WWE RAW RESULTS: The Boss Outfoxed, The Former Womens Champion Outwitted (May, 22nd 2017)

Welcome All to this weeks RAW report and the weeks are narrowing until the RAW brand get extreme, with the arrival of Extreme Rules Imminent. Alexa Bliss, the reigning RAW Womens Champion, will soon be putting her title on the line in a strangely unique Kendo Stick on a Pole Match against the former champ Bayley, and after brutalizing the foe last week, Bliss gets to do so again to another foe, her former partner Mickie James. That plus a third round of physical action between growing rivals Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks.

The Match is set up during Charlys brief backstage interview with Sasha Banks in the back. Charly asks how Sasha is preparing for the next match with Fox considering they have traded victories over the weeks. Sasha just sees tonight’s showdown as her gaining the final victory that will keep her away from the “Crazy Fox” and her “Hot Mess of a Boyfriend”. Alicia and Noam approach and Noam has some words of his own for Sasha, accusing the former RAW Womens Champion of being jealous of not having a male companion like Alicia has. He tries to insult Sasha further until she steps towards him, and Noam holds off his words, walking away with Fox.

Thus theres your set up. Alicia has her accompaniment of Cruiserweight Noam Dar by her side, already in the ring as her recent rival Banks makes her way to the squared circle. Within moments of the bell ringing, the two ladies lock up, and Sasha gets the early momentum by managing to arm drag Fox to a corner. Alicia tries to pounce at Sasha but is outwitted by the babyfaces drop toe hold. Sasha tries to prize Alicia in the possible setup for her finishing submission but Alicia is quick to grab the ropes and she heads outside after breaking loose. Just as Noam checks on Alicia, the long tenured veteran is sent fully to the floor by Banks baseball slide dropkick. Banks leads Alicia back to the ring but soon ends up distracted by the mocking Noam Dar, allowing Alicia to assault Banks from behind with a huge big boot. Alicia rolls Sasha into the rings center for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall result.

Alicia doesn’t let up on utilizing offense after the failed attempt to pin, driving her knee into the back of Sasha a number of times. Alicia then tries to wear down Banks with a side headlock applied, Sasha punches and forearms her way out before proceeding with an irish whip. Alicia reverses to send Sasha to the nearby corner but has her follow up assault diverted by a kick. Sasha then uses her legs to drive Alicia face first into a lower turnbuckle, then connecting with double knees once freeing herself from the corner. However Sashas momentum is soon overthrown by Alicia sending her downward into a corner turnbuckle but as she goes for her axe scissor kick she misses, and Sasha uses this chance to set up Alicia between the ropes for a second double knee. The move ends up impactful enough to take out Alicia as Sasha gets the pin. Sasha wins the match, but this loss for Alicia doesn’t go down well, as the veteran attacks Sasha right after she slaps her man across the face and leaves her laying after.

Moving forwards to later in the show, and we get Alexa Bliss taking on her former Smackdown ally, multi time Women’s Champion Mickie James. Mickie is first to head to the ring, followed by the entrance of the former ally and now RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. The Two lock up once the bell is rung and Mickie tries to take over early, capturing Bliss in a waistlock. Waistlock counters back and forth follow between the two, with Bliss only managing to escape Mickie’s grip through using the ropes. After Mickie briefly mocks Alexa, the two go into another lock up, with Alexa powering Mickie into a nearby corner. Alexa kicks at the veteran and proceeds to taunt the WWE Universe before a follow up attack goes nowhere, courtesy of Mickie instead swiveling Alexa into the same corner and she fires a load of kicks at the RAW Women’s Champion. Mickie continues her comeback offense, including a neckbreaker that only just manages to get her a near fall.

Mickie continues the onslaught on Bliss, snapmaring her to the mat before nailing a kick to the champions face. The Two then go back and forth in an opposite corner, and while Alexa manages to knock off Mickie’s attempt to overthrow her with the top rope hurricanrana, she ends up taking a kick. A Huge right hand from Bliss allows her to knock off Mickie’s momentum, and the finishing DDT right into the mat allows for Bliss to put Mickie away for the three count. Alexa wins the match.

But Alexa isnt done after the match is through. With Extreme Rules sometime away, Alexa looks to prove like last week how extreme she can get, and again prizes a kendo stick from under the ring to use on Mickie. Alexa smacks Mickie hard with the kendo stick but before she can do more to the former comrade, down comes Bayley, knocking Bliss to the mat along the way and grabbing hold of the kendo stick. Alexa soon bolts from the ring before she can feel the pain of the said weapon, leaving that to the day of the championship defense.

(Sasha Banks, Noam Dar and Alicia Fox Backstage Segment)

(Alicia Fox w/ Noam Dar vs Sasha Banks)

(Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss feat Bayley)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Alicia: Sure this match was crisp and immaculate, but it wasn’t the best both length wise and how it finished, but considering the amount of losses Alicia has taken in her career to further others, shes hurt to a point at this rate. However Ive always been intrigued over the Alicia/Noam pairing and wish to see more of them and more utilization rather than just being there because of the ridiculous pronunciation of Fox’s name from Noam. Alicia’s post match attack helped define them as the one power couple there that they should be, and if Cedric Alexander is thrown back in, it allows for Noam and Alicia to pick up where they left off with their unfinished business with Alexander in a potentially great mixed tag showdown. Considering how much id loved Noam and Cedrics last interactions and because i know they can put on a great match, i can only hope that is the oncoming mixed tag worthy of a main card slot, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it was Rich Swann as hes had history with both Fox and Dar over the months. If someone had asked me months ago if this mixed tag was ever going to happen in WWE i would have highly doubted it but hopefully next week plants the seeds for Cedric and Sasha vs Noam and Alicia.

Alexa/Mickie: A Short match between the two that gives Mickie something to do at least, and considering her own past with Alexa too. While i feel Mickie and Bayley as a brief pairing does nothing on Mickie as Bayley has the sole spotlight, Mickie is one of the needed faces of the RAW brand, having to take these losses due to the lack of actual babyfaces on the brand. Plus, there’s a good chance WWE can rely well on Mickie to put others over due to her experience and her experience is why she sold Alexa’s post match attack so well, easily able to draw sympathy. Bayley not beating down Alexa like some may have expected may mean that next weeks RAW sets up for them to go at it fully, and the momentum on Bayley next week would initially set up for Alexa to retain. While i await next weeks possible encounter, where oh where did that Alexa/Nia partnership go?

– Catherine


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