Naomi Becomes the Longest Reigning Smackdown Womens Champion (June, 26th 2017)

As of Today (June 26th as it is here now in the UK) WWE Women’s Superstar Naomi is the Longest Reigning Smackdown Women’s Champion. The Total Divas Star who is currently in her second reign, surpassed the inaugural champion Becky Lynch’s 84 Day Mark today to surpass the Lasskickers first and only reign as champion, also 26 days away from surpassing Alexa Bliss’s combined reigns, totaled up to 111 days in accordance with WWE. Naomi had beaten Bliss in a Six Pack Challenge at WrestleMania 33 earlier this year in order to begin her second reign as champion, her first abdicated due to injury, setting up Bliss’s second reign and Naomi’s return to challenge again for the championship.

Naomi, though not speaking on the accolade herself, retweeted mass fan support over her feat of becoming the longest reigning champion, a feat that previously belonged as noted to Becky Lynch. Its also notable that Naomi will be 87 days into her reign when she defends her championship against Lana this Tuesday on Smackdown Live in a Money in the Bank Rematch set up on the prior episode of Smackdown.

Congratulations go out to Naomi on achieving her feat as the Longest Reigning Smackdown Women’s Champion. Stay Tuned to Smackdown Live on Tuesday at 1am UK Time to see if Naomi continues her record setting reign as she defends the title once more against her contender, Lana.

– Catherine


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