IMPACT WRESTLING SLAMMIVERSARY RESULTS: Triple Showdowns. Triple Mayhem. But Just One Champion (July, 2nd 2017)

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this years IMPACT Slammiversary report and a long one this could possibly be. Last years gave us only one match regarding the Knockouts, with this year giving us a massive upgrade with not one…not Two…But THREE Knockouts Matches. Laurel, KM and Kongo Kong would unite again to take on their rivals Allie, Braxton Sutter and Mahabali Shera. Alongside that Angelina Love and Davey Richards would finally settle their very heated feud with Alisha and Eddie Edwards in the first ever mixed tag Full Metal Mayhem Match. Lastly, the Knockouts Title would find itself being unified with the Global Force Women’s Championship as Rosemary and Sienna battled with only one of these women respectfully unifying these two known championships.

The very quietly announced and barely promoted match that saw KM, Kongo and Laurel take on Braxton, Shera and Allie would be a part of the Slammiversary pre show, a pre show i wasn’t even sure was happening until i saw IMPACTs Twitter feed yesterday. The match is called by a returning Don West and a man making his IMPACT Commentary debut, Robert Flores, and first entering the ring is KM, with Kongo and Laurel following. Allie and Braxton come down together, with Shera also at their side, and once entrances are complete, the action can start, already fueled by an angry Laurel Van Ness slapping the face of Braxton for the months of “pain” he has given her for leaving her for Allie. The slap delivered prompts for Allie to come to Braxton’s defense, taking Laurel swiftly down to the mat, giving her some forearms before being yanked off the Snappy former bride by Shera, KM also dragging away Laurel. The audience demand they fight but no such luck as of yet as Kongo gets the opening shot on Braxton to start the match, the bell officially ringing.

After plenty back and forth action between the fellas, Allie and Laurel eventually tag back in to settle their rivalry. Allie instantly ducks Laurels attempted offense and forearms her in the chest, one enough to send Laurel flying near to a corner. A Clothesline takes Laurel back down, leaving her in position to take another clothesline, this time a sliding one as Allie also brings herself under the bottom rope to the floor. Allie returns back to the ring and dropkicks Laurel in the rear into the nearby turnbuckle. Allie tries to capitalize on this with her first pin attempt of the match, though to her dismay Laurel fights out at the count of two. Allie rebounds as she charges over to Laurel, prepping a codebreaker which Laurel counters into a powerslam. This leaves both down, and prompts for them to tag Braxton and KM into the match.

Later in the match, a clear-out process allows for Laurel to target Allie again, beginning with a sneaky kick. Allie counters a backslide position into a codebreaker, and after clearing off Laurel successfully, the excited Knockout its about to feel possible danger instead, face to face with an unhappy KM. Braxton charges by, forearming KM and after Allie connects with an inverted bulldog before Braxton completes things with his finisher to score the three count and the victory alongside his fellow babyfaces. Braxton, Allie and Shera win the match.

The Main Show opens with a dual promotion feature as AAA’s Drago and El Hijo De Fantasma and Drago, Pro Wrestling NOAHs Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori as well as IMPACTs own Laredo Kid and Garza Jr battled LAX for their Unified Tag Team Championships. Diamante interfered on behalf of LAX on various occasions and while seemingly hurting herself in the process, she wouldn’t be hurt at watching LAX lose as they would rather walk out still as the Tag Team Champions.

3 Matches followed before Angelina and Davey would meet their heated rivals Alisha and Eddie Edwards in IMPACTs first ever Full Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Team Match. We see ringside surrounded with plenty weapons for use, including tables as arriving to the ring are Davey and Angelina. The Natural Born Killers don’t even get a full entrance as they are ambushed on the ramp by fellow couple and opponents Alisha and Eddie. The action remains on the outside between Alisha and Angelina as Angelina blocks a shot from Alisha to the face with a trash can while Eddie goes from the ring to back out by diving right into Davey. Just as Eddie looks to do more to Davey, Angelina seizes Eddie, raking his eyes and allowing for Davey to throw a single forearm at Eddie before both are taken out by a re-emerging Alisha’s crossbody from the top rope. Alisha gets a high five from Eddie over her efforts but would end up walking right into Angelina’s trash can lid. Angelina rolls Alisha back to the ring and brings a ladder inside. Angelina sets it against a corner, sets up for Alisha’s body to be sent into it and in turn, does so.

