Cattie’s Catch Up: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell in a Number One Contendership Ladder Match (July, 11th 2013)

Welcome all to another Gail Kim Centric Throwback for this week, as we’re under 24 hours away here from Gail Kim making a huge announcement in her IMPACT Wrestling TV Return (not counting the Pay Per View). This one looks back at a rivalry Gail compliments over time, a feud that revealed the in ring improvements and capabilities of Taryn Terrell, whose first official feud was with the Knockouts Veteran upon transitioning into a full time competitor for the roster.

The former ECW GM was given another shot at Gail due to the well received Last Knockout Standing Match the two had at that years Slammiversary Pay Per View. This Time, the Knockouts President Brooke Hogan would set them up to have a Ladder Match, with the victor becoming the contender to a newly cocky heel Mickie James Knockouts Championship, officiated by appointed Knockouts Referee ODB. Gail won the match through the unexpected strategy of tying Taryn’s hair to the ropes, rendering her useless in climbing the ladder and ascending to victory. Gail would become the contender, rumored to be decided due to Taryn’s pregnancy announcement that followed a short time later, but Gail would not ultimately become champion as ODB soon stepped back into the ring to not only thwart Gail but eventually have her own singles encounter with Mickie James.

– Catherine


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