Your Monday Post #167: Tara vs Angelina Love for the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary 2009 (June, 21st 2009)

Slammiversary week is upon us this week as IMPACT Wrestling delivers at last its first Pay Per View of the Year. With that in mind, this reflective post just so happens to be Slammiversary themed, looking back eight years ago, to a time where the Beautiful People dominated the Knockouts Division. The Arrival of former WWE Women’s Champion turned IMPACT Knockout Tara looked to end the reign of the mean girls completely and after various physical spats, the two were confirmed to go head to head at Slammiversary over the Knockouts Championship held by Angelina Love.

The Match would serve as the first time Angelina and Tara would clash in an IMPACT Wrestling ring, but it was no surprise to see that Angelina’s Beautiful People associates Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne would be there to cause imminent trouble. The duo soon did so, capitalizing on the Botox Injection maneuver that sent Tara into the ropes, allowing for Velvet to move forward and spray Tara in the face with a visible object. The Assist allowed for Love to lay out Tara and pin Tara in Tara’s PPV Debut, continuing the reign as well of the Beautiful People for a little longer.

– Catherine


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