WWE RAW RESULTS: Not Just Jax For the Gold (June, 12th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks RAW Report, a little late but better than never due to last minute social gatherings and so forth. Speaking of gatherings, a gathering of challengers may be the beginning of the end of ones title reign, as Alexa Bliss seems to have more than just the imposing Nia Jax to possibly contend with.

But before the title picture can be addressed, one Cedric Alexander is back in business and with a brief score to settle with on and off rival Noam Dar. Alicia Fox, the female accomplice of Noam, is resting at home in the light of a said neck injury, and has Noam instructed via facetime as he heads to battle Alexander. When Dar tries to dismiss the veteran women’s superstar to focus on the competition, hes immediately taken out by Alexander, who gets the quick win over the Scottish Supernova.

Onto the title picture later in the show, and Alexa Bliss emerges with all five feet of fury, undeniably frustrated at Kurt Angle setting her up to face Nia Jax with her title on the line last week. Its a different situation this week however, considering Alexa has no reported obligation to defend her championship title. Shes aware a history making women’s money in the bank ladder match is set for the smackdown women on Sunday, but it isn’t about Sunday but rather tonight, and the fact that the audience at RAW is being graced by the presence of the said “Goddess” of WWE. Before she can speak any further though, a familiar entrance theme hits and storming down to the ring to confront Bliss is Nia Jax.

Nia very much questions the belief by Alexa that she was forced to defend the title last week, reminding Alexa instead that she was given that title opportunity. Alexa tries to correct what she said earlier, but Nia is having none of it, getting up in the champs face as she reminds her that she was promised the title shot by Bliss herself. Alexa backs off from the hopeful contender, again trying to correct what was said before, instead claiming that she was rather thrilled to have battled Nia in what could have been a huge battle until Dana Brooke and Mickie James stepped in. She sees James and Brooke as the problem, the ones who took the opportunity but it seems the pair have something to say themselves, emerging from the backstage area.

Mickie looks to compare the twos records, reminding Alexa that while she is RAW Women’s Champion, shes looking directly at a six time women’s champion. Mickie adds that Alexa has a fair way to go to reach her territory (her record) then enlightens both Bliss and Jax on last weeks backstage encounter, where Bliss had tried to call Jax getting the opportunity over themselves unfair. Dana confirms exactly what Mickie has stated, while also bringing up how Alexa had claimed that all three of them had a Nia Jax problem to deal with. Alexa tries to convince Jax otherwise, and while the babyfaces have to hear what Alexa is trying to sell, out comes a returning face, Emma. While not exactly a part of the title picture, Emma looks to be in there right away, announcing shes back, and that she wants to take whats rightfully hers. Again Alexa jumps straight back to convincing Jax that the latter are trying to take the spotlight, before someone who knows much about spotlight proceeds to interrupt the group of women, Sasha Banks.

Sasha is thankful for the crowds adulation now shes appeared, but she has much to remind Alexa, including how being champion means being the very best. Sasha acknowledges that the champion is surrounded by a plethora of women ready to throw down at any place and any time, but while these women wait, Alexa continues to yap. Sasha plods over to Alexa, putting an arm around the unimpressed champion before proclaiming that shes about to show her how to throw a real party like a Boss, throwing a hard forearm and possibly the microphone right in Alexa’s face. A Brawl breaks out featuring the numerous women, setting up an immediate six woman tag team match.

When we return from the commercial break, discord has been settled appropriately, the women are set into teams and action is underway as Nia Jax, Alexa and Emma take on Mickie James, Dana and Sasha Banks. Alexa is already in the rings center, working over Dana with a side headlock applied. Dana tries elbows to break loose, but any momentum found is broken by Alexa’s clothesline. Dana gets caught in a side headlock again, swung to the mat by the women’s champion before axe handles can try and switch momentum. Alexa chokes Dana against the ropes then reverts her strategy to deliberately arguing with the referee, allowing for Nia to sneakily choke Dana by the ropes. Alexa then goes back to attacking Dana in the heels corner, courtesy of kicks and foot chokes. Emma tags in to continue the kicks, hammering her former tag team partner in the same corner. Emma takes her from the corner to perform a underhook suplex, only enough to get the returning superstar a near fall. Emma runs the ropes right after and connects with a dropkick, getting a secondary near fall on Dana.

