Cattie’s Catch Up: Natalya vs Charlotte In A Submission Match for the Womens Championship at Extreme Rules 2016 (May, 22nd 2016)

Welcome to a new midweek wrestling reflective moment courtesy of myself, Catherine, and as everyone may know, Extreme Rules is just around the corner, airing this Sunday (These Back to Back Pay Per Views Fly By So Quickly). In some particular eras, extreme matches for the women were uncommon, few or far between, but in the past years, the use of stipulations has risen to up rivalries in respective women’s divisions, and Natalya and Charlotte, both with famed submissions in their arsenal, battled at last years Extreme Rules event in a Submission Match.

The Expected conclusion of the reignited Hart vs Flair rivalry saw Natalya obtain a Submission Match against the WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, with the stipulation that any kind of interference from Charlotte’s Father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, would see an immediate change in the title picture. While Ric wasn’t exactly intervening, someone else (again) had done that work for the villainous Flair’s, Dana Brooke. The Recently promoted once NXT performer back then had been left without a storyline due to her on screen partner Emma’s Injury, and confirmed an alignment with Charlotte through distracting Natalya in the closing moments, emerging to Ric’s Music and attempting to intervene on behalf of Charlotte. Charlotte eventually took advantage to again overcome the Queen of Harts, furthermore confirming Dana’s affiliation in the post match celebration.

(Natalya vs Charlotte; Submission Match for the WWE Womens Championship feat Dana Brooke)

– Catherine


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