WWE EXTREME RULES RESULTS: An Extreme Shortcoming for NXTs Once Favorite Face (June, 4th 2017)

Last Night saw WWE take advantage (somewhat) of utilizing stipulations, and by somewhat i don’t mean completely. A Night of extremities saw an IC Title Match booked where a disqualification would mean a title switch (though it was a good match), and the leading ladies of RAW Bayley and Alexa Bliss, rather than get an extreme rules match, falls count anywhere, tables or chairs match instead got a very short kendo stick on a pole match that has lead to some fan outcry. On the Plus Side we got a great main event and a nice little outing in a mixed tag team match as Sasha Banks and Rich Swann battled against Alicia Fox and Noam Dar.

But first, talking about the kickoff show is needed, as Nia, the real life bestie of Alexa Bliss, got the chance to weigh in on Bayleys chances of winning the upcoming match, as well as Alexa’s odds. Nia wholly defended Alexa and supported her while proclaiming Bayley would need a miracle to win, believing the fellow NXT Alumni doesn’t have what it takes to be extreme. Regardless, shes also aware of the past discussion she had with Alexa should she overcome Bayley, and will be awaiting a future opportunity for the women’s championship.

The IC Title match opens the main show, as the Miz looks to capture the Intercontinental Title for a 7th time from Dean Ambrose, the defending champion. Plenty shenanigans from Maryse, including faking a slap to her husband to get Miz intentionally disqualified to force a change with the title was seen through by the ref, who attempted to eject the former Divas Champion. Maryse would storm back down the ramp to distract further and this allowed Miz to lob Ambrose into the referee, almost seen as intentional by the ref but before he could make the call, he would slide back into the ring following Miz hitting his finishing Skull Crushing Finale to Ambrose and make the three count. Miz wins, regaining the intercontinental Championship to the happiness of his wife.

The next women’s related moment is a mixed tag team match, pitting the charismatic pairing of Sasha Banks and Rich Swann against Alicia Fox and Noam Dar. Entering first are the villains, Fox and Dar, then Swann and Sasha separately. Kicking off the match are the ladies Sasha and Alicia, and Alicia sees no willingness in locking up with the rival, instead sending her directly to the mat. Sasha gets back to her feet and looks to unleash her whole fury on Alicia, who soon bolts over to her man. Noam tags in, leaving it down to him and Rich for a while.

Sasha tags in later, as does Alicia, and the two get into a scrappy brawl similar to their past altercations. Alicia then hits a forearm, attempting to boot Sasha after but Sasha blocks it, executing a knee right to Alicia’s face. Sasha manages to place Alicia in the Bank Statement but a sneaky assist by Dar allows for Alicia’s foot to make itself to the rope, breaking Sasha’s signature submission. Sasha gives Noam a verbal telling for assisting his girl, and quickly pays the price, turning and walking into a boot from Alicia. Alicia covers Sasha after, getting a near fall.

Alicia wedges her knee into the back of Sasha before reverting to the use of forearms. Alicia chokes a struggling Sasha against the second rope, then nailing a backbreaker near the center to Sasha. Alicia goes to cover for a second time, resulting in another near fall. Alicia applies a side headlock to Sasha to wear her down a little before whipping her to a corner. Sasha tries to make a comeback by forearming Alicia as she charges towards the corner, trying to leap over Alicia to extend her hand to Rich. Alicia sends her back into the corner, going for a big boot but missing as Sasha just about escapes from harms way. Both Alicia and Sasha are down, but soon muster the strength to make it to their partners, thus Rich and Noam tag in again. Noam and Rich go back and forth, and its not too much later that Alicia and Sasha are siding with their partners again, only this time without tagging as they charge in and brawl with each other. Sasha manages to one up Alicia once on the outside, bringing her back first into the apron as the men continue to work. But she isn’t done with Alicia as thought, going for double knees off the apron, only for Noam Dar to try and save Alicia. This doesn’t stop Sasha, as she instead delivers downward double knees to Noam. Rich then brings Noam back to the ring, nailing his finisher to the ICW Alumni and getting the three count. Sasha and Rich win the match.

