ember Moon after for one last showdown.

NXT Takeover Chicago comes to you live at 1am UK Time tonight on the WWE Network, featuring this triple threat battle for the NXT Women’s Championship, plus Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate for the WWE UK Championship, Hideo Itami vs Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship and more.

– Catherine


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