LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: No Sleazy Victory for Reina De Reina But a Sneaky One for the Rabbit Tribe (June, 28th 2017)

Welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground report, the last of the month of June. The Luchadora’s of the Temple were on show this week, whether it would be as accompaniments or as competitors. While Catrina and Kobra Moon looked to watch their men rise to victory, one Luchadora looked to obtain victory of her own, as Taya returned to the ring for the first time since her injury much earlier on, competing in the next half of the Cueto Cup against a rather sleazy opponent….that being none other than Joey Ryan.

But first ones got to know what maniacal plans Catrina will have unfolding, as the Mistress of the Underworld opens the show by meeting Mil Muertes in his sacred shrine. With their angle with Prince Puma closed, Mil is in need of showcasing again his dominance, and Catrina asks exactly that, ordering him to destroy everyone and anyone and bring to them the Cueto Cup. Mil agrees to the suggestion, adding that he will do it for his love. They embrace with one kiss but one is enough to fuel the anger of the love rival Jeremiah, who is seen seething from afar.

While Jeremiah continues his seething, Mil is out to do battle in the opening contest, squashing Veneno fairly quickly. The newest victory of Mil Muertes is sealed with Catrina’s traditional lick of death to Veneno. Speaking of the defeated Luchador, what came about of his feud with Sexy Star?

Kobra Moon was also on hand to watch Vibora’s singles debut against the Rabbit Tribes Paul London. Despite being the terrifying giant that he is, Vibora was unable to obtain victory in this very debut thanks to sneaky tactics under the ring from the fellow Rabbit Tribe members, enough to get Vibora counted out. It appears Kobra hadn’t seen this go down, as she has a go at Vibora following the result.

From that to the in ring competition featuring a Luchadora. Out comes Taya, introduced by Melissa of course, for her in ring return. Her opponent, as announced last week, is the “Sleazy One” Joey Ryan, formerly of IMPACT Wrestlings former GutCheck concept. With Ryan’s presence comes his sleazy taunting of absolutely gross proportions, and its enough to make Taya feel some sort of sickly feeling if her facial reaction couldn’t make it more obvious. She isn’t there to watch Ryan pull this off for several minutes, as evident by the kick she sneaks to the midsection of Ryan suddenly. The Bell has been rung following Taya’s strike.

Taya keeps up the offense in the form of forearm shots as well as boots to Ryan’s left shoulder. Taya whips Ryan to the ropes, charging towards him and clobbering him with a running clothesline. Taya isn’t done there, squashing Ryan with double knees as he rests against the lower rope. Ryan escapes the ring with Taya soon following behind, giving him a hard shot from behind. Taya legit seizes Ryan by his chest hair to lead him back to the ring, but as she looks to join him on the way back, Ryan overturns momentum with a big superkick which takes Taya off the apron. Ryan heads to the outside after Taya, adding insult to injury with clubbing blows into the back. Ryan additionally smacks the face of Taya against the apron, and Taya is only just managing to stand when Ryan throws her into the ring.

Ryan begins to climb the turnbuckles but Taya sees this coming as she gets to her feet, delivering chops and slaps and after enough strikes, she brings Ryan off the turnbuckle to the mat below. Taya executes a double stomp after running the ropes, hitting the chest, only enough to get the AAA Reina De Reinas Champion a near fall on first try. Taya attempts to attack Ryan in a corner but he escapes in time, leading to Taya being trapped, stuck and unable to fend off Ryan as he embarrassingly spanks Taya in front of the watching audience. Ryan brings Taya onto both shoulders for a possible electric chair drop but Taya tries to weaken him with some punches. After making it off the shoulders, Taya catches Ryan in a waistlock, but is met with forearms as she tries to keep it intact. Taya turns things around with a Northern Lights Suplex, reverting into another double stomp after. The combo is enough to take Ryan out entirely and get Taya the three count. Taya wins the match, becoming the first female to advance in the Cueto Cup. As Said, no sleaziness needed for Taya to obtain victory.

Jeremiah meets Killshot in the main event, though a distraction courtesy of Killshots former associate Dante Fox, mic in hand, costs Killshot the match. As Jeremiah celebrates his own advancement in the Cueto Cup, Catrina emerges atop the staircase, staring down the love rival, who had attempted to take out Mil for good earlier on in the show. Looks like she may know of the events and that Mil may be revived even stronger than ever. Good Luck Jeremiah. Because if so….you’re gonna need it.

(Catrina and Mil Muertes Opening Segment 00.41 – 02.13)

(Paul London vs Vibora w/ Kobra Moon 07.19 – 13.30)

(Joey Ryan vs Taya 14.04 – 20.02)

Thoughts On:
Catrina/Mil/Jeremiah: About time this storyline resumed and Jeremiah and Mils advancement in Cueto’s tourney just helps the build even more. Mil seems to be in love with Catrina, adding a layer to his character, but with Catrina’s proclamation before to Jeremiah that Mil isn’t the one she loves, what could this mean? Is Mil being played for a fool and Catrina has some other male on the side? Or is Catrina tricking Jeremiah to get in his head? Does she want to get in his head deliberately just to enjoy the violence he and Mil eventually let out on each other? Another question is is Mil even alive after that backstage assault from Jeremiah. Its not the first time Mil has been put out by an enemy but Catrina has always found a way to channel her supernatural abilities to bring her man back to life, and maybe this time more stronger than before. Im not sure when Ivelisse is back to get between her so called friend Jeremiah and the other two but Gosh would i love a Grave Consequences Match between Mil and Jeremiah in the meantime.

Taya/Joey: Shorter than i thought but with the comedy i expected to see from Ryan while Taya was the completely no nonsense female there to win. Though not really mentioned by some, its nice to see Taya make history in LU by being the first female to advance in the Cueto Cup, though i don’t see her winning it and having an intriguing first time ever bout with her male accomplice (and now fiance) Johnny Mundo. If anything indicates that she might not make it far, Taya has a hell of a job with her next round opponent, indicated as Jeremiah who is sure to advance to get his conniving hands on Mil if he comes back in all his glory. *GULP*

– Catherine


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