Davey, after suplexing Eddie off the apron to the floor, assists Angelina in lifting a table to the ring. Angelina places the table against a nearby corner while Davey brings a heap of other weapons, from trash can lids to kendo sticks to trash cans. Angelina turns her attention back to Alisha, jabbing the front of a steel chair into Alisha’s midsection, then placing the same chair close to the center while Davey wounds Eddie in a corner, leaving him weakened and unable to aid his wife for some time. Angelina tries to suplex Alisha into the behind table, to no avail as Alisha reverses and sends Angelina into the planted steel chair behind her. Davey takes this same chair and hits Eddie with it before unleashing kicks to Eddie with Alisha in close view. Eddie reverses momentum by sending Davey into a ladder. Alongside Alisha, Eddie continues the momentum as the duo smack their respective rivals with trash can lids, furthering their assault as Eddie places a trash can over the heels, leaving them exposed and blinded to the upcoming kendo stick shots they take from both him and Alisha. As Angelina rolls out, selling the impact, Alisha suggests Eddie powerbombs her into Davey to get a measure of revenge for the attacks given to them by the violent duo. Eddie does so and both Alisha and her husband cover Davey, but their revenge isn’t complete yet as Davey kicks out of the pairings pin attempt at two.

Angelina is soon back in the fold after sending Alisha into an outside barricade, and as Eddie looks to deliver his next offense to Davey, she heads to the ring to make the save, kendo stick in hand and smacked right against the defenseless Eddie’s body. While Davey fails to pin Eddie, Angelina ensures the safe positioning of the nearby table against the corner then heads back to the outside, not to deal with Alisha however but to bring into the ring a cup full of tacks, which she pours into Eddie’s mouth. Angelina then holds Alisha back before she can pounce on either heels, and as Davey capitalizes from a back kick to Eddie, Alisha escapes the grip of the female rival to break up Davey’s pin. Angelina has none of this, tossing Alisha by her hair to a corner, though Alisha gets up quick enough to spear Angelina. Alisha scraps with Angelina on the mat with Davey trying to interfere, though Alisha manages to kick away Angelina before she can attack, also delivering a kick to Davey, finalizing that round of offense with a low blow. Alisha and Eddie then work on setting up tables, a ladder placed between. Angelina, analyzing the blood leaving the bridge of her nose first, then chucks Alisha out of the ring. She attempts to break up Eddie and Davey’s fight on the central ladder, but is powerbombed off the ladder into the right side table by the returning Alisha. Eddie then connects with a sunset flip powerbomb from the top of a ladder through a table to Davey for the three count. Alisha and Eddie win the match.

Two Matches down and one to go, the awaited Unification Match between Rosemary (the Knockouts Champion) and Sienna (the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion) being that. It serves as the first of two title unification matches, the main event unification match between Alberto and Lashley to follow and out first is Sienna with her championship of course and a new crown like headset. Rosemary emerges secondly, flanked by fellow female zombies and donning a new face mask and of course her Knockouts Championship. Gail Kim is also out for observation and to flash both titles before trying to wish both competitors luck, neither accepting this gracious show of respect. Gail steps out, the bell rings and Rosemary and Sienna begin to already beat down on each other. The Two throw forearm after forearm at one another, with an enraged Rosemary taking control and not even letting up once Sienna’s in a corner, forearming her in the chest. As Sienna reverses an irish whip into an opposite corner from Rosemary, out come KM and Laurel Van Ness to spectate….or more so cause a load of trouble.

Sienna whips Rosemary back to the earlier corner, only for Rosemary to elevate herself upward and take a charging Sienna down with a diving clothesline. Rosemary turns a hurricanrana attempt into a Side Russian Leg Sweep, covering Sienna right after but only getting a one count as Laurel screams at Rosemary from the apron. Rosemary has eyes on Laurel, who begins a slow retreat from the apron but its only something for Sienna to capitalize on, clubbing the Knockouts Champ from behind. Sienna forearms Rosemary, tosses her across the ring like a rag doll then kicks her. Rosemary overturns the newfound momentum of Sienna by reversing her whip and launching her into Laurel at ringside. When Sienna gets herself to her feet, the thought of eventual prestige obtained means its fit not to win via outside support, thus she has KM carry away Laurel. As Sienna watches the cousin leave with Laurel over his shoulder, her eyes are turned from Rosemary who has made her way up to the top turnbuckle, eventually diving onto Sienna. Rosemary is up quick, taking Sienna back in the ring and trying to pin the fellow champion, only managing to get a near fall.

Rosemary continues to dominate as she clobbers Sienna in a corner, and though Sienna tries to seize Rosemary in a waistlock, shes sent shoulder first into the bottom turnbuckle. Sienna appears to overturn momentum with a release German Suplex but rather than Rosemary laying out as part of the impact, she rises off the mat, staying up for not too long though as the fearless Sienna boots her back down. Sienna slides over to cover and gets a near fall on Rosemary. Sienna doesn’t take the result lightly, pounding her with forearms then planting her face first against a corner turnbuckle, continuing to attack in the corner with kicks. After a choke above the top rope, Sienna goes for a corner splash but eats an elbow from Rosemary. Rosemary locks in a hanging triangle choke but before she can properly get back to the ring, shes knocked back to the floor by Sienna. Sienna returns Rosemary back to the ring after planting her face against the apron, continuing her load of offense with elbows when inside. Sienna ensures Rosemary is up against the corner per kicking her into it before attempting to splash her against it, to no avail as Rosemary smartly evades. After placing Sienna atop the top turnbuckle, Rosemary elevates herself upward but thrown elbows from Sienna leave Rosemary dangling against the corner post. Rosemary manages to bring herself up to suplex Sienna right off the top rope, then connecting with an additional missile dropkick once Sienna is up. Rosemary clotheslines Sienna against a corner, then suplexing her out of it.

