IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: One More Spar In India (June, 29th 2017)

Welcome to this weeks IMPACT Report, and lucky to be getting written up as ive had some internet problems in the past few hours, and while restored, its fairly slow, so reviewing these matches from YouTube while its working slow is a time consumer. What match am i talking about exactly? Well Rosemary may need to seek some momentum as Slammiversary is just around the corner, especially since she took the loss for her team just last week. The Knockouts Champion, days before the Unification Match with Sienna, joins Allie and Braxton Sutter to battle the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna, Laurel Van Ness and an always cocky KM.

But before we can get to that, the amount of content thrown in this weeks episode means the numerous contract signings going down on this weeks show were brought into one montage, including the contract signing for Sienna’s Match with Rosemary, a match which will see one of these knockouts align the Knockouts and Global Force Wrestling Women’s Title. Officiated by JB and Bruce Prichard, Sienna took no time in signing the contract with Rosemary doing the same. Sienna then threw verbal threats over at Rosemary, calling Rosemary’s decision to sign the contract her dumbest decision. Shes assured she is in Rosemary’s head rather than vice versa, and while the Knockouts Champion may spit mist, she spits fire. Rosemary finds her words compelling, but while she may have inked the contract, in reality its an allowance for the Hive to sign Sienna’s death certificate in her blood.

Thats all we see from that contract signing rather than the whole thing im afraid, so moving ahead we have Sienna back in the ring for six person action as she teams with Laurel and KM against Allie, Braxton Sutter and of course Rosemary. The Heels enter to KM’s Music while Allie and Braxton step out to Braxtons before the arrival of Rosemary. Once the Knockouts Champion joins their side, they charge after the heels, and when the dust settles on the in ring brawl, the match can finally get underway with Allie squaring off against Laurel Van Ness.

Allie has the momentum early, throwing forearms at Laurel and whipping her to the ropes in preparation for her next offense. However KM stops this by tagging in and Allie is made to leave the ring early in the place of Braxton. After a bit of brawling and switches in momentum between Braxton and KM, tags are eventually made back to Rosemary and Laurel. Rosemary blocks a clothesline from Laurel, retaliating with a high kick before splashing her against the nearest corner, suplexing her out of it after. Rosemary looks to pin Laurel after but her pin on Laurel is broken up at two by the intervening Sienna. Allie attacks Sienna and KM steps in, ending up in another physical spat with Braxton. KM ends up being sent out of the ring as Rosemary, Sienna, Laurel and Allie all go at it. Braxton flies over the top rope, taking KM fully down with a crossbody while Laurel tries to come in between Sienna and Rosemary. Laurel plants Rosemary against the mat face first but is then ambushed by Allie, who plants her herself in the center with a death valley driver.

Sienna boots Allie into a corner, and while the ref focuses on Allie, Sienna brings Rosemary towards her to possibly set up the AK47. Rosemary shoves Sienna towards Laurel and as she goes to attack, Sienna brings Laurel forward as her target. While Laurel feels the impact of Rosemary’s blow, Sienna goes for the AK47 again but Rosemary slips free, and before Sienna can do anything about that, Allie is running towards her, connecting with a codebreaker. With Allie clearing off after Sienna, Laurel is left by her lonesome with the Knockouts Champ, who finishes Laurel off completely with the Red Wedding. Braxton, Allie and Rosemary win the match.

And though not mentioned at all throughout this match, Allie and Laurel have indeed made the Slammiversary card as Allie joins Braxton and Mahabali Shera against Laurel, Kongo Kong and KM this Sunday.

(Sienna and Rosemary Segment)

(Braxton Sutter, Rosemary and Allie vs KM, Laurel Van Ness and Sienna)

Thoughts on this match:
I get IMPACT were heavily promoting Sundays PPV with packages, but im gutted we didn’t get the full Sienna/Rosemary contract signing as that and Eddie and Davey’s were two moments from the tapings i were really looking forward to. Again it was another short match for the Knockouts and a trend during these tapings sadly, but the end makes sense considering Rosemary was pinned last week. Regardless of who the momentum is on currently, both WWE and IMPACT have proven that finishes at Pay Per Views can be unpredictable and while im undecided on the result at the moment (soon to be decided in the oncoming predictions post) im assured Sienna and Rosemary will kill it on Sunday, especially as their first match was really good.

– Catherine


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