WWE NXT RESULTS: Main Event Week Concluded With Last Woman Standing (June, 28th 2017)

This Past Monday, WWE began a three day period of womens main events, beginning with the RAW Number One Contenders Gauntlet, followed up with Smackdown hosting a Womens Money in the Bank Ladder Match Rematch. While neither were for championship gold but rather for advancements towards it, NXTs offered womens main event is for Asuka’s NXT Womens Championship, and for one Nikki Cross, a victory in a sure to be hellacious Last Woman Standing Match not only assures that she obtains the gold, but closes the long tenured undefeated streak of the Empress. Will Nikki do damage severe enough to make this a reality? Lets find out…

Asuka isnt even safe from the rabid one on her way to Full Sail. As shes asked about her championship defense during her ride to Orlando, Nikki Cross makes her way onto the cars windshield, seemingly tempting Asuka into a fight. Asuka just stares out Nikki as shes restrained by various members of security after leaving her car, leaving the real physicalities to later in the women’s main event that both will be a part of.

Lets move to that later time, since there’s nothing other that the women offer this week on NXT. Cross is already in the ring, focused and as always in a rage as she awaits Asuka as her remixed theme plays. An Equally as sadistic NXT Women’s Champion aka Asuka finally enters for this main event showdown, with Mike Rome just as happy to announce the accolade that is NXT hosting the first ever Last Woman Standing Match, additionally introducing Cross as well as Asuka. The match rules are that the winner is declared when the loser is incapacitated and unable to make the referees count of ten.

The bell is rung and the twos pacing around turns into aggressive lock ups. Asuka goes for a roundhouse to try KO Nikki early, but Nikki ducks under, teasing chasing Asuka before switching up to the strategy of locking up with the champ instead. Nikki powers Asuka into a corner, furthering her assault with numerous shoulder blocks. They grapple by the ropes, with Asuka taking the leads with forearms thrown and kicks unleashed. Nikki switches momentum herself with a crossbody in the center, rag-dolling Asuka after before finding herself back up again. Asuka rolls away from Nikki’s next attack, leading to Nikki hitting the mat face first. Asuka runs the ropes and connects with a shining wizard back in the center to Nikki, and as she tries the same under the bottom rope, Nikki tugs at the apron and gets Asuka caught in the skirting so she can hammer down on her while trapped, shades of the match from Chicago. As Asuka tries to free herself, Nikki heads to an opposite side of the ring, seeking out weapons to use from underneath and throwing out a few steel chairs as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, those few steel chairs are laid out around and atop each other with Asuka meeting Nikki again. Nikki tries to stall Asuka’s attempted ringside suplex, eventually overturning momentum by sending the right shoulder of Asuka into the nearby steel steps. Asuka soon gives Nikki a taste of her own medicine by reversing Nikki’s whip on the opposite side, sending her into another steel step. Both avoid being counted out when Asuka and Nikki get to their feet, but momentum is solely at the moment on the side of Asuka as she bashes Nikki’s head against the same steps. After taking Nikki to the ring, Asuka seeks a weapon, seizing one in the form of a trashcan which she lobs into Nikki’s body once back inside the ring. With the trash can soon covering the upper body of Nikki, Asuka aims right for the same trash can with her hard kicks, eventually releasing Nikki from the trash can by sending her down with a missile dropkick. Nikki gets up on her feet for the count of eight, but for how long as Asuka throws knees right at her. Asuka heads outside and starts chucking into the ring a number of chairs. As Asuka looks to bring one more in, she ends up in a tug of war with the rabid Nikki over it, and the force of the tugging between them leads to Asuka being launched back first into a nearby barricade. Nikki takes a leap off the apron after, but right into a high knee from Asuka. Asuka deals more kicks to Nikki before chucking more steel chairs into the ring for eventual use.

Nikki and Asuka’s chance to crawl back to the ring is stalled as they end up battling on the apron instead. Nikki takes control with an inverted DDT on the apron, and keeps on the attack when Asuka makes it back to her feet. Asuka looks to join Nikki on the ropes as she begins an ascent but is pushed off. Rather than give an ascent another go, Asuka connects with a spinning heel kick to Nikki, then taking her by her hair and snapmaring her to the mat, and onto the steel chairs that await on it. Asuka then seizes Nikki by the center but before she can do much else, Nikki reverses and suplexes Asuka onto the same chair pile. Both are struggling to get back to their feet after the impact taken from the last offense, Asuka especially as she tumbles back to the mat as we go to a second commercial break.

