WWE NXT RESULTS: The Iconic Duo Present the Pre Ember Warm Up (June, 7th 2017)

Welcome All to an all new NXT Report, and with Ember Moon officially cleared for an in ring return last week, the first opponent on her list of targets just happens to be one half of the self proclaimed “Iconic Duo” Peyton Royce, no thanks to Peyton’s accidental given challenge last week. Regardless Peyton needs a warm up before meeting in the ring with the War Goddess for the first time in singles action, as the Villainous Aussie takes on the Lady formerly known as Crazy Mary Dobson, Sara Logan.

Entering first for this one women’s match of the show is Sara Logan, her official given name as an NXT competitor and a step away from her famed Crazy Mary Dobson Character. Out after Sara is Peyton Royce, with the sure to be troublesome accompaniment of Billie Kay. The Two show no clear respect or fondness towards the supposed “goat wrestler” Sara, but Sara shows no concern as she locks up with the opposition. Peyton releases herself fairly quickly from Sara by sending her head first to the mat, but Sara soon rises from the mat, to Peyton’s dismay, and the two scrap in another lock up. Peyton manages to power Sara toward a corner, scoring an additional kick after releasing her hold on Sara in the corner. Peyton whips Sara to an opposite corner then misses the follow up offense as Sara moves from the corner, surprising Peyton with a countering arm drag to send her to the mat. Peyton resorts to hair pulling in order to break Sara’s hold over her, then shoving her to the ropes and hitting her with a roundhouse once she bounces back. Peyton goes for her first pin attempt of the match after this, but only gets a near fall to her dismay.

A Furious Peyton proceeds to attack the back of Sara’s legs before locking in a chinlock. Billie watches in complete shock as Sara rolls Peyton into a sudden roll up, but luckily for Billie, she watches her bestie escape at the count of two. Peyton gets up and kicks Sara directly in her midsection before connecting with a double suplex and a slam for another near fall. Peyton lets verbally loose on Sara, who appears to fire up as she starts hitting back at Peyton, including a vicious headbutt in her offense. Sara dodges the oncoming offense of Peyton to dropkick her into the nearest corner, and channels Ric Flair for a moment with a hard chop once Peyton is on her feet. After another chop, Sara yanks Peyton back towards her to unleash the same again. Sara connects with a running knee to get herself a near fall on Peyton.

Sara goes for an elbow, dodged by Peyton who throws one of her own. After an elbow and back kick, Peyton runs the ropes, and connects with her running knee on the way back. Peyton floors Sara with a fishermans suplex which eventually gets her the three count. Peyton wins the match.

And it appears Ember, the soon to be opponent for Peyton, was watching fairly closely. Hanging in the back with Christy St Cloud, Ember firstly addresses the NXT Takeover Rematch set for next week between Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross and Asuka, looking over how each of her opportunities ended in some sort of failure, whether it was through losing or being sidelined. But before she can focus on getting back the championship title, she has to address two troublesome meddlers in the division, that being Billie and Peyton. Regardless she will be watching next weeks championship showdown closely, promising to be more focused than ever before and vowing that when her next opportunity comes along, it will be THE Opportunity.

And Lastly, Thea, days after her WWE signing gets its confirmation, enhances her storyline with Andrade Almas. The former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout confronts Andrade as he seems to be on his way to another alcohol filled fest, slapping the superstar across the face. Safe to say she doesn’t like his actions nor he being in the presence of other girls.

(Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay vs Sara Logan)

(Ember Moon Backstage Segment)

(Andrade “Cien” Almas and Thea Trinidad Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Once again, Peyton proves to be one of the most improving members of the NXT Womens Division roster, busting out new moves in her arsenal this week. On top, while im not a fan of Sara having a gimmick change, she hasn’t lost the fearlessness of the Previous Crazy Mary Dobson Character and is sure to be more than enhancement at some point. An enjoyable affair this week, though it was obvious Sara was just the roadblock in Peyton’s way as she tries to gather momentum before her eventual match with Ember Moon.

– Catherine


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