WWE NXT RESULTS: The War Goddess’s Wounds Will Surely Heal (May, 24th 2017)

Last weekend wasn’t only WWEs chance to deliver with the main roster through Backlash, but to put on another spectacle as NXT Takeover arrived in Chicago. Unfortunately for one hopeful leading lady in the NXT Women’s Division, Ember Moon faced an injury that would leave her out of the women’s championship match she was set to be in, leaving it to Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot to try end Asuka’s long standing reign. Neither could do that as Asuka laid waste to both with a lethal shining wizard in the closing moments, and as that arena readies for what could have been her big night, Ember got to watch one last time as that moment in Chicago was taken away from her.

In a segment taped on the night of Takeover, Ember is shown overlooking the very arena she was meant to compete in. She looks at the City of Chicago as where her big career making moment happened prior to the WWE, and while she returns to Chicago under contract with WWE NXT, shes sadly sitting on the sidelines. Sighing to herself, a soured Ember believes she’d come to terms with the new injury, but the feeling of just watching the arena being set up sucks to her. Furthermore she feels there’s nothing she can do had Nikki or Ruby come out on top that night, but a part of her hoped on Asuka retaining so she can take whats so dear to her heart, the NXT Women’s Title. She states that while time heals all wounds, battle scars last forever.

We also got Asuka’s pre taped reaction to being champion still. Kayla congratulates Asuka on another dominant performance, but has to ask her a question given often, whats next for the Empress of Tomorrow. Asuka gloats to herself, asking Kayla if she saw the performance out there, adamant that her performance time and again proves no one can stand toe to toe with her. The Title remains hers.

(Ember Moon Segment)

(Asuka Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
Filler much like the show to be fair. However the segment with Ember served its purpose. Shes being possibly seen as the next in line to challenge Asuka and even break that defining streak of hers, and the injury, whether kayfabe or not, is being used to build Ember as courageous, coming back from misgivings and making the comeback story all the more appealing. The Injury is being used to draw sympathy from the fans as Ember tries to track her way back to the ring, and it works, even if some fans don’t agree with Embers push which i can understand. But this injury is indeed helping Ember story wise, as the sure to happen match at Brooklyn adds to Embers comeback by finally doing what she couldn’t have done prior due to dirty tactics, defeat Asuka. Had she been gone for months however, would Asuka have run around the rest of the division? Would a different woman be selected to overthrow the Empress? Who Knows?

– Catherine


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