WWE NXT RESULTS: Nikki Makes Full Sail Into A Danger Zone (June, 14th 2017)

Welcome All to a new NXT report, and a pretty intense load of action is delivered this week, in the form of a pre announced NXT Takeover Rematch as the very much dominant NXT Women’s Champion Asuka defends her title one more time against Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. That plus Ember Moon is set for a huge showdown with Peyton Royce next week and Sonya Deville is set to beef up the NXT Women’s Division!

First we get a package to hype Embers return to the ring. The “War Goddess” lost out on an opportunity to face Asuka at NXT Takeover in a fatal 4 way, an injury reducing the match to a triple threat. Now cleared to compete in the squared circle, Embers official return match will be against Peyton Royce, who went out of her way to threaten her just before her clearance.

As mentioned, Ember isn’t the only one with an intriguing video package, as WWE takes a good look at the woman formerly known as Daria Berenato, Sonya Deville. Only weeks after a successful showdown with Lacey Evans, Sonya returns to spar in the ring again next week. Whoever may be her unlucky opposition, has to put their hair up or square up.

With all that highlighted, its time to head to our main event, indeed the NXT Women’s Championship Elimination Match that sees the undefeated Asuka defend her championship title against her prior challengers Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. Cross is already in the ring, awaiting to bring some chaos, and also awaiting her now entering rival Ruby Riot, the fellow former contender also getting the second shot at the title. Once the challengers are positioned, the final entrant, the woman whose streak they look to overthrow enters, the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. Asuka shows no fear in the ring, even in the presence of the unstable Nikki Cross, who has to be held back by the referee as Asuka poses on the turnbuckles. Mike Rome then undergoes introductions for the contenders Nikki and Ruby then for the champion, the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow that is Asuka.

When the bell rings, the competitors surround each other, and Nikki brings the assault first, lobbing Ruby into Asuka. She then fearlessly forearms at Asuka, who matches her offense, only delivering multiple rather than a single forearm. Asuka makes her way to the ropes but Nikki charges over to her quickly, and another forearm stalls Asuka’s offense. Nikki takes to the opposite ropes, and is ambushed by Ruby and her running forearm. Ruby sees Asuka coming and ducks her offense, delivering a number of kicks to the champ after. Asuka tries to hit a roundhouse but misses Ruby, taking a dropkick from the challenger. Ruby hoists up Asuka and ends up taking a kick from the champ, then a dropkick off the ropes from Nikki. Asuka also utilizes the opposite ropes and dropkicks Nikki. Asuka taunts the two as they try and get to their feet, and it appears Ruby and Nikki are both agitated, forcing themselves to work together as they elbow at Asuka continuously. The two manage to take Asuka down to the floor, and as the champ looks to recover, Ruby proves no allegiance to the fellow enemy and rolls up Nikki suddenly, only enough to get a one count.

Cross snaps on Ruby, and takes forearms to the chest for it. Ruby clotheslines Nikki, following up with a back elbow. Ruby sends Nikki down one more time with a dropkick before turning her attention to Asuka, who has scaled the apron. Ruby knocks Asuka back to the floor and then goes to attack Nikki in a corner. Nikki tries to send Ruby into the turnbuckles but Ruby uses her legs to force Nikki into the middle one. A Back kick from Ruby then sends Nikki to the outside. Ruby is the one standing tall while Nikki and Asuka are in the process of recovery at ringside as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Asuka is back in the ring and has Ruby struggling in a waistlock. Ruby throws some hard elbows to try separate herself from Asuka, but only temporarily as Asuka hooks her in a waistlock again. Ruby tries to use the ropes to break loose to no avail, rolled up on the opposite side of the ring by Asuka, enough to get the champ a two count on Ruby. Asuka goes straight back on the offense, nailing a running hip attack to Ruby. Asuka charges towards Ruby as she recovers in a corner, blocked by a boot. Ruby dives and sends Asuka for a whirl with a sudden hurricanrana, but before she can collect the fallen champ from the outside, Nikki leaps onto the rivals back and applies a sleeper. Ruby takes Nikki off her shoulders and connects with the pele kick, not managing to finish Nikki however as Ruby rises in the midst of her pin attempt to block an oncoming shining wizard by Asuka. Freeing Asuka’s leg, Ruby soon fires a flurry of chops at Asuka, only to be whipped into a high kick. Asuka goes to cover and gets a near fall on Ruby.

Before Asuka can do much else, shes dragged out of the ring by Nikki, who hammers away at her back. Ruby sees the outside sparring going on, breaking it up by dropkicking both from the apron. Ruby is first to be on her feet, rolling Nikki back into the ring then scaling the turnbuckles. Before Ruby can go for her offense, Nikki charges towards her, but seeing it coming, Ruby jumps off the turnbuckles, rolls through then knocks Nikki into the nearby corner with a basement dropkick. Ruby heads up the same turnbuckles to try and go for her offense again, ambushed this time by Asuka, who sends her fully down to the floor. Asuka now tries to utilize the same turnbuckles, going for a missile dropkick but missing Nikki. Nikki hits her finishing move to Asuka, but unlucky for her, Asuka rolls from the ring right after. As Nikki can only watch in complete despair at seeing her one pinning chance taken, shes yanked away from the apron by Ruby, who suplexes her. Nikki gets some redemption with a DDT off the ropes to Ruby, and the move is enough to rid of Ruby. Ruby has been eliminated.

Its now down to Nikki and Asuka, whose first altercation goes all the way back to pre San Antonio. After a fierce standoff, Nikki throws offense, in the form of a forearm, with Asuka matching up with her own. Asuka connects with spinning back fists and a roundhouse, managing to take her down with an additional German Suplex. The Move gets Asuka a near fall on Nikki. Asuka continues the momentum with kicks to the chest of Nikki, before a rake to the eyes stuns Asuka. Nikki goes for the same DDT that took out Ruby, but Asuka luckily frees herself, delivering kicks to Nikki from the apron. Asuka then delivers a lethal kick to send Nikki to the floor. After a leaping hip attack, Asuka delivers vicious offense to Nikki near the barricade. The Two brawl back and forth, leading themselves up the stage and Nikki ends up being whipped into the stage side. Asuka also launches Nikki into the guardrail then dragging Nikki to the backstage area. The vicious brawl goes into the parking lot and the backstage corridor, before returning to the arena and ended with Nikki taking Asuka through a table with a crossbody, calling off the match.

(Ember Moon Returns Promo)

(Sonya Deville Vignette)

(Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross vs Asuka; NXT Women’s Championship Elimination Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Fairly intense match, made even more intense in the last few minutes when Nikki and Asuka were left to square off. For me, the order of elimination worked as it allowed Nikki her single chance to go up against Asuka, with a backstory going all the way back to NXT Takeover San Antonio, as Nikki has never really had her chance to one up Asuka on every encounter. I Think NXT are structuring their angles well right now, building Embers eventual road to contention another way while giving Nikki her opportunity as temporary as it may seem. Im Also Happy to finally see Sonya/Daria get the spotlight she deserves, and the vignette was well done. Hopefully they treat her like the badass she is, because a loss for a character like hers can be very hurtful. Future NXT Women’s Champion? Lets Hope So!

– Catherine


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