WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Playing Field Once Evened (July, 4th 2017)

Welcome all to the Independence Day Smackdown Report. So we had John Cena back in the fold this week, but without his future wife Nikki Bella. But while the Bella remains missing from the division, there’s plenty others using their time in the spotlight, as Carmella and Ellsworth’s continual bragging lead to Certain Punishment plus how long a punishment did Lana receive in her second rematch with Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi? Let me get right to answering those questions..

Out in the ring firstly are Carmella and James Ellsworth. Ellsworth takes it upon himself to try and cancel Independence Day in the light of Carmella’s oncoming “Carmellabration”, demanding the WWE Universe salute their first, second and only Miss Money in the Bank in WWE history, the very competitor standing at his side, Carmella of course. Carmella cant help but find amusement in the WWE Universe’s hopes that another competitor would walk out as Miss Money in the Bank a few weeks ago, adding also that while they clamored for history to be rewritten, they cant always get what they want. Having all the power per re-obtaining the MITB contract, Carmella can decide when and where to cash in, at any given time. This grabs the attention of Naomi, who she happens to mention. Naomi gives her congratulations to the possible future challenger but in turn, has to remind her of exactly who she is, the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Naomi is as aware as her possible future challenger that the briefcase can allow her to cash in on championship gold at any given time but Naomi is not shook nor scared, being because her eyes are always open and her glow is always on. Naomi then gets up in the face of James and declares there’s someone who has something to say to him, and out comes ever so popular Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan.

Daniel questions what exactly hes going to do with him, but reveals its a rhetorical question just as James is about to spout his latest verbal ferocity. He announces to Ellsworth hes barring him from the arena, but its not long before he concocts something even more reasonable and logical as Ellsworth laughs off the idea. Daniel reveals hes fining him the sum of 10 Thousand Dollars, adding a 30 day Suspension and if he doesn’t follow the orders of immediately leaving the ring, he will snatch the MITB briefcase from Carmella again. Carmella has heard enough, seizing Ellsworth quickly and taking him from the arena.

With the two heels cleared off, Naomi is now left in the ring and ready for her next championship defense, against Lana, who had notably had her shoulder up during the last contest in the final pin, meaning Naomi would have to defend again per Daniel’s fair decision. Once Lana steps out and into the ring, the bell is rung and she finds herself in the center of humiliation, taking a singular kick to the midsection and rolled into Naomi’s finishing submission, leading to her tapping within moments. Naomi wins the match, retaining the championship.

However this situation has caught the eye of another familiar face, as a leather clad Tamina steps into the middle of the ring, giving a cold glare to Naomi before offering to help Lana leave. Even Lana seems to be in fear of the dominant competitor, but eventually is guided away by her new possible assist.

And lastly Maria and Mike are in the back for an interview to preach on their ideal of the “Power of Love”. Any romantic moment these two get to share after their preaching is cut short by the sound of objects falling nearby and they see Sami Zayn funnily glancing at them after closing a workout. Sami has the battle royal coming to crown a new contender to the US Title, but beforehand, he wants to apologize over last weeks interruption and furthermore claims he is all for their message. Ok Sami…

(Carmella, James Ellsworth, Naomi and Daniel Bryan Segment)

(Lana vs Naomi; Smackdown Women’s Championship Rematch feat Tamina)

(Mike, Maria Kanellis and Sami Zayn Backstage Segment)

(Naomi on Talking Smack)

Thoughts On:
Carmella/James/Bryan: Nothing much to say here other than a good segment teasing Naomi and Carmella’s possible future battle (unless Lana gets the title) and allowing Naomi to be the courageous, fearless fighting champion she is by coming face to face with a future threat. Also got to give props to Ellsworth in being one of the true heels in WWE right now as hes legitimately hated by the crowd and his annoying heel promos are working advantageously. It’ll be interesting with the suspension storyline to see how he comes back and if he and Carmella aren’t at odds if Carmella is thrown challenges over the next 30 days that she takes on and wins on her own.

Naomi/Lana: There was no way they allowed Lana to give anything promise with that very quick match, and in a women’s revolution as they so say, each talent should be getting time and being shown as “strong women”. Putting that aside, the story is that maybe Lana isn’t good enough and thats where Tamina comes in. The Tamina Bodyguard idea has been done quite a few times, only with a slight difference this time around as Tamina is instead recruiting her. I Cant say im impressed at Tamina being a bodyguard again but im hoping it gets Tamina in the title picture as she and Naomi have plenty backstory in need of addressing and because Tamina has never had a shot at the Smackdown Women’s Championship, especially on her own. But its more likely she will be the factor in Lana’s evolution but in being the intimidating force that could cost Naomi her title in favor of Lana. Lets see how this plays out…

– Catherine


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