When we return, Asuka is back up and Nikki is in the compromising position for Nikki to take her series of kicks. Despite taking the kicks, Nikki is just chuckling to herself and urging more from the opposer, taking more kicks as a result. Nikki blocks a spinning back fist moments later from Asuka and takes her down to the mat, avoiding a roundhouse once shes up and shoving her away, before bringing her back towards her for the possible finishing set up. Asuka reverses but ends up taking forearms to the chest, then the vicious fishermans neckbreaker. Nikki demands Asuka back to her feet and lays her out with the second fishermans neckbreaker, two more big ones following. Seeing that it may be over, Nikki has already gone to seize Asuka’s title, only to watch the Empress rise onto her feet by the count of nine. Furious, Nikki charges towards her, championship gold in hand and gets kicked back to the mat. Nikki is back up at five, but back to the mat as quick courtesy of another kick from Asuka. Cross uses the ropes to force herself up by the count of eight, taunting Asuka who charges at her. Nikki utilizes the ropes and Asuka falls through, but meeting the apron rather than the floor. Asuka weakens Nikki with a few shots, then readies a suplex that will take Nikki over the top rope and on to the floor. Nikki blocks this on numerous tries, eventually breaking away from Asuka by snapping her jaw against the top rope. Nikki sneaks herself under the bottom rope, finds her footing on the floor and seizes Asuka into both hands, powerbombing the champ into the chair pile against the floor. Nikki chills against the apron as Asuka struggles to get back to her feet, but emotions soon switch to shock and anger when Asuka makes it back up before a count of ten.

Nikki takes Asuka up the ramp, caught in a suplex set up near the stage. Nikki blocks this and attempts a reversal into her own. A Forearm to the mouth sends Nikki off the ramp with Asuka soon joining her on the floor after executing a diving hip attack. Nikki is back up at eight, the target of Asuka’s next high kick which misses and hits a nearby light. Right in the view of the NXT Universe, Nikki connects with a spinning neckbreaker with utilization of the guardrail. Asuka is up just before ten, finding enough energy in her to knock away Nikki with a quick spinning back fist. Nikki pulls a ladder out from nearby and rams it into the body of Asuka, sending her back down. After smacking Asukas face against a set up table, Nikki brings the table elsewhere for surely cruel use. After planting Asuka’s head against the table a few more times, Nikki sets up a ladder. She throws vicious forearms at Asuka before beginning to climb the nearby ladder, continuing to do so despite Asuka’s attempt to take her by the foot. The Commentary team break into panic mode as Asuka joins Nikki up the ladder, set up very close to the commentary desk. The battle up the ladder ends with Asuka suplexing her over it and into the commentary desk, which crashes under boths weight. Nikki is unable to climb to her feet for the ten count while Asuka manages to do so. Asuka wins the match, retaining the NXT Women’s Championship.

(Nikki Cross vs Asuka; Last Woman Standing Match for the NXT Womens Championship)

Thoughts On This Match:
Absolutely blown away by this match. Nobody can take away the efforts of the main roster with their main events this week, but this truly tops both, the intensity representing the rivalry that has gone amiss due to Asuka’s other defenses at times and almost giving the feel of the old NXT where their were intense rivalries built up over a length of time. It also felt like these two were the perfect candidates for the stipulation of Last Woman Standing, combining their sadistic traits with the will to win any means necessary. The stipulation also serves as the way to create heart pounding moments and moments of desperation without the need for constant near falls, but after seeing Asuka get up after the spinning neckbreaker on the floor, it makes me question how the heck WWE are going to have Ember top this and go over Asuka. Everything Nikki did throughout the match was brutal and initially would put Asuka out but didn’t, so surely more than just the eclipse is going to be needed for Ember now. If anything, to represent Embers need for retribution and her anger towards Asuka cheating to keep up her title reign in Orlando, they need a stipulation at Brooklyn should their destined rematch happen there as speculated, because i cant see a normal one fall to the finish contest between them top this at all as good as both are. Nikki and Asuka absolutely killed it and both should be proud. Theres no way after seeing this, whether you’re a regular or casual fan, that Nikki can go without a title reign. Shes a dangerous, legitimate threat and hopefully she gets rewarded before any penultimate call up. Anyone else think the smiles traded between Asuka and Nikki at the end weren’t the kayfabe sadism their characters have traits off but rather the happiness at bringing such a main event for women’s wrestling fans to continually look back on? Anyway. Asuka. Nikki. Congratulations.

– Catherine


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