WWE NXT RESULTS: A Riot and a Future Riot (July, 5th 2017)

Welcome one and all to this weeks pretty brief NXT Report. So we have no in ring competition from the ladies of NXT this week, but plenty appearances add a glimmer to this weeks episode. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have something to vent about, and Ember Moons plan of a comeback has one fellow competitor motivated to overturn those chances…

In what was a pre-taped moment, Ember is shown flocked by media at the performance center. The Media is aware of Embers game plan to face up to Asuka again, asking her if shes ready now that shes back. Ember answers that coming back from an injury is never an easy thing but shes taken advantage of every piece of time shes got working in the performance center ring, watching Asuka’s matches, working in the gym and because of all this she has worked through, its a safe say that shes ready to earn her contendership spot. Leaving the ring behind Ember is Ruby, who was just in the middle of her own work before hearing Embers confident words. She assures Ember she didn’t mean to interrupt, but she overheard what was said and questions Ember on thinking shes next in line to face Asuka. Ruby runs through how Ember had her shot, as did Nikki and she hasn’t had her singles shot, what she insinuates shes training for. Ruby assures herself that its her time and steps away as Ember returns her focus to the surrounding media, stating the end game is and always will be Asuka, but if anyone wants to step on her warpath, shes much willing to take them on.

Another segment later in the show sees Peyton and Billie being interviewed also in the performance center by Kayla Braxton. Kayla tries to bring up the Mae Young Classic to both female competitors though Peyton makes it clear the Mae Young Classic isn’t about them. Peyton tells Kayla to lose her supposed attitude before declaring both herself and Billie feel hurt, that being because recently it was Billie’s birthday and no celebration was held for the fellow Aussie, with only Peyton giving her a birthday gift. Billie backs this up, also stating Peyton was the only talent to wish her a happy birthday and the only one to give her a present. Upset as to not receive a celebration with additional confetti and cake, Billie cant vent enough about how much she wants her cake, even though her venting cant be as loud as Andrade and one Thea Trinidad in the background. Peyton ushers her off to get her rewarding cake while Kayla tries to come between the arguing Andrade and Thea, asking Andrade who the mystery lady is but not receiving a clear answer.

(Ruby Riot and Ember Moon Segment 15.01 – 15.57)

(Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Thea Trinidad and Andrade “Cien” Almas Segment 22.51 – 23.58)

Thoughts On:
Ember/Ruby: Well now we know how that match isn’t being set up, and how its not just a random face vs face showdown. It looks like this may indeed be a number one contenders match though not clarified on the night of the tapings, but i can see this as a future feud in the making. It will be shocking if Ember indeed doesn’t achieve the destiny of overthrowing Asuka, but should she go the way of obtaining victory over Asuka, then i can see this being her first championship feud, as Ruby doesn’t really need protecting loss wise and can take the falls. Heck Ruby could even go heel down the line but NXT don’t forget about giving a shot to Billie Okay?

Peyton/Billie/Andrade/Thea: A hilarious segment from the Iconic duo whose charisma was on clear display. I Wish they had actually done a birthday celebration segment just to introduce the twos next feud, or do a “late” one at the tapings to lead to either them resuming their feud with Sonya or even them feuding with Kairi Sane/Hojo the way Emma and Dana did with Asuka. As for Andrade and Thea, this is a slowly developing angle so i don’t expect any revelations over Thea’s character and the relations to Andrade just yet.

– Catherine


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