Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Team Match Announced for IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary (June, 15th 2017)

Announced tonight on IMPACT Wrestlings Twitter Page, Two Knockouts have made the Slammiversary card as the Violent Duo of The Now Lone Wolf Davey Richards and Angelina Love-Richards battle also married duo of Former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards in a Sure to be Chaotic Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Team Match.

The Feud between the Richards and the Edwards first kicked off last year with Eddies rise as a solo competitor during Daveys grueling time recovering from injury. The Wolves would be reunited early this year as Davey made a full recovery, only to reveal true intentions in February when Davey, assisted by a distracting assault from Angelina to Alisha at ringside, managed to cost Eddie a shot at what was once his World Championship, retained by the Destroyer Lashley after Davey made the move of pummeling Eddie with the Gold. Feeling the pain of an un-needed defeat and inability to capture the title, Eddie has since fearlessly called out the former tag team partner and his Wife, and the brutal physical assaults from Davey to Eddie have prompted Alisha’s response, only for her to regularly brutalized by Angelina as well. Recently on IMPACT, the duo finally got a chance to one up their vicious enemies in mixed tag team action with a victory, but celebrations for Eddie and Alisha were cut short by once again a brutal assault at the hands of the Lone Wolf and the Sacred Seductress. The Continual narcissistic and barbaric actions of the villainous and violent pairing of Davey and Angelina Love-Richards have prompted the idea of an ideal Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag, barbarism completely legal, which may see an end to the brutal family rivalry once and for all, with only one couple standing tall in its conclusion.

Will the Edwards be the victorious heroes after months of cruelty and torture, or will the Viciousness of the Richards work ideally once again? Find out on Sunday July 2nd when IMPACT Wrestlings First Pay Per View of the year, Slammiversary comes to you Live at 1am UK Time on POPTV. Other Matches include Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner vs Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash and IMPACT World Champion Lashley vs Global Force Wrestling Champion Alberto El Patron in a Championship Unification Match.

– Catherine


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