WWE RAW RESULTS: An Extremely Vocal Evening (May, 29th 2017)

Welcome All to the Last RAW Report before Sunday allows the WWE Superstars to Get Extreme, as many of RAWs Talented Combatants battle in mostly extreme warfare (though the mixed tag misses out on the stipulations at this point). Yes there’s now a mixed tag, and a pretty neat one, coming at Extreme Rules as Rich Swann aligns with Sasha Banks against Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. Plus Alexa Bliss had one last chance to mock Bayley, and to get physical with her contender, before their own extreme showdown.

Banks and Rich, who got the first chance to comment on the newly announced mixed tag prior to RAW, just happen to be arm in arm for their first appearance as a unified force, as Swann battles Noam Dar (with Fox) in singles action. The recently developed rivals of Alicia and Sasha end up in an altercation near to the finish of the match when Alicia tries to distract Swann, leading to Sasha taking her feet and sending her face first to the floor. Sasha drives Alicia into the apron to add to the physicality, while back in the ring, Swann manages to pin Noam to get some momentum before Sundays clash. We even got a unique celebration, as Sasha got to show some dance moves with Swann (because lets be honest, that theme has to be danced to).

Heading from that to the title picture, and we get to see Alexa Bliss apparently present the Life of Bayley, some nights before her Women’s Championship defense. Once in the ring, Alexa is straight to the comments again on how her opposition this Sunday, that being Bayley, isn’t “extreme enough” to take the kendo stick from the pole this Sunday to batter her down. She refers to last weeks minor encounter, reflecting on how Bayley hadn’t even attempted to hit her. After going through some of Bayleys apparent items from her childhood, she tries to delve more into what Young Bayley was like, having invited her school teacher, supposed ex best friend and ex boyfriend to the segment. Firstly, her teacher “Mrs Flapper” (REALLY?) has some kind comments for Bayley, up until she accuses her of crying when away from her father for too long. Alexa then gets some comments from Tracy, the said ex best friend of Bayley, who she sees as one of her best friends, up until she ditched her to watch wrestling. Lastly is the supposed ex boyfriend who gets the chance on reflecting on his first kiss with Bayley, and how it never happened courtesy of the protectiveness of her father. However, he doesn’t really seem to care, because it wasn’t truly about Bayley, but about getting close to her then best friend, and they make out.

Bayley has seen and heard enough, and storms to the ring and over to the RAW Women’s Champion while the others disappear from sight. Alexa tries to stop Bayleys ascent into the ring and they brawl. Bayley looks to utilize the kendo stick, but Alexa prevents this too also, revealing a kendo stick from under the table apron and she smacks Bayley with it. Alexa has again dealt the severe pain to Bayley, leaving again unscathed.

(Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox vs Rich Swann w/ Sasha Banks)

(Alexa Bliss and Bayley Segment)

(Sasha Banks and Rich Swann on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Swann/Alicia/Dar: Not gonna lie, im gutted Cedric wasn’t the overall selection considering hes just come back and should get chance to finish his storyline and complete his unfinished business with Alicia and Dar. However Rich has his own recent backstory with the heel pairing, and is trying to make most of his TV time outside of 205 Live since dropping his title. The Pairing of Sasha and Rich already come across as fun and charismatic, and i cant wait to see how they mesh in the ring this Sunday, as much as i hope for the heels to win.

Alexa/Bayley Segment: I Have to agree with a lot of the fans last night, that was a sub-par, not entertaining segment and Poor Alexa and Bayley tried to work best with the written content given to them, even being crapped on by the crowd. I Get the angle is trying to paint Bayley in a bad light so Bayley can come back and get revenge for all low comments made, but this is a rehash of Charlotte’s mockery of Bayley months ago, and didn’t feel like fresh content at all. If there’s anything needing to be said other than that the women cant be blamed for this segment at all, its that we need some actual female writers who know how to amp up the bad blood between women’s superstars.

– Catherine


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