IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Some Familiar Enemies Have More Trouble In Store for Allie (June, 15th 2017)

IMPACT continues its role of building up to Slammiversary overseas this week, still playing host to some wrestling over in Mumbai. While there’s no Knockouts Match to be given, there’s some Knockout appearances and a challenge set for the near future. But What? Lets find out right now.

Allie joins her Man Braxton as he faces former X Division Champion Trevor Lee in front of the Loud Mumbai Audience in brief singles action. Braxton gets a quick win over the Helms Dynasty Member, and is about to leave the ring with the Happy Allie when the two are confronted by Hot Mess Van Ness and the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna, who has something to say.

Sienna gives the pairing her sarcastic congratulations, then tells off Braxton over his goofy smile, and over him wearing a beanie in India when its “150 Degrees”. All Jokes aside, Sienna has something more serious to address, calling out to Allie, who she believes has the audience fooled with her innocence, despite running at her and Laurel with a kendo stick last week. Seeing how Allie acts like a wrestler, she gives her the chance to wrestle, suggesting she and Rosemary meet her as well as Laurel last week. However Sienna very much questions Rosemary and whether she has a good bone in her body like Allie may believe, adding furthermore that she may not even show up for Allie next week. Sienna and Laurel leave with the challenge of Knockouts Tag Team Action set for next week. But thats not the only challenge, as Josh announces just as Sienna leaves that her title as well as Rosemary’s Title will be on the line when the two meet in a winner takes all match at Slammiversary.

While Angelina is at home, having been told to stay out due to her actions as of late, she will also be a part of Slammiversary, as she and Davey will meet Alisha and Eddie in a Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Team Match at Slammiversary.

(Braxton Sutter w/ Allie vs Trevor Lee feat Laurel Van Ness and Sienna)

Thoughts On This Segment:
Well Okay so there’s not much Knockouts wise this week, but our Slammiversary Matches are set, and considering Sienna and Rosemary’s encounter earlier this year, im all for it. Furthermore, Sienna has really been allowed to step out and showcase her abilities and personality since Maria’s departure, and while its rather annoying that the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship hasn’t been given much prestige due to lack of defenses, the inevitable merge of the championships is definitely on the horizon, as is the world title with the GFW title. I Believe Rosemary may be the longest reigning champion come Slammiversary, or after, but the result right now of the twos encounter seems obvious. I’m Surprised IMPACT couldn’t go with a Four Way between Rosemary, Sienna, Laurel and Allie as they are IMPACTs spotlighted women right now, with the winner even taking both titles, but regardless i want some surprise with the Knockouts Match results at Slammiversary, and im very much looking forward to it.

– Catherine


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