WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Glowing Results for The Queen and the Ravishing Russian By Sunday? (June, 13th 2017)

This Sunday, the five lucky women of Smackdown, the first Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, the Princess of Staten Island Carmella, the Superflying Tamina, the Self Proclaimed Genetically Superior Charlotte and the Queen of Harts Natalya all share the same ring, duking it out in the first ever women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match to crown a future contender to Naomi’s Smackdown Women’s Title. On top of that the Champion herself has a surprising current contender in Lana to deal with, and while some of these ladies aren’t spotlight tonight, some of them have rivals to deal with nonetheless. Naomi meets her former Team BAD comrade Tamina in Taminas first match with Naomi since returning to the scene, and Charlotte battles her generational rival Natalya.

The First Women’s Match of the night sees Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi in singles action against her said opponent Tamina. Naomi enters first, followed by the entrance of her once teammate, Tamina, who many of you know did actually pin Naomi last week courtesy of Naomi’s new surprise challenger Lana attacking Naomi during a Booked Backlash Rematch. Once Tamina in the ring, that newly selected challenger Lana makes an appearance, very much scouting the champion only days before her in ring return.

Regardless Naomi must focus on her tough opponent Tamina, who she locks up with when the bell rings. Tamina is evidently and non surprisingly stronger, managing to power Naomi over to a corner. Tamina releases quickly, but that means little mercy as Tamina tries to swing at her with an attempted clothesline, one Naomi ducks under and after creating a little space, Naomi makes her way back to Tamina, pummeling her in the corner with forearms. Tamina shoves Naomi away but Naomi charges back over and continues on with the earlier assault to the point where the ref restrains the champion. Tamina takes advantage of this and headbutts Naomi, who tumbles to the mat. Taminas power game is on again from there as she chucks Naomi across the ring with ease. Tamina applies a side headlock after to Naomi, who tries to break free until shes clubbed in the back. Naomi counters an attempted whip and kicks Tamina, and a second hits her in the face. Tamina blocks the third attempt, driving Naomi to the mat.

Tamina still isnt letting up, attacking Naomi’s shoulder after sending Naomi head first into a corner turnbuckle. She follows with a running hip attack, though it only seems enough to get her a near fall on the champion, evident as she takes her from the corner to go for the first pin attempt. Naomi gets caught in Tamina’s side headlock, trying to free herself via punches only to be sent to the mat. Tamina then draws Naomi into a short arm clothesline, attempting a pin after and getting another near fall. Tamina goes back to utilizing the side headlock, and Naomi is in need of momentum, with many chants for her helping her to try and summon momentum. However before Naomi can fight back against Tamina, she takes a knee into the midsection. Naomi tries to continuously counter Tamina from there, including blocking a corner attack. Tamina swings over both of Naomi’s feet, only to take a top rope inziguiri in retaliation. Naomi takes advantage of a groggy Tamina to execute a series of kicks to the former teammate. Naomi leaps back to Tamina, only to be caught in her arms and driven to the mat by a huge slam. Unluckily for Tamina, the big move again doesn’t put the champ away, as Naomi kicks out of her follow up pin attempt at two.

Tamina takes Naomi close to a corner before taking herself up the turnbuckles. Tamina may be signifying for the supafly splash but no dice as Naomi gets herself upward and nails a high inziguiri to stall Tamina. Naomi throws Tamina off the top rope afterward, then connecting with the finishing split leg moonsault for the finish. Naomi wins the match.

Theres only a minor celebration due for Naomi, interrupted by Lana, who has gone from spending her time viewing the match to again assaulting her challenger. The Glitzy Ravishing Russian attacks Naomi from behind then lays her out with her newly debuted finisher, further teasing an oncoming victory as she stands tall over Naomi with her Smackdown Women’s Title in hand.

We move forward to later in the show to see once NXT Takeover Opponents Natalya and Charlotte clash. Natalya, the leader of the seemingly temporary Welcoming Committee stable, steps out first, looking more about business than usual as she storms to the ring. Out next is Charlotte, who is looking to add to her list of historic achievements as the possible first Miss Money in the Bank. With the entrance of the “Queen” comes a reminder of Charlotte’s Hellacious table spot in what was meant to be a five way elimination match just a few weeks ago, one that did plenty damage to Natalya. Fast Forward to the present and Nattie seeks revenge.