Moving forward now to the match that hasn’t received well with some fans, as Alexa Bliss defends her RAW Women’s Championship against the former champion Bayley in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match. Entering first as appropriate is the challenger Bayley, then entering second in front of the Baltimore Crowd is the defending champion, a smirking Alexa Bliss. Once the confident champion completes her entrance, on hand to introduce Bliss as well as Bayley is JoJo. The Rules aren’t specified but its rather the idea that retrieving the stick doesn’t gain victory, but is there to be utilized as a weapon with the victor being able to pin or submit the opponent. When the bell rings, Alexa seems to give Bayley an opening to reach out and even utilize the hanging kendo stick, or so thought as once Bayley charges towards the corner to try and retrieve, Alexa grabs Bayley and swings her backward to the mat. Alexa stomps on Bayley then tries to reach the stick herself, but Bayley frees Alexa from the ropes quickly and sends her face first into the opposite corners top turnbuckle. Bayley covers Alexa after quickly slamming her near the center of the ring, getting a near fall.

Bayley heads to the turnbuckles, again looking to use the kendo stick, but Alexa charges over as quick, hitting the challenger with a hard slap. With Bayley tumbling to the outside, Alexa begins to ascend the turnbuckles, attempting to reach the stick but Bayley finds her way up, pursuing Alexa. Both throw forearms at each other, and its not long before Bayley has her hand on the kendo stick, though it falls to the mat as Bayley and Alexa fall completely out to ringside. Both women begin to eye and make their way to the apron, both with intentions of grabbing the lone kendo stick. Alexa tries to dash to the kendo stick but Bayley rolls over to her and knocks her off the apron. Bayley forearms Alexa on the outside then drives her back first into the nearby barricade. Bayley floors Alexa legit with a belly to back suplex before making it back to the ring, kendo stick now in hand and the Wicked Alexa Bliss her target. Bayley chases Alexa in and out of the ring, eventually meeting back in the ring again as Alexa begs the challenger for mercy. Just as Bayley goes to attack Alexa with it, Alexa sends her down with a spear. Bliss has no hesitation, snatching the kendo stick off the mat and whacking the vulnerable Bayley over and over with it. Bayley comes back with the belly to belly finishing suplex, but is in much apparent pain and doesn’t pin.

Alexa lobs Bayley into the kendo stick placed up against the corner. Alexa uses the kendo stick one last time, smacking Bayley with it and giving it one more go before nailing her DDT to the challenger for the three count. Alexa wins the match, furthermore retaining the RAW Women’s Championship.

(Nia Jax on the Kickoff Show 23.58 – 29.51)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Dean Ambrose; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Noam Dar and Alicia Fox vs Rich Swann and Sasha Banks)

(Bayley vs Alexa Bliss; Kendo Stick on a Pole Match for the RAW Women’s Championship)

(Sasha Banks and Rich Swann Video Exclusive)

(The Miz and Maryse Video Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: Surprisingly the longer match of the two on the show, and a pretty good one as well. I Enjoy each of Sasha and Alicia’s scrappy altercations though i have to agree with the fact that they didn’t really present anything new nor did the win for Sasha and Rich do no favors for Noam or Alicia. Sure Alicia probably doesn’t mind taking losses nowadays, but a win for the heels would have brought Sasha deeper into a agitated state, falling down the card while Bayley attempts to further rise up and take all opportunities given.

Alexa/Bayley: It wasn’t a bad match and there was some insane, well sold brutality from Alexa to Bayley, but the finish was sudden and Bayley not getting a chance with the kendo stick meant no complete revenge from the babyface over all shots thrown at her over the weeks. Ok it may depict Bayley isn’t willing to go extreme as shes a happy go lucky and lovable character in a darker type of match up, but it did feel Alexa was overprotected here. This match stipulation did not work, the rules weren’t set out properly over the weeks and on top of that poor RAW segment, they were given this to work with rather than a hardcore match, tables, chairs or any other type of heated match. However, on the positive, the angle between Nia and Alexa is suddenly back in fruition (maybe because they want to scrap Alexa v Bayley entirely thus using this as an excuse) and while the idea of a fresh character in the title picture excites me, what will happen long term for Nia if she turns face to feud with Alexa? We don’t have another heel destroyer character on the main roster women’s wise, and if shes to lose to Alexa, where does she go from there? Would she legit have to switch back heel like Alicia has done so many times? Okay maybe it doesn’t turn out as fresh and Bayley still finds a way into the title picture in the form of a triple threat but a pin on Nia may harm her momentum once again. WWE, please be careful with Nia.

– Catherine


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