IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: Hot Mess Van Ness and The Sacred Seductress Meet Some Foes (April, 29th 2017)

Welcome to a new IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion report, and on this particular episode to be highlighted, we are given a womens tag team match, as Angelina Love and Laurel Van Ness meet their recent Xplosion Opponents MJ Jenkins and ODB.

First making her way to the ring is a leather clad Angelina Love, joined by her just as vicious hubby Davey Richards. As they proceed to walk, Angelina steps back to the backstage area and yanks out to the ramp her tag team partner for the evening, a far from sobered Laurel Van Ness. Angelina tries to keep her composure while Laurel acts all stumbly, performing her entrance while Laurel….well her stumbling continues. Out after the heels are the twos recent opponents, former Knockouts Champion ODB and newest Knockout MJ Jenkins.

The bell rings, and as the crowd show their support for ODB, its MJ Jenkins starting off against Angelina. Angelina has already struck MJ when the camera leaves ODB, hitting also a knee to the midsection before performing an irish whip. MJ, after hitting the ropes, fires back at Angelina as she arm drags her across the ring. MJ outsmarts her with two more then goes on to target the left arm, while Angelina’s right is notably seemingly bandaged. Anyway Angelina shows little struggle against MJ as she powers her toward a corner, and after a brief choke, she proceeds to kick MJ before trying to send her to the ropes, to no avail as MJ reverses. MJ goes for a corner splash but Angelina uses her left arm to send MJ to the apron. MJ hangs on and shoulder blocks Angelina between the ropes, then flying over the top rope and taking down Angelina with a dropkick. Laurel steps in, seemingly showing some care for Angelina by trying to allow herself to takeover, and Angelina, despite the confusion shown, steps out, only to soon see her partner caught in Jenkins roll up. MJ gets a near fall on Laurel.

It turns out Laurel has some drunk antics going on, trying to tag ODB without realization she is the opponent. Laurel is then caught in a second roll up by MJ, scoring the newest Knockout another near fall. Angelina, however, has seen enough and tags herself in. The 6x Knockouts Champion demands Laurel out of the ring, and this time the miscues lead to Angelina being rolled up by MJ, though the veteran is as quick as Laurel to kick out, escaping at two. MJ charges towards Angelina, hitting her with a forearm before having a whip reversed, leading to MJ meeting the corner turnbuckles closest to Laurel. Laurel fakes a fall to the outside to distract MJ, allowing for Angelina to capitalize as she hits a hellacious clothesline to MJ to send her down. Angelina has the control as we go to the single commercial break of the match.

When we come back, MJ is out on the mat and Angelina is prancing over to Davey for a lip locking moment. However Laurel, having been “ditched” by Braxton Sutter, takes offense, to the violent duo’s dismay. Laurel tags in and works on MJ in a nearby corner with a back elbow and running splash, though the second splash misses as MJ darts out of harms way. MJ goes for her own corner attack but Laurel is as quick as MJ for moving out of harms way, also setting herself down to trip up MJ. Laurel goes to cover MJ and gets a near fall. Angelina comes in, attacking MJ and whipping her to a corner. Angelina goes for a clothesline, though missing MJ who collides with Angelina in the centre of the ring after a double hair whip. Both women roll over to their respective sides, MJ tagging in ODB and Laurel seemingly force tagging herself in.

ODB nails multiple shoulder blocks to Laurel, catching Laurel also amid her attempted running crossbody. ODB fallaway slams Laurel with ease, and before she can turn back to Laurel to further attack, Angelina charges in only to have her own attack blocked. ODB ends up whipping Angelina to an opposite corner, then Laurel right into the tag team partner. ODB crushes both with a running double clothesline in the corner, followed with the traditional ODB bronco buster. Angelina rolls out and has clearly had enough, attempting to leave with Davey in hand despite Laurels belief they are near to victory. Angelina slaps Laurel across the face and leaves the partner behind for good. Laurel takes the TKO from ODB who covers her and gets the three count. MJ Jenkins and ODB win the match.

(MJ Jenkins and ODB vs Laurel Van Ness and Angelina Love w/ Davey Richards)

Thoughts On This Match:
Its been quite a while since Knockouts Tag Team action has even taken place on Xplosion so this match was fresh to see, and logical pairings wise as ODB and MJ have faced Laurel and Angelina on separate occasions on Xplosion beforehand. MJ continues to show her impressive athletic abilities and Laurel was a highlight of the match for performing her character greatly, though the antics don’t mesh well with the vicious Angelina Love who basically takes no crap from anybody. Laurel’s antics did her out in the end and gave the babyfaces the win here, and with MJ having plenty time to showcase herself in IMPACT Wrestling, it wont be long before she possibly picks up wins over veterans.

– Catherine


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