WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: New Heights To Be Reached (May, 30th 2017)

It all kicked off for the women of WWE on this weeks Smackdown. While RAW faced some high criticism over the content given to their leading ladies this week, the women of Smackdown had a major opportunity with a five way elimination match with a future contendership spot given to the victor. Competing in this said match were the five highlighted women looking to be contenders to Naomi’s Smackdown Women’s Championship, Carmella, Natalya, Tamina, Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

Opening the show are brief segments featuring each woman, with them giving out reasoning as to why they will become the contender later tonight. Charlotte is one to put herself over as genetically superior, while her on and off BFF Becky declares the current champions days “Numbered”. Natalya announces herself as “the best there is, was and ever will be” (the famous words of her uncle Bret the Hitman Hart) while Carmella gloats over holding two consecutive wins over Naomi to gain her own spot. Lastly is Tamina, who makes it clear she has been waiting a fair while for her own opportunities.

As Styles and Ziggler take the main event slot for this weeks beefy episode, we see the women a little later in the show, each entering for this five way match first revealed last week by Smackdowns Acting General Manager Shane McMahon. Charlotte is first to strut to the ring ever so confidently, with Carmella entering second per an introduction from James Ellsworth beforehand. Following up is Welcoming Committee Partner Tamina, then the groups said leader, Natalya, and lastly the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Naomi also gets a chance to comment in a promo on the side of the screen mid through entrances, wishing each of these women luck, while it wont matter as come Money in the Bank they will “Feel the Glow”.

However this match doesn’t even get underway as Charlotte and Becky end up going at it with the various Welcoming Committee members before a bell is even rung. Its absolute bedlam as Carmella chucks Lynch out of the ring, furthermore beating down the Lasskicker while her comrades Tamina and Natalya work on Charlotte back in the ring. Becky manages to split herself temporarily from Carmella per driving her into the apron, while Charlotte fires kicks to Tamina back in the ring in the corner, with Natalya interfering. Charlotte takes two suplexes from Natalya then is given a load of forearms, which Charlotte retaliates with moments later, giving Nattie a taste of her own medicine. Again there’s a welcoming committee member to come to the fellow comrades defense, as Tamina seizes Charlotte and executes a Samoan Drop. As Charlotte tries to recover from this, blows are being exchanged again between Becky and Carmella on the outside. A Furious Becky throws Carmella over the barricade and into the timekeepers area, scaling the top of a nearby barricade herself before diving off it and forearming Carmella along the way.

Meanwhile Tamina has arisen and has begun tearing away at the commentary table. Tamina has ill intentions as she hooks the former Divas Champion Charlotte, but her chance to eviscerate the Genetically Superior one falls flat as shes driven into the apron. Tamina only faces more hurt after as shes sent into the nearest ring post after by Charlotte, who switches the target to Natalya with a hard forearm and exploder suplex. With Tamina and Natalya out, Charlotte takes a chance and heads up the turnbuckles once up on the apron, connecting successfully with the top rope moonsault. Before Charlotte can do anything else, it appears Carmella has recovered and escaped Becky also, as she dives onto Charlotte. However the Princess of Staten Island hasn’t escaped the Lasskicker for too long, as Becky emerges behind her and connects with an exploder suplex to the heel. A Boot from Tamina then lays out Becky, though Charlotte avenges the fallen Lasskicker with a big boot of her own to Tamina. Natalya takes advantage of Charlotte’s back being turned however, and once they come face to face, Charlotte is floored by the veterans discus clothesline. Its only moments later that Natalya clears the table Tamina had tried to earlier, having seemingly similar ill intentions. However shes brought to the steel steps by Charlotte, and Charlotte, observing the cleared commentary table then Natalya then back again, can only have wheels turning, truly evident when she scoops up the former Divas Champion and powerbombs her through the table.

Seeing the destruction thats taken place before this match could even get underway, out comes Shane McMahon. He could have got the match underway despite the absolute discord, but has an even better idea, announcing to Becky, Tamina, Carmella, Natalya and Charlotte that they will compete at Money in the Bank in the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, with only one woman emerging as a future contender to Naomi’s championship.

(Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Natalya vs Tamina; Number One Contenders Five Way Elimination Match feat Shane McMahon)

(Naomi on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On This Segment:
A Welcome, Superb Treat making up for the awful mess that was Bayley and Alexa Bliss’s segment from RAW (no fault of the women themselves but the writers). True heat was being given off through the entire brawl, showcasing each womans reflected desire to go for gold, and while it irks me that Tamina’s big spots always seem to be thrown off at most points, lets hope Money in the Bank makes up for it. Speaking of Tamina, she has never been in a match of such a stipulation before, nor done the Superfly Splash off a ladder so maybe we’ll see that come the Pay Per View but this is truly a great moment for her to be a part of. That and the women’s genuine reactions once the announcement about Money in the Bank being made speaks volumes, except for Natalya’s as she was still out due to that hellacious powerbomb. Every woman was excellent here and even Naomi got a little spotlight in without even being in the match itself (being the champion that is) but i can only hope the victor of the upcoming match isn’t Charlotte, as she doesn’t need to cash in right away as hinted nor needs it when other women on the roster need to be built as a threat or as a future challenger for even herself. Either way, im majorly excited for this Pay Per View but hoping each woman comes out of this in one piece.

– Catherine


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