LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Cueto Cup Gives Mariposa a Possible Moment of Retribution (June, 21st 2017)

Welcome to an all new Lucha Underground report. So there hasn’t been anything note worthy from the Luchadoras in the past few weeks, but all is about to pick up steam in the continuation of Dario Cueto’s introduced tournament, the Cueto Cup. Entered in alongside the various stars is Mariposa, and should she overcome former Lucha Underground Trios Champion Fenix, her next stop is in the ring again in the near future to get revenge on her associate and brother, Marty Martinez.

Earlier in the show, Martinez had been shown stalking the innocent ring announcer Melissa Santos as she and Fenix conversed about the Cueto Cup. Its later that Marty is shown to have a shrine dedicated to Santos, planning his next creepy move on her before being confronted by his sister, who he had turned on earlier in the season. Mariposa accuses Marty of becoming weak through his infatuation, and once she gains a victory over Fenix, she will come for Marty next and will ensure that he gets hurt, considering he reversed the term “family comes first”.

But before we can get to Mariposa’s singles match, which just so happens to be the main event, another Luchadora is keeping a watchful eye on the competition, as Kobra Moon manages her reptilian soldier Pindar as he battles against the smaller Mascarita Sagrada. Despite Sagrada’s courage, athleticism and ability to even tackle Kobra at one point, he ends up being laid to waste eventually, and in turn the powerful force that is Pindar is ensured his next spot in the Cueto Cup, but against possibly one of the most dangerous competitors there, Cage.

We next move to the main event and Mariposa makes her entrance for the next showdown in the Cueto Cup, facing some boos along the way. Next is the former Trios Champion Fenix, and again should Mariposa advance, she will have Marty in the next match. Fenix maintains his respectful nature once within the squared circle by offering a show of sportsmanship with an extended hand to Mariposa. Mariposa slaps it away, showing all bets on giving respect are off. Fenix shrugs it off and the two eventually lock up to begin this main event.

Fenix reverses early in the tie up, managing to bring Mariposa into a corner back first. Fenix soon breaks off from the corner and from Mariposa, and tries to continue to be courteous towards Mariposa, but no can do from the Luchadora as she knocks away his hand again. Fenix uses some stunning athleticism to dodge an oncoming clothesline by Mariposa, also avoiding kicks and forearms from the opposition. Fenix blocks the next oncoming offense before leaping upwards then heading back downwards allows for Mariposa to catch him in a waistlock. Fenix makes his way to the ropes and manages to send Mariposa away temporarily, and as he tries to return to using offense with a superkick awaiting, Mariposa backs off and they taunt each other. Mariposa shoves at Fenix, heads to the ropes and takes an elevated dropkick to the face. Fenix goes for the next offense as Mariposa regroups in an opposite corner, but Mariposa manages to block with a boot. More kicks block Fenix’s potential strikes, and as Mariposa looks to take momentum with a high crossbody, shes caught by Fenix, who drops her and goes for an elbow. Mariposa ducks under and heads to the ropes, nailing a sudden tilt-a-whirl DDT to Fenix. The High octane move is only enough however to get a near fall as shown when Mariposa goes for her first pin attempt on Fenix, with the Luchador escaping it at two.

Mariposa continues to roll along with the momentum, as a basement dropkick allows her to send Fenix to the outside floor. Mariposa follows him out as she strikes him with various kicks. Fenix tries to whip Mariposa into the ring post but she finds her footing on the apron, brings herself onto Fenix’s shoulders and nails a hurricanrana to bring Fenix back to the floor. After some heel like choke with the foot to Fenix’s face, Mariposa brings Fenix back to the ring, then going ahead with clubbing him in the back. Fenix reverses a whip from Mariposa, missing a back elbow, and Mariposa uses this to transition into a wheelbarrow slingshot type bulldog. The unique maneuver doesn’t finish Fenix however as Mariposa gets a second near fall over Fenix.

Mariposa whips Fenix into a corner, missing a corner splash as Fenix moves out of the way. Fenix hooks the waist and executes a release German Suplex to Mariposa, but just as he goes for a knee strike, Mariposa seems to want mercy again. She extends a hand but Fenix sees right through her duplicated act and carries out his offense, kicking Mariposa in the side of the head. Fenix shoves Mariposa to the mat, going for a cocky pin though rather fun in his case, but he hasn’t finished the Luchadora as Mariposa kicks out at two, giving Fenix a near fall. Fenix gets back to his feet and brings Mariposa up for a potential powerbomb, but Mariposa counters into a sunset flip powerbomb, only enough for another near fall. Fenix blocks elbows from Mariposa and nails a dropkick to potentially reverse momentum. Mariposa rolls away and Fenix looks to join her on the outside with an aerial maneuver but Mariposa heads back to the ring just as he looks to connect. Mariposa kicks Fenix right in the gut, proceeding with a splash in the corner only to be brought to the top turnbuckle. Fenix and Mariposa scrap on the ropes with Fenix eventually leaving Mariposa groggy enough to go for a devastating move, but Mariposa recovers in time to push him away. Mariposa goes for her second crossbody but Fenix counters into the finishing Fenix Driver. No Retribution offer anymore for Mariposa as Fenix pins her to get the three count. Fenix wins the match.

However the boos will soon echo as Marty sneaks his way into the ring to beat down on the future opponent. Melissa watches this and yells at Marty to stop. Fenix hits back against Marty, sending him out. Mariposa tries to attack Fenix and also ends up on the outside. Fenix takes out both and leaves Melissa safe….for now.

(Mariposa and Marty the Moth Segment 24.09 – 26.56)

(Pindar w/ Kobra Moon vs Mascarita Sagrada 26.57 – 34.42)

(Fenix vs Mariposa feat Marty the Moth 35.05 – 44.37)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Honestly didn’t expect this to be the main event, plus Mariposa vs Fenix comes across as an odd face off but its Lucha Underground and its for Cueto Cup Purposes. With that being said, it was a good match but the booking is kinda confusing here. Are Marty and Mariposa suddenly a unit again after Mariposa was betrayed? Was Mariposa just trying to one up Fenix after the match? Sure maybe they are re-aligning so Melissa can have her in ring debut, but it also drops the ball on an intriguing feud. With it being Lucha Underground i don’t expect feuds to be just thrown away out of thin air and im sure the programmes intriguing segments that they air will shed more light on the situation, and at times, deliver the unexpected.

– Catherine


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