Cattie’s Catch Up: Daniel Bryan Announces Maryse and The Miz vs Nikki Bella and John Cena for WrestleMania 33 (March, 14th 2017)

Its time for another midweek reflective moment in womens wrestling, courtesy of Myself Catherine, and this week i wanted to reflect on one of my favorite feuds that has ever happened this year as Smackdowns Top Couples spilled their beef with one another, John Cena and Nikki Bella and the “A List Couple” The Miz and Maryse.

The feud between Nikki and Maryse really took off near to the conclusion of a Falls Count Anywhere Match between Natalya and Nikki, as Maryse, after a couple of coincidental but accidental backstage spills, attacked the Longest Reigning Divas Champion, costing her her match with Natalya, and giving the Queen of Harts the last lot of momentum to close her feud with the Bella. Maryse’s issues with the Bella Twins appeared to stem from rumors herself and Kelly Kelly were rejected from the original Total Divas cast in favor of the Bella Twins, holding back Maryses comeback for a few years. Maryse spoke out more on this in Mid March on Tuesday Night Smackdown alongside her husband, only to be interrupted by Team Cena. After Nikki called the accusations “Crazy” she tried to tempt Maryse into a one on one battle, and when Miz rejected this for her, accusing her of having sudden power similar to Cena, Daniel Bryan, Smackdowns General Manager, would step out and vent towards the Miz over the months of teasing over Bryan being unable to compete in the WWE. He would allow Cena and Nikki to take out the anger for him, booking them against the Miz and Maryse and this years WrestleMania.

– Catherine


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