IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: Jenkins Meets The Dysfunctional Bride (May, 6th 2017)

Welcome all to a new Xplosion report. Okay so its a little late but it makes up for not seeing Laurel Van Ness compete on IMPACT this week. “Hot Mess Van Ness” takes Angelina Love-Richards place in dealing with Newest Knockout signee MJ Jenkins this time around, after Jenkins gained some momentum just shortly after a loss to Angelina by working alongside ODB to overthrow the pair on the prior Xplosion episode.

Out comes the Still Broken Bride Laurel, champagne in hand and seeming to be in no state of focus as she heads to the ring. Entering second is Laurels mentioned opponent, the athletic MJ Jenkins, quoted to be a Product of Gail Kim’s eye for female talent by Jeremy Borash in Jenkins last singles showdown. Once the bell rings, Laurel tries to gain composure in order to lock up with MJ, which she eventually does, with MJ overtaking early. Laurel is already hinting a timeout after MJ easily takes her down, and during this timeout she can only be more aggravated by the crowd reminding her of Braxton ditching her amid their set up wedding. Laurel tries to go after MJ, missing as MJ instead applies an arm wringer before executing an arm drag. After a second takedown, MJ attempts to work on Laurel’s left arm. With no ropes to reach, Laurel instead smothers MJs face, managing to push her to the ropes to force a break. Laurel goes for two clotheslines in the rings center, both missing to add, and MJ has Laurel down again courtesy of a running crossbody as we go to the single commercial break.

When we return, it seems MJ still has the momentum, attempting to plow Laurel in a corner, only to miss and collide with the post. Laurel takes advantage of this, seizing the fellow Knockout by her hair and tossing her through the ropes to the outside. Laurel gets too distracted trying to butter up senior ref Earl Hebner and ends up not noticing MJ back in the ring until shes halfway back in. She forearms MJ as she tries to help herself off the mat, and MJ retaliates with her own once up. A Secondary forearm from MJ knocks Laurel hard enough to send her onto the apron, and as MJ goes to collect Laurel, Laurel snaps her against the ropes. Taking advantage of the new found momentum, Laurel smacks the face of MJ against the canvas, then chugging on her champagne before delivering a load of catty slaps to MJ. Laurel even plants herself atop MJ whose body front faces the mat, meaning no pin. The ref recognizes this but a non sober Laurel sees otherwise. When getting enlightened of the rule of a pin, Laurel manages to roll MJ over to attempt a pin, only getting a one count per MJ recovering in the time of Laurel’s education.

Laurel threatens to punch the face of MJ right in front of Earl and does so. Laurel goes for a second but appears too “drunk” to even be able to do so. MJ meanwhile manages to throw accurate forearms, though a roundhouse misses due to Laurel ducking in time. Laurel seems to give MJ some odd praise, which MJ accepts before going again for the roundhouse, completely nailing her target. MJ proceeds to mock Laurel, dancing with her before surprising her with a Northern Lights Suplex. Laurel consoles Earl and MJ heads over to confront. Laurel chugs her champagne once again, possibly trying to utilize the liquor and doing so too by spitting it in MJs face. Another veteran victory looms as Laurel rolls over MJ for the three count. Laurel wins the match.

(MJ Jenkins vs Laurel Van Ness)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though MJ has much more time in IMPACT on her, i did think at first she would pull off the victory, though Laurel has been doing as much as Angelina in working with the newcomers on Xplosion with her own veteran guidance. Of course her in ring work isn’t on full display with the current character, but it had its fun parts, whether it would be the deliberate acted drunkenness of Laurel in missing her spots or the brief MJ and Laurel dance, but overall the finish felt a little clumsy, as using force on a referee would on most terms result in a disqualification. Either way at least taking away from that the finish was a blind one that the referee didn’t view, a typical heel move from Laurel, and thats what got Laurel the victory, but yeah the build to that was a bit iffy. Regardless the veterans vs newcomers on Xplosion is giving us fresh content and we can only expect more in the future.

– Catherine


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