WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Tuesday Night Smackdown Presents Round Two. Money In The Bank (June, 27th 2017)

Tuesday Night served as a big night for the Smackdown Women’s Division as the Fallout last week from the Money in the Bank Pay Per View made Daniel Bryan hear the views of a hectic women’s division to bring forth another Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Noting at how furious the latter were over Ellsworth snatching their own moment of history away from them with the first matches controversial finish, Bryan did exactly as promised, taking away Carmella’s Money in the Bank Briefcase, but giving her the chance to earn it once again, thus Smackdown gave us a second women’s main event this week, in the form of this given Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Rematch.

Smackdown would open with the presence of Daniel Bryan, with more actions to undertake. The General Manager of Smackdown would be confronted by Carmella, who again vented over how she broke no rules due to the initial match being No Disqualification. Ellsworth is just as mad over this, and hearing Bryan talk back to Carmella, he takes a vicious verbal shot at Bryan being unable to return to the ring. Bryan could just fire the heel, but remains calm and resorts to different measures, changing his mind on throwing Ellsworth from ringside, instead throwing him out of the entire arena. After Mr No Chin gets chucked out, Carmella can only vent more to herself after Bryan’s wish of good luck.

It was also Money in the Bank relived for two other particular women, as Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi defended her title once again against Lana in a rematch also granted last week. Out first comes the defending and fighting champion Naomi, who had heard out Lana’s demand last week and given her the second opportunity she wanted at the title. Out second is her challenger, the Ravishing Russian Lana, who is looking to make up for the loss that came in her in ring re-debut. Both are given introductions once in the ring and once concluded, this Smackdown Women’s Title Rematch is officially underway.

In fact, Lana tries to start the match early with a cold assault on Naomi from behind as she shows off the championship. After Lana delivers a number of kicks, the ref seems to check up on Naomi as she recovers in the corner, and after an insistent nod is shown from the champion, its agreed that the match will happen, thus the bell is rung. Lana already pounces on Naomi in the corner when done so, then bringing her out of the corner and executing her finisher early, hoping for the sudden and hopeful victory. Lana goes to cover Naomi, hopes for the three count…but no….as Naomi fights out at two, leaving the challenger screeching.

Before Lana can do anything else, she takes a swift kick from Naomi. Naomi drags Lana towards an opposite corner then makes her own way up it. Naomi flies, crashing onto Lana as she executes her split leg moonsault. The athletic move of the Smackdown Women’s Champion is enough to put out the contender, as Naomi covers Lana and gets the quick three count. Naomi wins the match, retaining her Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Just as that match closes, we go to the backstage area and Dasha conducts an interview with one of five combatants taking part in the later Money in the Bank Rematch, Becky Lynch. Dasha notes to the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion that Naomi still holds the gold, per the quick win over Lana. She adds that should Becky get the win tonight, she may get a chance to cash in on Naomi eventually. Unlike that positive image of victory for Becky, it wasn’t so back in the first Money in the Bank Ladder Match as it ended controversially due to James Ellsworth. Regardless, Dasha asks Becky how she feels over her second given chance, to which Becky responds that Thankfully, regardless of being inches last time from winning and proving you can walk your own path, Bryan has given her another fair chance, and thats all that the Lasskicker needs. Thats all Becky needs to become the first woman to hold the briefcase legitimately.

Before we can speculate on Becky’s chances, lets not forget Smackdowns new arrivals who got reduced to a taped exclusive last week. Maria and Mike Kanellis profess their message of Love for another week, only this time with an interruption Maria clearly doesn’t wish for, in a smiley Sami Zayn. Zayn made his entrance during their proclamation, heading to a match with Money in the Bank Ladder Match Winner Baron Corbin. Yup i think Mikes first feud is decided.

We then head to our main event later, with the briefcase held high and Ladders surrounding a fair part of the arena. Charlotte is first to enter for this historic Smackdown Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Rematch, followed up with Natalya entering, then Tamina, Becky and a furious Carmella. When the bell is rung to signal the start of this match, Becky is first to throw a forearm at Carmella, quickly ambushed by Natalya. Meanwhile Tamina goes against Charlotte, overpowering her in the corner and slamming her face numerous times against a corner turnbuckle. Some fists follow before Charlotte delivers a shot to the midsection, then rolling out and continuing her battle on the outside, throwing her fathers famed chops at Tamina at ringside. Meanwhile Carmella has tactics of her own in execution, bringing a ladder to the ring while Natalya and Becky are distracted by their own physical spat.

