Global Force Wrestling Womens Championship and Knockouts Championship Unification Match Set for Slammiversary (June, 15th 2017)

Angelina Love-Richards and Alisha Edwards will not be the only Knockouts making the Slammiversary card this year, as it was also announced last night that Knockouts Champion Rosemary and Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna will duke it out on Sunday July 2nd in a Winner Takes All Match, meaning the victor will merge the respective women’s titles.

The Once Enforcer to Former Knockouts President Maria Kanellis-Bennett, that being Sienna, has stepped out with spotlight on herself since Maria’s “breakdown” and while trying to make Allie and Braxton’s life a misery through summoning Kongo Kong into IMPACT Wrestling to avenge her broken hearted comrade Laurel Van Ness, she has also risen back to Stardom by becoming the new Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion, overthrowing the inaugural champion Christina Von Eerie. Sienna, who had met Rosemary in singles action earlier this year, is no stranger to the current Knockouts Champion, who carries also a title she won at last years Slammiversary Pay Per View, and despite aggravating her Boss Karen Jarrett on numerous occasions, she has been able to step up as Rosemary’s next challenger, with the possibility of creating history in the Knockouts Division as the first Undisputed Women’s Champion and as the first woman to pin Rosemary in singles action. What Happens to the Knockouts Championship come July 2nd remains to be seen, but regardless history will be made as Sienna and the Demon Assassin meet at IMPACTs first Pay Per View of the Year.

Who Will Walk Out as the Double/Undisputed Champion as the Knockouts Championship faces being merged for the first time in IMPACT Wrestling History? Find out on Sunday July 2nd at 1am UK Time on POPTV as IMPACT Wrestling Presents the 13th Overall Slammiversary Pay Per View. Other Matches include Alberto El Patron vs Bobby Lashley in a Global Force Wrestling and IMPACT World Championship Unification Match and Alisha and Eddie Edwards vs Angelina Love-Richards and Davey Richards in a Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Team Match.

– Catherine


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