WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Queen’s Former Protege Faces a Non Glamorous Beat Down (May, 19th 2017)

Welcome All to the first Main Event report in a while, and the B Side Episode welcomes a fresh encounter between two ladies seemingly fizzled off Monday Night RAW for a brief period as the continually improving and evolving babyface Dana Brooke takes on the Powerful Teased new hench for RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax.

Entering first for this match is none other than Dana, in need of some TV time while Emma recovers from a hopefully minor injury inflicted during the European Tour. Entering second and also by her lonesome (because she doesn’t really need assistance does she?) is Nia Jax. Once Jax is in the ring, she locks up with Dana, and like most lock ups with Jax ends, Dana ends up shoved towards the nearby corner by the pure strength of the opposition. Nia proceeds to mock Dana before trying to clothesline her, and Dana dodges this, attempting to capture Nia in a waistlock. Again Nia uses her power to toss Dana away and free herself from her. The mockery again from Nia that follows seems to fire up Dana as she dodges Nia’s offense like earlier and this time she fires a barrage of forearms at Nia. Dana goes into an arm wringer but her moment of momentum is ended by a single headbutt. Dana clenches the ropes to avoid being caught in a possible irish whip from Nia, flips over then avoids a clothesline from Nia, leaping onto Nia’s back in position for a possible sleeper hold. Unluckily for Dana, shes tossed over the shoulder of Nia and sent directly to the mat.

Just like before, Dana recovers in time to avoid the oncoming offense of Nia, who crashes shoulder first into the corner post before falling to the floor. Dana tries to keep Nia down on the floor with a follow up crossbody off the apron, crawling to the ring just as the count-out that may end Nia’s luck entirely begins. Unlucky for Dana, Nia makes it to the ring at the count of seven, and Dana is forced to find new ways to take Nia out, unfortunately not so soon as she is met with a headbutt from Nia the moment she begins to fire her offense. Nia irish whips Dana to the ropes but Dana holds on, executing a kick to Nia before connecting with a dropkick to back Nia into the nearby corner. Dana goes for a handspring move but is pushed midway to the mat by Nia.

With Dana out on the mat, Nia takes advantage by bringing all 272 pounds of weight onto Dana’s back by stepping on her, also taunting the WWE Universe as she inflicts this pain. Once releasing her feet from the back of Dana, Nia quickly switches back to the target with an additional elbow drop connecting, reverting to a stretch hold afterward while wedging her knee into Dana’s back. Dana tries to break free from Nia but to no avail as shes brought to the mat. Nia runs Dana into the ropes, also driving her elbow into Dana’s upper back before following Dana to the corner, driving her shoulder multiple times into her body. Nia isnt finished there as she brings Dana to the near center with a powerslam, then reverting to her earlier stretch hold. Again Dana uses the rallying WWE Universe as a way to try and break from Nia’s grip but is sent to the mat again before she can do anything. Nia looks for the elbow drop like last time but it misses Dana as Dana cleverly rolls out of harms way. Dana tries her best to keep Nia against the mat with a dropkick and Twisted Bliss variation and after a cover scores Dana the first near fall of the match, Dana continues her earlier strategy of keeping Nia off her feet for as long as she can, connecting suddenly with a neckbreaker. Dana covers Nia once again following the maneuver, scoring a near fall as like before.

Dana forearms continually at Nia but its not long before Nia pushes her away and finds her way back to her feet. Dana has many’s attention as she tries to set up her finisher, trying to haul Nia onto both shoulders for the Firemans Carry Driver, but on all attempts, Nia is just too big and Dana struggles to get the positioning. Nia headbutts Dana and splashes her against a corner, then bringing her onto her shoulders with ease and connecting with a Samoan Drop. Nia covers Dana and gets the three count. Nia wins the match.

(Dana Brooke vs Nia Jax)

Thoughts On This Match:
While i wish these two were being utilized on RAW right now (like is Nia and Alexa still a thing?) Main Event proves to be Dana’s proving ground and another way to showcase her improving work, after all its not every day Dana busts out a crossbody or tries to lift an imposing beast onto her shoulders to prove her bodybuilding is an advantage and a strength. This Match, to me, proves Dana is continuously improving and looking to prove her doubters wrong, and her babyface turn has also allowed her to add to her moveset somewhat. Also the smaller Dana vs the big beast Nia is another David vs Goliath setting and Dana didn’t really show any fear here, working fairly well and strategically against Jax. Sure her being unable to lift Nia was inevitable, but the finish was well thought out, almost a mockery from Nia to Dana in a way as she used her own strength to easily bring Dana to her shoulders like a rag-doll, something Dana couldn’t do, and absolutely crush her. So to put it all in short, a fresh match with a fresh look at some of RAWs other talent. I Wouldn’t mind this match again just to see what else Dana will do to possibly put away Nia.

– Catherine


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