Your Monday Post #162: Lana and Alexander Rusev Continue to Warn the WWE Universe (March, 21st 2014)

Welcome all to a slightly late week opening wrestling related flashback, and with the Post Backlash episode of Smackdown not too long till airing time, one can wonder whether the newly repackaged Lana may saunter back onto the TV Screens? While that is yet to be known, lets be reminded of Lana and her former on screen partner Rusev’s build up towards becoming one of the most imposing and intimidating duos on the main roster.

Sometime following the 2014 Royal Rumble, the duo of Lana and then named Alexander Rusev came up from NXT where the pairing was created, and over the weeks, they briefly interacted ominously with the WWE Universe, sending warnings of the oncoming dominance the then dubbed “Super Athlete” would bring to the main roster. From then on, Rusev gathered wins over many WWE Talents, became a multi time United States Champion, worked WrestleManias and even got to briefly share the ring with the Rock, heck even Lana got to get over with the WWE Universe amid a temporary split. Now the once imposing duo are about to step away from being a duo to step out as eventual solo performers, Lana possibly in Smackdowns Women’s Division and Rusev as a possible future WWE Champion. Oh how times have changed.

– Catherine


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