IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Road to Victory…..And To A “Mystifying” Friendship? (June, 1st 2017)

IMPACT is one week away from the airing of their visit to India, and while that can be awaited, this weeks IMPACT presents the last of the action from the IMPACT Zone and Allie’s return to singles action as the fan favorite battles newcomer Amber Nova. Plus speaking of Allie, what exactly is the teased partnership between her and Knockouts Champion Rosemary? Well lets find out.

Earlier in the day, Allie is interviewed backstage and she is as confused as the rest of the universe over Rosemary oddly saving her from the vicious Sienna and Laurel Van Ness last week. Allie doesn’t even recall having interacted with Rosemary before, thus cant figure out her intentions, but the Knockouts Champion is about to answer that for her, creeping up behind her and greeting her. Rosemary has noticed how Allie keeps stepping into trouble, which Allie cant even deny herself, even while taken aback by Rosemary’s presence. Allie wants to know why Rosemary aided her a week ago, to which Rosemary responds that while her family are gone, the hive is very much existent, and its voices call out to her, asking her to protect the souls crying out for help. Rosemary tells Allie not to fear her, for she will protect her. Regardless, while still creeped out over these change in events, Allie has in ring action to now focus on.

Allie’s opponent is a newcomer to the IMPACT Zone, Amber Nova, introduced from “The Garage” (What Even?). Amber fearlessly steps into the ring by her lonesome, while Allie has her support in Braxton Sutter as she makes her entrance next into the six sided ring. Amber is vicious from the get go, tossing Allie backwards upon them engaging in their first lock up. Allie regroups, makes her way back to her feet and goes for a second lock up with Amber, overturning momentum slightly as she manages to catch Amber in a waistlock. Amber slips free and sends Allie to the mat, and again Allie finds herself a little overwhelmed, but she soon puts on a game face and goes for round three with Amber. Allie struggles with Ambers strength, pushed towards and into a corner and taking a knee to the midsection from Amber. Allie tries to overturn things once more by reversing a whip, then clotheslining Amber in an opposite corner. Allie launches her next clothesline but Amber comes back with her own offense then smacks Allies face against a corner turnbuckle. Amber kicks Allie against the same corner then seats herself by the top turnbuckle and hangs below the second rope as she she uses her legs to drive Allie multiple times into a turnbuckle. Amber heads to the center to pin Allie, getting a near fall.

Allie throws forearms at Amber, who fires back with her own to the back. Amber kicks Allie near to a corner then goes for a running boot that Allie blocks. Allie swings over Amber then connects with a clothesline, connecting with a second and third, then driving Amber to the mat again with a running elbow. Allie whips Amber to a corner, going for a corner splash that Amber blocks. Amber places herself atop the top turnbuckle but takes an elbow from Allie, who brings her onto both shoulders. Allie connects successfully there with a death valley driver for the three count. Allie wins the match.

(Allie and Rosemary Backstage Segment)

(Amber Nova vs Allie w/ Braxton Sutter)

(Braxton Sutter and Allie #LastWord Digital Exclusive)

(Amber Nova #LastWord Digital Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
An evenly matched affair and to say Amber has been working in the business for a year (maybe longer?) she was very impressive and got a fair bit of offense in, outsmarting Allie on occasions which lead to Allie needing to rally momentum. It was also rather surprising and unique to see Amber get a post show exclusive segment which has only really been given to new signees, with a promise to come back for Allie when back in the IMPACT Zone if that hints anything. My Only problem here was the commentary and the mockery towards Amber Nova, but other than that, a watchable showdown and the exchanges also between Rosemary and Allie make me excited for their future battle, considering their pre IMPACT history and their capabilities as opponents.

– Catherine


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