Carmella begins climbing the ladder but shes not even halfway up in the ascent when the fellow competitors switch their attention to the Princess of Staten Island, with each surrounding her. Natalya and Becky go after Carmella, battering her after she slips off the ladder while Charlotte and Tamina go at it again. Charlotte helps Natalya and Becky in taking Carmella out of the ring before all three dash after Tamina, who has begun her own ascent to try reach over to the victors briefcase. They drag her off, and Becky throws Tamina face first into a ladder step. As the ladder tumbles to a side, Becky throws more offense at Tamina before throwing her out of the ring. Suddenly Becky finds herself the target of a double kick from rivals Charlotte and Natalya, who go for a double suplex, cancelled as Becky makes a landing, fending Charlotte off with a boot then Natalya with an exploder suplex. Charlotte and Becky come face to face seconds later and Becky has no problem clearing off the former bestie, also delivering a exploder suplex to Charlotte. Just as Becky has her path cleared for her to start to set up the ladder, shes attacked from behind by Tamina. Tamina sends Becky face first into the middle ladder support then floors her with a Samoan Drop. A Cruel smile spreads across the face of Tamina, as the dominating women’s superstar looks to deliver some more damage to Becky, doing so with the Supafly Splash off a nearby top turnbuckle. Tamina drops to the outside after also taking the impact as we go to the commercial break.

When we return, it appears a battle over the course of the break switched the momentum to Charlotte, as Carmella, Tamina, Natalya and Becky are all out on the ringside floor while Charlotte just helps herself to her feet inside the ring. Natalya is the first to get herself up, charging into the ring and attacking Charlotte. Natalya boots Charlotte after a little scrap sends Charlotte into the middle ladder support, and the Queen of Harts isn’t finished there, suplexing Charlotte to the mat. Natalya looks to continue the offense in a corner but is seized by her feet by Carmella. Natalya kicks her away with ease and Carmella is left with Tamina on the outside, dodging Tamina’s clothesline and slapping her across the face. Carmella also forearms Tamina in the face, going for her own superkick after which Tamina blocks. Despite Carmella’s beg for mercy, Tamina has none of it and chucks Carmella over the announcers table. Tamina looks to head to the ring but is kicked away by Natalya, who again pursues Charlotte. Charlotte fights back against Natalya with the usual flair-esque chops, tossing her out of the ring after and into the hands of Becky, who has her own unfinished business with Natalya, flooring the former tag team partner with another exploder suplex.

Charlotte and Tamina come face to face, and Charlotte gets the first gutsy shot with a boot executed to Tamina. Tamina clubs Charlotte in the back as she tries to set up the ladder, trying to do the job herself before also taking a clubbing blow to the back courtesy of Charlotte. Both try and scrap over the ladder with Charlotte trying to maintain grip after giving Tamina a big forearm. Tamina is up quick and throws a fist into Charlotte’s midsection, trying also to seize the ladder. As the two try to bring the ladder into an appropriate position, Becky makes a sudden leap up the ladder out of nowhere. Tamina and Charlotte stop her ascent, tilting the ladder into the nearby top rope. Becky remains clung to the ladder, but finds herself surrounded by Tamina and Charlotte. Tamina knocks Becky off the ladder and is back to sorting out the ladder when Charlotte boots the ladder into her. Before Charlotte can try to further any momentum, Natalya charges in and connects with a discus clothesline to the former RAW Women’s Champion. Natalya seizes a ladder, placing it against a corner with Charlotte trapped behind, then utilizing another ladder, setting it up and climbing upwards, soon to possibly be in reach of the briefcase. However the ladder that was once trapping Charlotte becomes a utility as Charlotte places it up diagonally against the said ladder and uses it to climb over onto Natalya’s ladder, and the two meet with continual blows to each other close to the top. Charlotte is close to reaching the briefcase when Carmella intervenes, pushing the ladder and sending both crashing.

Carmella is soon met with the presence of Becky, who delivers an exploder suplex to the Princess of Staten Island. Again Becky is left completely on her own, using this chance to set up a ladder again for use, but not for an ascent as suspected, but literally trying to chuck one at Natalya, and missing. Before Becky can try the next plan of setting a ladder up to make a hopeful winning ascent, Tamina shows up suddenly and connects with a wicked spear. Carnage will resume after the second commercial break.

And indeed that stands true as all women are out at ringside minus Natalya, who is bringing a ladder to the ring. Natalya makes a slightly more quicker climb up this time, but just as the fingertips meet the briefcase, meeting her again for pursuit is Charlotte. As Charlotte smacks the face of Natalya against the same adjacent ladder side, Becky dashes back in and begins to climb the opposite ladder side. Charlotte almost has the briefcase seized and Becky is close by, joined by Tamina. The Scrap between all four women concludes when the ladder loses balance, sending each woman tumbling. With the four women out, Carmella tries to take advantage all on her own, placing the ladder upright and beginning to make her way up to retrieve what had been her briefcase. Tamina, Becky, Natalya and Charlotte return to the ring, and to Carmella’s dismay, they work in unison to move Carmella and the ladder away from the briefcase by some inches. The four women then scrap with each other for a short moment, concluding with Natalya standing tall and Carmella trying to maintain her position on the ladder. Rather than watch and wonder which woman will come for her next, Carmella drives both Becky and Natalya to the mat with a diving crossbody.

