WWE RAW RESULTS: A Big (and Possibly Bigger) Challenge for Bliss (June, 5th 2017)

Welcome to this weeks RAW Report. Its Safe to Say Last night provided plentiful fallout from Sundays Extreme Rules Pay Per View, and for the RAW Women’s Division, fresh change in the title picture, while the match length just had to be unfortunate. But putting that aside, who exactly is gunning for Alexa Bliss’s RAW Women’s Championship. Well you’ll soon find out…

A Recap of Alexa’s challenge the previous night, her managing to overcome Bayley in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match to retain her RAW Women’s Championship is shown. Its announced that due to the damage sustained during the match, Bayley has headed home to make a full recovery. Meanwhile Bliss is very much active, approaching RAWs General Manager Kurt Angle backstage and taking offense to not receiving any congratulations for retaining her title. Alexa announces regardless that Bayley is in the past now, so to move forward, shes suggested not just any celebration, but her own version of a “This is My Life” Segment. Angle shuts it down on the instant, confirming the rumors that last weeks segment wasn’t well received. He then reminds Bliss of the deal she made to Nia Jax, to give her a title opportunity now that Bayley has been overthrown. When Alexa admits this, Angle throws out a terrifying idea for the RAW Women’s Champion, making her defend her title next against Nia Jax, and that will be tonight.

Seeing the odds against her, Bliss approaches Dana Brooke as well as Mickie James in the locker room who just happen to be conversing with Sasha Banks, who dismisses herself. Alexa is aware they don’t really like her, but she asks whether they feel insulted over Nia Jax receiving a title shot before either of them. Alexa acknowledges the continual improvements in the ring by Brooke, and furthermore acknowledges Mickie’s status as a trailblazer in the women’s division. Alexa sees that they should stand together against “The Nia Jax Problem” but Dana sees right through Bliss’s antics, stating that its only Bliss who has a problem with Nia, not them. To Add, Mickie promises they’ll be watching from ringside as Alexa looks to take care of Nia all by herself.

But before we can see whether Alexa can truly survive against her supposed bestie, Maryse and The Miz have an official celebration for Miz regaining the Intercontinental Championship Match. With former champion Dean Ambrose sneaking back into the building after being suggested out by Angle, Miz doesn’t take kindly to the bear prop left in the ring, and seeing it as possibly being Ambrose, attacks it only to find its a complete stranger. Miz completely loses it, destroying a present bought by Maryse, who is absolutely dumbfounded at the hubbys actions, walking away and leaving him to Ambrose.

While the possible break up of Mizaryse can be speculated, there’s a RAW Women’s Championship Match set to take place, as later heading to the ring is Nia Jax. Next is the defending champion Alexa Bliss, who soon also has to acknowledge the arrival of a spectating Dana and Mickie. Bliss begs for mercy from Nia, avoiding a clothesline from her while switching focus between the imposing opposition and the others at ringside. Alexa tries to bolt, grabbed by the hair by Nia Jax, and Alexa responds with a hard slap, one she soon regrets. Nia repeatedly tosses Alexa around the ring in response, keeping up the dominance until she takes a kick near the corner from Alexa. However it doesn’t last long as Alexa ends up running right into a charging Nia. Alexa crawls about at ringside, confronted by Mickie and Dana. Alexa throws fists at both, leading to Nia winning the match via Disqualification.

However Mickie and Dana aren’t taking the champs assault lightly, attacking her before she can leave with her title. Nia throws both of them away then targets Alexa, sending her to the ring before coming face to face with Dana and Mickie again, shoving both ladies with ease into the barricade. Nia goes after Alexa again, only to be dropkicked from the apron by the champ. This provokes Nia, who storms into the ring. Alexa expectedly bolts up the ramp, and Dana and Mickie end up being laid out upon confronting Nia again.

(Alexa Bliss and Kurt Angle Backstage Segment)

(Sasha Banks, Mickie James, Dana Brooke and Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment)

(Maryse, The Miz and Dean Ambrose Segment)

(Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax; RAW Women’s Championship Match feat Mickie James and Dana Brooke)

Thoughts On:
Miz/Maryse/Ambrose: I Didn’t expect the breakdown of the Miz, nor for it to happen in such a way as to tease a split between Miz and Maryse. Maryse has been a focal point in the evolution of Miz’s character since reemerging in the WWE and while its agreeable more faces are needed in the women’s division, its rare of Maryse to even be a babyface, that and the whole angle execution could be mind games they will use eventually against Ambrose. Fingers crossed this pairing aren’t going downhill like speculated.

Alexa/Nia: When this match was first announced, i was stoked but nervous. Being a supporter of both, i wouldn’t know how to react to either outcome, because while Alexa losing may be deemed too soon, Nia’s chance as champion feels more a now or never moment. Regardless the outcome didn’t seem more obvious until Mickie and Dana’s inclusion thus the expected DQ couldn’t be ruled out, as it saves Alexa her title and saves her from her Nia Jax problem. While some speculate Mickie and Dana attacking Alexa could be intentional, giving light to a future stable, it isn’t needed considering Dana hasn’t been babyface for long and turning both heel again reduces the number of babyfaces on their women’s roster to one, Just Bayley. The Possible teased four way between Dana, Mickie, Nia and Alexa however has me intrigued should it happen, as it allows fresh women in the title picture, the odds of Alexa or Nia winning are raised considering Nia could destroy Dana or Mickie to win, and its been a while since a Non Horsewoman match has happened over the title on PPV. Plus we get to see Dana’s improvements and her first possible championship match. But the question remains, with Bayley resting up it wont be long before shes back. Surely both Sasha and Bayley aren’t staying off TV, so what does Bayley do once back on Television? It wouldn’t be a surprise if she gets included in the RAW Women’s Title Match despite Alexa proclaiming to be done with her, maybe even giving Alexa tips on how to beat Nia before showing shes only after the title herself? Who Knows, but im up for the RAW Women’s Title Fatal Four Way if its happening.

– Catherine


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