The two lock up once the bell rings, with Nattie taking over early with a takedown. Natalya has Charlotte caught only temporarily in a side headlock, courtesy of Charlotte’s headscissor reversal. Natalya kips up to break free from Charlotte and a standoff ensues. Charlotte seizes Natalya in a waist-lock once physicality resumes, one that Natalya tries to reverse until shes caught on the end of a snapmare. Charlotte rolls Natalya over, getting a one count. Charlotte kips up and its back to a vertical base as the two come face to face before the next round of physicality, began by Natalya as she kicks Charlotte square in the midsection. Natalya additionally forearms Charlotte, tying Charlotte’s arm behind her back after before a counter from Charlotte leads to Natalya hitting the mat. Watching the ongoing switches in momentum from the backstage area is Becky Lynch. Natalya frees herself from a front facelock and again targets the arm of Charlotte. As Charlotte tries to break free, she ends up being tossed by the back of her head by Natalya, who has momentum as we go to the announced commercial break.

When we return, nothing much has changed as Natalya has Charlotte seized in a surfboard variation. Natalya takes Charlotte to the mat then tosses her toward the nearby corners second turnbuckle for extra damage. Charlotte manages to recover and block Natalya’s oncoming strike, but ends up taking a forearm and chop exchange from the Queen of Harts. Charlotte backslides Natalya for the new pin attempt, getting a near fall. Charlotte whips Natalya back first into a corner, nailing a signature flair chop to send down Natalya as she comes back. More chops follow by Charlotte, with a patented single knee drop to add. Charlotte suplexes Natalya, briefly glances over to the elevated briefcase hanging above the two ladies then proceeds with a top rope moonsault set up. Charlotte connects with the moonsault, but it doesn’t put away Nattie as she kicks out of Charlotte’s pin attempt at two. As Natalya and Charlotte try to get back to their feet, also watching the match fairly closely is James Ellsworth and Carmella.

Back to the action, and Charlotte ends up elevated onto the apron by Nattie. Regardless Charlotte strikes back against Nattie with a boot between the ropes then takes Nattie by her hair to send her crashing backward to the mat. Charlotte is going for her high octane top rope moonsault again, only this time caught in the hands of Natalya, who looks to duplicate Charlotte’s powerbomb from weeks ago, taking her away from the corner and powerbombing her in the ring center. Regardless of the impactful move, its not enough to take out her rival as Charlotte kicks out of Natalya’s pin attempt at the count of two, leaving her and the crowd seemingly stunned. A Furious Natalya now looks to end things, trying to apply her families signature sharpshooter, thrown off by Charlotte who kicks the Queen of Harts away. Charlotte draws Natalya into a roll up for another near fall. After that failed attempt to pin, she tries furthermore to finish the opponent, going for the pin right after a big boot but getting a near fall once more. Natalya duplicates Charlotte’s earlier sneakiness with a roll up, with an also duplicated result. Charlotte kicks Natalya in the knee and a sudden Natural Selection does its job in securing Charlotte the three count and the Pre Pay Per View Momentum. Charlotte wins the match.

And Lastly, Dasha meets with the confident Lana backstage, stating that Lana, who will indeed challenge Naomi on Sunday as reminded, appears to have created controversy. Lana isnt sure if Dasha is asking a question or attempting to ridicule but she doesn’t have care for what Dasha or the WWE Universe have to say. It makes her laugh how she attacked Naomi earlier in the show, and she can only exude further confidence by proclaiming she will shock the world this Sunday by becoming the first “Ravishing Smackdown Women’s Champion”.

(Naomi vs Tamina feat Lana)

(Natalya vs Charlotte feat Becky Lynch, Carmella and James Ellsworth)

(Lana Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch Smackdown Exclusive)

(Carmella Smackdown Exclusive)

(Charlotte Smackdown Exclusive)

(Tamina Smackdown Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Naomi/Tamina: While it wasnt the best match, Tamina dominating the match regularly allowed for viewers to see the powerhouse capabilities of Tamina prior to Sunday. Furthermore it was perfect placement, as it allowed Tamina a showcase before the Pay Per View against an opponent she has history with, and in turn enhanced Naomi’s storyline. Also while Tamina took the loss here, it doesn’t necessarily mean a loss for Sunday, so the momentum is making things on Sunday currently unpredictable.

Charlotte/Natalya: My favorite of the two matches on the night to be fair, again technical as expected from the two and the chemistry helps further. It was nice to see that it wasn’t just a set up match but a match with meaning as for Natalya to carry out revenge for being put through a table weeks ago, and no help from the Welcoming Committee further helps explain the “every woman for themselves” scenario for Sunday. It wasn’t shocking for Charlotte to win in this hard hitting affair, but usual winners momentum before a Pay Per View can mean a loss, but if Alexa Bliss’s Pre Extreme Rules Momentum means anything, WWE can go any way with this Sundays Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and as dangerous as it is, im intrigued to see who and how someone gets powerbombed by Natalya. Will it be through a table? A Ladder? While that is awaited, one must remember that hope for each woman to walk out in one piece must be kept.

– Catherine


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