Carmella is out on the apron, Tamina inches from the ladder but yet to gain composure. Charlotte has begun to climb back in the ring, and has the ladder all set for use. However Charlotte wants to keep Tamina down first, cruelly jabbing the ladder into Tamina’s forehead and chest. Charlotte connects with a knee drop also to Tamina, managing to trap her fully under the ladder. However Charlotte switches up the ladders position before her next climb, and fingertips just reach the briefcase when Carmella is back with hands on the foot of Charlotte. Charlotte and Carmella scrap as Carmella manages to stay on the ladder despite Charlotte’s kicks, but another tumble awaits for these women when Tamina channels her strength and tilts the ladder towards the ropes, sending both for a spill with it. Tamina deals with a groggy Charlotte via a superkick then turns her eyes back to the same ladder she’d tilted. Tamina brings it back to a vertical base, makes a dash for it but intervention comes in the form of Natalya and Becky to her dismay. Both seize Tamina by the feet, release her from the ladder and powerbomb her.

With Tamina cleared, allegiances are again shown to be temporary as the heel Natalya goes back to targeting Becky with a kick right into the midsection. Natalya soon plants Becky with a sit out powerbomb, then has Carmella in her sights, bringing her also to the center and locking her in her famed Sharpshooter Submission. Lucky for Carmella, the pain isn’t for too long as Charlotte runs in and boots Natalya, breaking her hold on Carmella. Trying to ensure Carmella doesn’t get up too soon however, Charlotte connects with the Natural Selection to the fellow NXT Alumni. Charlotte charges after Natalya and both tumble back to the outside. This leads to a short full fledged brawl which Natalya takes the momentum in, throwing forearms before launching Charlotte over the barricade and into the audience. Natalya follows her in rather than switch focus, beating down on Charlotte with more forearms. Things rather sinister begin to unfold at ringside however, as Ellsworth, despite being thrown out of the arena at the start of the show, re-emerges and helps Carmella back to the ring. James looks to repeat the last finish, crawling up the ladder for Carmella but this time Becky is looking for vengeance. After kneeing Carmella in the head, Becky grabs a hold of the ladder, to the dismay of a shocked Ellsworth and she tilts it from the center, sending Ellsworth into the ropes balls first (OUCH) then onto the floor. Becky is left alone, begins to climb the ladder with a sense of urgency, but is brought down by Carmella, with Becky seemingly hurting her knee along the way. Becky manages to forearm her from the ring regardless and makes one more climb despite damage dealt, only to face more as shes smacked right in the leg by Carmella and a newly seized steel chair. After one more shot to a hurt Becky, Carmella makes her way up to the ladder and unhooks the briefcase, regaining it in turn. Carmella wins the match.

(Daniel Bryan, Carmella and James Ellsworth Segment)

(Lana vs Naomi; Smackdown Women’s Championship Rematch; Becky Lynch Backstage Interview)

(Maria and Mike Kanellis Segment feat Sami Zayn)

(Natalya vs Tamina vs Carmella vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte; Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Rematch)

(Lana on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Lana/Naomi: Much shorter than i anticipated and while the result may not have been too shocking, as mentioned before the timing length wise was. Sure you have a big main event with the women later, but did the other women have to have a shockingly short amount of time in response? No, but i do feel there’s a story to it. Lana went into this match with high confidence based off the pre match attack and quick execution of her finisher for the hopeful victory and was left dumbfounded that she hadn’t finished off the champ as desired, thus from here Lana’s angle could turn towards her being continually humbled while also extending her arsenal so we can see more in her matches. Plus we cant forget how the finish looked and how Lana notably had her shoulder up, therefore humbled early or not, Lana has a rematch surely waiting.

Womens MITB Rematch: Another Great Outing and Thankfully with a better result. Sure the original ending set up for this, but this was what could have been the end all along, Carmella winning by retrieving the briefcase herself. Charlotte and Taminas interactions were intriguing throughout, though i found it rather hard to watch when Charlotte jabbed Taminas chest with the ladder, and that may have been hurting Tamina as to why Charlotte switched up the ladder position, so the weight of herself and the ladder didn’t come onto Tamina all at once. Becky, despite the teases of possibly going heel in the near future, was massively backed by the audience throughout the match, and towards the end i actually felt like she was going to win, and that from here on she may play up an injury angle and return to face Carmella for the briefcase in another first time ever match. Where do Charlotte, Natalya and Tamina go from here though, i don’t know, but if there’s one thing that cant be denied, both ladder matches have shown another side to Tamina and allowed her to utilize her known powerhouse strength for some potentially crazy spots. Kudos to all women on a great main event, and kudos to WWE on a logical ending as each woman minus Carmella has already had their defining moments in WWE and don’t really need the briefcase as of right now.

– Catherine


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