WWE BACKLASH RESULTS (Live): The Welcoming Committee Put Out “Royal Glow Fire” (May, 21st 2017)

Tonight Chicago delivers the 2nd WWE Pay Per View of the weekend, this time showcasing the talent of the main rosters Smackdown Brand, and while we missed out the chance of a Smackdown Womens Title defense, the Champion herself Naomi didnt miss a place on the card, joining fellow Smackdown Womens Competitor Becky Lynch and Smackdowns Recent Roster Acquisition Charlotte to take on the recently formed “Welcoming Committee” of Natalya, Tamina Snuka and Carmella.

Going into the match, the Heel Trio hold the momentum over the face trio with various attacks and pinfalls included, most recently with Carmella scoring two pinfalls over Smackdown Womens Champion Naomi that may lead to later contention. However this feud appears to be awaiting, as instead Natalya got revenge on Becky Lynch for declining her offer to join the newest womens faction weeks ago, submitting Becky tonight to the Sharpshooter to continue the Welcoming Committee’s Domination over the Smackdown Womens Division.

With this victory in mind, what happens to “Royal Glow Fire” Post Backlash? Will Becky admit defeat? Will Charlotte set out by herself once again and run through her former allies to obtain gold? Will the Welcoming Committee seek gold before her? Maybe some of these questions will be answered on Tuesdays Smackdown Live episode, but until then make sure to stay tuned to the site during tomorrow for a full report on tonights WWE Backlash Pay Per View.

– Catherine


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