Rosemary avoids a clothesline by Sienna, though Sienna is as swift in evading by ducking under a roundhouse from Rosemary. Sienna goes for another suplex though Rosemary lands with both feet along the way, though not recovering from recent impacts in time to dodge Sienna’s corner splash. After snapmaring Rosemary from the corner, Sienna goes for the Silencer, only for Rosemary to avoid and retaliate with a kick. This gets Rosemary a near fall on Sienna. Rosemary looks to end things, setting up for the Red Wedding but Sienna escapes and heads to the ropes in preparation for the Silencer. Sienna connects with the signature move, but is left surprised when Rosemary breaks out of the pin at two. Sienna plods over to Rosemary, but doesn’t even get to strike as Rosemary brings her to her shoulders and connects with the Red Wedding. Before Senior Ref Earl can count the possible end of Sienna’s chances at becoming dual champion, back out is Laurel, dragging Earl by his feet away from the ring. Earl has Laurel dismissed, but she isn’t leaving just yet, at least not until Allie emerges, chasing her about with a kendo stick in hand. Meanwhile cunning tactics come to mind for Sienna, knocking out Rosemary with the GFW Women’s Title. Earl climbs back in, counting Sienna’s new pin attempt but again Sienna is left dumbfounded as Rosemary kicks out just after the count of two.

When both get to their feet, Rosemary attempts another familiar finishing tactic, in the form of her mist. Sienna covers her mouth to avoid it making contact. The mist does end up burning the hand of Sienna, but she uses this advantageously as she rubs the same mist in the eyes of Rosemary in the midst of Rosemary’s newest set up into the Red Wedding. With Rosemary’s eyes smothered in her own mist, Sienna rolls into a new submission and submits Rosemary surprisingly. Sienna wins the match, becoming the first IMPACT Unified Women’s Champion.

(KM, Kongo Kong and Laurel Van Ness vs Mahabali Shera, Braxton Sutter and Allie)

(Angelina Love and Davey Richards vs Alisha and Eddie Edwards 27.04 – 39.33)

(Sienna vs Rosemary; GFW and Knockouts Championship Unification Match feat Gail Kim, KM, Laurel Van Ness and Allie 04.06 – 22.05)

Thoughts On:
Braxton/Allie/Shera vs KM/Laurel Van Ness/Kongo Kong: Overall i was glad this made the pre show as the matches on the main show each needed the time and there wouldn’t have been room for these particular six, but it happened either way to bring multiple rivalries to a close. Allie and Laurel’s brief exchanges were good and it was logical, well thought booking for the match to open with Laurel slapping Braxton as the two’s fallout was the beginning of the whole rivalry. Where Allie goes from here im not sure since Rosemary is no longer champion, but Braxton getting the win was also a logical move to protect Kong since hes a perceived monster.

Full Metal Mayhem: A Great Match with plenty lethal spots, and when not counting her KO PPV appearances, this would count as Alisha’s coming out party as a Knockout. She did great and was more fired up than in her last altercations with Angelina, and works great alongside Eddie, also proving she can take risks with high crossbodys, ladder spots and more. Her and Angelina worked great here from start to finish and while im gutted the heels didn’t win, this was more about Eddie’s feel good moment, about finally taking out his former partner and getting revenge after being cost his chance at the world title. I Just hope that IMPACTs creative team have plans for both couples, and that Angelina also sticks around because there’s so much more the Natural Born Killers can do, and Angelina’s veteran presence will also help the other women coming into the company.

Sienna/Rosemary: Though i can see why people went with Rosemary due to her singles streak and sure position as a top face, i had a feeling they may had gone with the surprise ending of Sienna winning, to which they did. Maybe Rosemary transitions into a more vengeful babyface character from here, or blames Allie for possibly weakening over the weeks, but while some offense was overused, these two put on another lengthy match reminiscent of their first from January, to which i see why they went with the decision though a 4 way KOs title match wouldn’t have hurt either. Overall its looking like Jeff is all for enhancing the image of his once never to be shown company now getting its spotlight through IMPACT by going with pro GFW title decisions, Sienna and Alberto winning for example, but i hope both titles can be defended and separated in the near future rather than the Knockouts title having its lineage erased, held by so many talented women. But congrats to Sienna, as this is hopeful redemption for her first run not working out too well but rather being a placeholder like Jades, and hopefully is a reward for being a breakout character amongst the Knockouts this year.

– Catherine


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