Within moments, Emma snaps on Brooke with a barrage of forearms thrown at the defenseless former comrade. Emma switches to a side headlock, which Dana almost battles out of until she takes a shot to the back. Emma whips Dana into the nearest corner, attempting a corner assault which Dana smartly blocks with a boot. Before Dana can crawl over to either Mickie or Sasha, Emma hooks her foot, attacking her in the rib with a knee before cheapshotting Mickie off the apron. She goes for another knee to Dana but Dana dodges and makes the needed dash to Sasha, who tags in. Sasha fires in, dodging Emma’s offense while executing clotheslines and dropkicks to the Aussie. Sasha blocks an attempted boot from Emma, nailing a high knee to the face. Sasha lobs Emma into Nia Jax, only knocking Jax half down before a thrown elbow from Emma blocks Sasha’s chance to bring her into the Bank Statement. Emma tries to extend her hand to Bliss, but the disgruntled women’s champion is clearly done with the heels lack of momentum and walks off. Emma appears stunned by the RAW Women’s Champions move to walk away, attempting to go back to focusing on taking out Banks, but to no avail as Sasha instead takes her down, going to cover her after only for Nia to intervene. Mickie and Nia end up going at it, leading to Mickie using the ropes to send Nia down to the floor, keeping her down with a follow up crossbody. Back in the ring, Emma springs back into action, surprising Sasha with a roll up that Sasha counters into the Bank Statement once reversing. Emma ends up tapping out, awarding the win to Sasha, Dana and Mickie. Sasha, Dana and Mickie win the match.

And Lastly we get a glimpse of Bayley for the first time since losing out on her latest chance to regain the RAW Women’s Championship, speaking in a sit down interview with Corey Graves. Its brought up how the belief the once lovable babyface’s lack of wanting to be extreme was the reason for losing to Bliss, but Bayley just states she didn’t come into the WWE to hurt people, but rather to put smiles on faces. Furthermore she didn’t get to her main roster position by being someone she isnt, shes just Bayley, not a Goddess or a Queen, but the intention to be the best is still there, as is the intention to be RAW Women’s Champion again, hopefully as Mania sets in. The Interview ends with Bayley being Just Bayley, offering and getting a rather awkward hug from Graves.

(Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander feat Alicia Fox)

(Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Mickie James, Emma and Sasha Banks Segment)

(Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and Emma vs Dana Brooke, Sasha Banks and Mickie James)

(Bayley Segment)

Thoughts On:
6 Woman Tag: So i guess with the Sasha/Bayley plans possibly off, WWE are foreshadowing a heated feud between Sasha and Alexa. As Great as it was to see Emma back, and as notable as it is to see the crowd react for Sasha and any engagement she has with Alexa, did Emma really have to be the sacrifice for the foreshadowing to come early, submitted on her return match? No, but now this can head in many ways. Emma and Sasha can feud as they look to possibly become contender heading into Great Balls of Fire, and neither may make it through a possible battle royal or elimination match courtesy of Nia, who is looking to be the set contender if a six pack challenge for the PPV isn’t booked. Both ways can set up for Emma and Sasha to collide, either through the six pack challenge or a separate singles match, but another thing with having no six pack challenge but rather just Jax vs Bliss means Dana could be manipulated by Emma in a possible side feud with Banks, and Mickie is left to try and persuade her to not turn to the former comrades side. Either way, this angle is utilizing the women’s division, and while Emma’s loss was illogical in my opinion, its best to show off the underutilized as much as possible before the big Horsewoman-Centric angles take over.

Bayley Segment: To be fair, Bayleys break from the title picture has been needed for fresh women to step up, and not being able to actually win the title at WrestleMania as a supposed underdog hurt her more in my opinion. The Segment i feel is not to set up the ludicrous romance angle predicted between Bayley and Graves (why would they?) but rather to try and book Bayley the way they did in the NXT early days, as the lovable babyface rather than the woman who received mixed reactions due to her early title win at Fast Lane and her anti-underdog booking. If anything, i believe that segment hinted Bayley/Sasha for Mania but lets see where it goes.

– Catherine


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