WWE NXT RESULTS: The War Goddess Rises Again (June, 21st 2017)

Welcome all to the newest NXT Report, the last from the recent set of tapings before NXT begins to possibly hint the developments of the title picture at tonight’s tapings. Making a return beforehand is a recently cleared Ember Moon, who is looking to step into that exact title picture and rebound after her streak was ended by a certain empress with her own maintained streak, Asuka. Embers first match back is against a woman who had threatened to hurt her had it not been for her vulnerable state, Peyton Royce. The Aussie, alongside her best friend Billie, would find seconds later that Embers moments of rehabilitation would be ended, as the War Goddess was cleared for an in ring return, with Peyton the immediate target.

Embers clash with Peyton opens up the show, first with the entrance of Peyton, accompanied by Billie Kay, then Ember, confident and at her lonesome. The two lock up to begin, with both trying to avoid making it to the ropes during tests of strength. The two end up on the mat, with Peyton pressuring Embers shoulder before being caught in a headscissor reversal. Peyton makes it out, forearming Ember in the face once back on her feet, then in the shoulder. Peyton whips Ember to the ropes, but Ember doesn’t run right into an assault by Peyton afterward, instead landing with both feet during a potential arm drag and instead surprising Peyton with an arm drag of her own to the other side. Ember delivers a kick to send Peyton towards a corner, connecting after with a handspring elbow. Ember may be going for the Eclipse early but Peyton is quick to pursue and prevent the very move from being used, forearming Ember as she makes the ascent. Peyton places herself on the middle rope, attempting a fisherman suplex from there but Ember tries her best to hang on. Ember shoves down Peyton, almost sending her into the referees leg. During the referees brief limp, Billie leaps to the apron and snaps the arm of Ember against the top rope. Ember collapses to the mat as a result of the sneak attack.

Peyton capitalizes off of Billie’s assist, lobbing poor Ember in between the turnbuckles. Peyton rolls her out of there, and despite the impact, she only gets a one count. Peyton’s fury already kicks in as she kicks at Ember, then throwing Ember shoulder first in between the turnbuckles on the opposite side of the ring. Peyton potentially tries to reinvigorate Embers past injury as we go to a commercial break.

This appears more apparent returning from the commercial break, as Peyton twists the left arm of Ember behind her back in the center of the ring, using her knee also to bring her fully to the mat while keeping the same arm tied. Peyton elbows and stretches the same arm/shoulder further, before Ember, with some motivation from the audience, manages a rebound by rolling over Peyton, only enough to get a one count. Peyton fights back with two forearms to Ember and a back kick, before a strong forearm stalls Peyton’s next attack while utilizing the ropes. Ember looks to take to the opposite ropes but Peyton yanks her by her pants. Ember turns and attacks with various kicks, also planting Peyton against the mat with her crossbody off the second rope. Ember gets a near fall on Peyton as a result.

Ember gets another round of momentum, courtesy of a clothesline and STO into a backbreaker. Ember handsprings towards the corner and towards Peyton, having her flight diverted by Peyton’s comeback roundhouse. Peyton tries to capitalize from this but the follow up pin attempt results in a near fall. Peyton makes it to her feet and goes for her running knee in the center, though Ember moves away in time, rolling up Peyton for a near fall and being sent flying after the result. Peyton and Ember block kicks to one another, and Ember manages to send Peyton whirling to the mat. Ember is up first, going to the top rope to ready for the Eclipse, but Billie is Peyton’s friend in need, dragging her from the mat and to the outside to avoid it. Billie soon pays for it however as she finds Ember soon flying towards her. As Ember frees herself from Billie on the floor, Peyton takes advantage, seizing Ember and bringing her back to the ring. Peyton goes for a clothesline but is Jackknifed by Ember, enough to get Ember a near fall. Peyton reverses, getting a duplicated result. Peyton signals a backslide before bringing Ember upward and connecting instead with the Widows Peak. The Once finishing move of former Women’s Champion Victoria is looking to be used for the victory for Peyton, but Peyton is left shocked when Ember kicks out of her newest pin attempt at two.

Peyton and Ember meet again near in the corner, when Ember counters a wheelbarrow maneuver to send Peyton into the corner. With Peyton floored, Ember has another chance to go for and connect with the Eclipse, and this time she does so to the villainous Aussie. Ember gets the three count and the successful return victory. Ember wins the match, and has the momentum early as she looks to seek Asuka and her NXT Women’s Title.

But thats not the only women’s division clash we are being served with this week, as Sonya Deville, the MMA Combatant once known as Daria Berenato emerges on the scene a week after her introductory/return promo. Deville faces a familiar face in Rachael Ellering and straight away Ellering faces the hard knees/kicks of Deville as she strikes right away with them once the bell has been rung. Deville also easily takes down Ellering with a clothesline, then striking with a sliding knee into her back. Deville looks for an early pin, but Ellering kicks out on the count of one. Ellering tries a comeback with a suplex, but its only enough to also get her a one count. She faces consequences courtesy of a kick and more from Deville.

That isn’t all from Deville, as she unleashes hard kicks into the corner to Ellering. Deville locks a bodyscissor, also roughing up Ellering as she does so. Ellering brings Devilles shoulders to the mat with the hold still intact, but only scoring a one count. Ellering releases herself of Deville but only temporarily as shes taken down with a wicked spear. This gets Deville a near fall. Deville tries to seize Ellering again but Ellering counters with a jawbreaker and kick to the jaw. Ellering pays sooner or later when a fist leads to Deville striking back with a hard kick into the midsection. Deville removes her gloves and punches away at Ellering, then after a take-down, she locks in a double wrist lock. It doesn’t take Ellering long to tap either, giving in to the combatants submission. Sonya Deville wins the match.

(Ember Moon vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay)

(Sonya Deville vs Rachael Ellering)

Thoughts On:
Ember/Peyton: A Really Competitive Match and while the result was obvious due to Ember returning and her needing the momentum heading towards the title picture and Asuka, it doesn’t take away not only how good the match was but what else we saw in Ember and Peyton’s move-set. I’m not sure where the iconic ones go from here but im assuming they are just pure enhancement for now like Tye and Andrade had/have been, and while i dont agree entirely with them being in this position, they aren’t being in the title picture right now from the looks of things. NXT also needs to highly go into Embers character and what exactly the War Goddess is because we need some sort of expansion and backstory. We can be marveled by the Eclipse but what exactly makes her the War Goddess? Come on NXT.

Sonya/Rachael: A Brief enhancement match to introduce Sonya as the newest villain in NXT and already shes looking like a (knowing) force to be reckoned with with her fighting background and viciousness. Said Before, will say again. This is NXTs female version of Miesha, Ronda or Brock so they need to think about their booking of her and they need to make sure she avoids losses as much as possible. I Really feel coming out of this match, and just through the Lacey mention, that these two need to feud if they aren’t going to align. With the Mae Young Classic coming up and Lacey being a part of this big moment, she needs as much exposure as Sonya does.

– Catherine


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