WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Bex Is Back On Top But For How Long? (May, 23rd 2017)

The Backlash fallout is finally upon us. As seen this past Sunday the unexpected happened as the Welcoming Committee again outsmarted their rivals of Becky Lynch, Charlotte and the Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi, as well as Jinder Mahal becoming the most unexpected person to be crowned WWE Champion in 2017. Putting the whole WWE title thing aside, the focus is on Smackdowns Ladies as Becky and Charlotte, once rivals turned comrades again look for redemption against sure fire contender Carmella and the Welcoming Committees Head Lady in Charge, Natalya.

Fire and Ice (aka Charlotte and Becky) are shown making their way around the backstage towards the ring, joined eventually by Naomi, who is all smiles and upbeat upon joining them despite them falling to Natalya’s united force two nights before. Charlotte gets a full entrance, as does Becky with Naomi by her side while Carmella and Natalya are already in the ring, joined by their equally as villainous sidekicks Tamina and James Ellsworth. Carmella, who as noted has obtained two pinfall victories over the Smackdown Women’s Champion looking on from ringside, Naomi, starts off first against Becky Lynch.

The Two lock up with Carmella attempting a quick switch in momentum with a side headlock applied to Becky within moments. Becky sends Carmella to the mat, also managing to get a one count on the Villainess per her shoulders being on the mat. Carmella gets back upright and sends Becky to the corner, only for Becky to float while utilizing the turnbuckles to avoid Carmella’s oncoming corner assault. Becky nails an arm drag and gets a second one count pinfall result on Carmella. Carmella overtakes as she reapplies the earlier side headlock, keeping the momentum despite being sent to the ropes as Carmella charges back and knocks down Becky with a shoulder block. Carmella proceeds to mock Becky before blocking her newest arm drag attempt, though Becky strikes back with counter offense before backsliding Carmella. Carmella again frees herself at one.

Carmella goes for a clothesline, missing Becky who has her prized in a waist-lock. Carmella hangs onto the ropes but gets sent again to the mat, kicking out of yet another pin attempt by Becky at one. Becky scores a dropkick to Carmella before avoiding some sneaky offense from Natalya, whose brought herself to the ring illegally only to be sent down by Charlotte. Both Nattie and Mella are forced to regroup as we come to a commercial break, with Becky and Charlotte urging them back into the ring.

When we return, the momentum has switched as Carmella hammers Becky with stomps against the corner before allowing Natalya into the match. Natalya taunts, but the time spent proves costly, as Becky has recovered in the corner and she deals a boot to Natalya before she can do anything. Becky crawls to Charlotte but is stopped by Natalya who takes both of Becky’s feet to try lock in her signature sharpshooter. Becky kicks her away before this can happen and makes the needed leap of faith to Charlotte, tagging in the Genetically Superior competitor. Charlotte charges in, throwing an elbow to take Carmella off the mat and then firing the famous Flair chops at Natalya. Charlotte continues to overthrow Natalya, courtesy of a standing neckbreaker and big boot, though this sequence appears only enough to get a near fall on the Queen of Harts.

Charlotte drags Natalya closer to the corner post, seemingly readying for her top rope moonsault. Just as Charlotte begins to ascend, up goes Tamina to the apron to try and distract her, but Naomi deals with this easy, diving onto Tamina from off the steel steps. Charlotte leaves her previous position and ends up suplexed by Natalya, though Natalya unluckily doesn’t get to the other side in time to prevent Charlotte rolling over to Becky, tagging back in the Lasskicker. Becky places herself atop the top rope and executes a missile dropkick to Nattie and as Natalya stumbles to her own corner upon impact, Carmella tags herself in. Carmella sends down Becky partially with a forearm, unleashing a fiery slap to add. Carmella seems to attempt an irish whip but is caught soon in the grip of the Lasskicker, who successfully applies her disarmer submission, unable to reach out to Ellsworth thanks to Naomi. Carmella taps and officially submits. Charlotte and Becky win the match.

These agitated rivals aren’t done just yet however as each member of the Welcoming Committee steps separately into the office of Shane McMahon, trying to give eligible reasons as to why they should challenge for the Championship. Becky also tries to add that she was the first Smackdown Womens Champion upon entry, meaning its hers to reclaim. Charlotte also steps in to make her own claim, accusing Nattie and Co of being the reason she isn’t yet the champion. Shane hears all this out and welcomes his own idea of a Five Way Elimination Match for next week, with only one woman going on in the end to officially challenge Naomi for the Smackdown Women’s Title.

Plus we receive one more package to hype Lana’s upcoming Smackdown debut, even though the Ravishing Russian still has yet an official date for her first TV appearance under the new gimmick. Emmalina 2.0? Too Early to tell?

(Charlotte and Becky Lynch w/ Naomi vs Carmella and Natalya w/ Tamina and James Ellsworth)

(Carmella, Natalya, Tamina, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, James Ellsworth and Shane McMahon Backstage Segment)

(Lana Vignette)

Thoughts On This Match:
Personally this wasn’t the best Smackdown episode delivered. Not only did we get very short finishes, but we had a should-be-established supposed contender in Carmella submitted by someone who isnt the title holder Naomi. While i want to be positive that the Welcoming Committees retribution comes through next weeks match with one of them winning, part of me feels WWE made the move of trying to erase Carmellas contender spot to make way for Charlotte to again take her place as contender. As Much as i like both, Naomi’s reign shouldn’t be remembered as her just winning the championship at Mania, defending against Alexa shortly after, having her reign stalled through a tag team match rather than her wanting to put up the title, then by time she does again she drops to someone who already has an established record with the RAW Women’s Championship. To Me Carmella or Nattie should win next week. Tamina, however, i just see her chances as pretty unlikely.

– Catherine


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