IMPACT WRESTLING SLAMMIVERSARY PREDICTIONS: Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match, Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Team Match and Sienna vs Rosemary In A Title Unification Match (July, 2nd 2017)

Slammiversary Sunday is nearing here in England, and while we don’t get the Pay Per View till Monday Night over here, i will have the privilege of watching the show air (if my internet doesn’t crash like it has today that is…). The Slammiversary card is stacked, three matches featuring the Knockouts. First announced was the “Natural Born Killers” Davey and Angelina Love-Richards taking on Eddie and Alisha Edwards in the first ever Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Team Match. An Announcement not too long later saw the first ever Title Unification Match ever to be announced between Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Rosemary, then most recently the announcement of the six person mixed tag team match that pits Allie, Braxton Sutter and Mahabali Shera against Laurel Van Ness, KM and Kongo Kong. So with that being said, its down to me to weigh in on who leaves these selected matches victorious, so…

First to get the mention is the first Knockouts match i believe will be on the card and thats this weeks quietly announced six person mixed tag team match which sees Mahabali Shera join top babyface couple Allie and Braxton Sutter against Braxton’s Behemoth of a rival Kongo Kong, Sienna’s Cousin KM and the “Broken Bride” Laurel Van Ness. Personally i feel this match could go either way regardless of current momentum and while i cant rule out the heels winning because of Kongo Kong being the imposing factor, i feel also that Braxton’s revenge on Kong has been a long time coming, so Ive changed my mind recently over the result and the closure will probably lead to Allie pinning Laurel Van Ness, possibly putting her in line for future contention and ending in turn Laurel’s obsession with ending the relationship of Allie and Braxton. Allie, Shera and Sutter take the win here.

Next is the Match im mostly looking forward to in what is the hinted conclusion of one of my favorite angles in IMPACT Wrestling right now as Eddie and Alisha Edwards face the violent duo of the “Natural Born Killers” Davey and Angelina Love-Richards. However this wont be a normal tag team match but a Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag showdown, with weapons as legalities, Davey’s sort of battlefield as shown over the past few months. Like the previous match this can go either way, especially since Eddie may surprise and use Davey’s own violent tactics/use of weaponry against him to a high degree, but im really not sure where Eddie and Alisha could go if they win creative direction wise, so im picking Davey and Angelina to win. Davey then possibly chases the Grand Championship (with MJ possibly joining Moose if Brandi doesn’t return) while Eli chases my predicted winner Patron for the World Title.

And lastly is a match that has some huge implications with the Knockouts Title to either be retired or unified with remaining relevance in the place of the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship. Battling to become the first Unified Champion are the current title holders, Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna and Knockouts Champion Rosemary. Its unknown what the title will be called in the closure but is not the first unification match of the night as the IMPACT and Global Force Wrestling World Title are also set to be unified in the closure of Lashley and El Patrons Battle. It was said earlier this week in an exclusive Pay Per View Sneak Peak that Gail Kim will be involved in this match, presenting the new title to whoever may be involved. This also means she may be involved in the finish or with whoever walks out the winner, but right now, im going with Sienna to win, and Rosemary blaming Gail Kim over the result, additionally blaming Gail and Allie for her losses and weakening self, leading to either Gail or Rosemary possibly going heel down the line.

Are these results possibly going to go an opposite route? Probably? But tune into Slammiversary at 1am UK Time on POP TV or Monday Night on SPIKE TV here in the UK to see who walks away with victories, and also who walks away as the first ever IMPACT Unified Women’s Champion. Other matches include Low Ki vs Sonjay Dutt in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the X Division Championship and IMPACT World Champion Lashley vs Global Force Wrestling World Champion Alberto El Patron in a Title Unification Match.

– Catherine


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