GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: A Rebel With A Cause (July, 6th 2017)

This Past Thursday Night, we were finally presented the fallout from the Slammiversary Pay Per View that saw a historic Intergender Full Metal Mayhem showdown, revenge for the pairing of Allie and Braxton Sutter in 6 person action and the end of Rosemary’s well defined streak at the hands of the badass Sienna. Days later, there’s little known about the path next taken by the now Unified Knockouts and Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna, nor the path of Gail Kim as a continual trailblazer…

But before discussing any of that, we get an intriguing but also a possible saddening development in the case of Allie and on screen (and off screen) partner Braxton Sutter. Sutter has a match with rising IMPACT Star Matt Sydal, but it seems he doesn’t pick up the same momentum as he and the wife did at Slammiversary, as instead Sutter wins the match, showing some anger and shoving away the hand of Allie as he takes in the loss.

Lets jump to Gail Kim whose in the back with McKenzie Mitchell. The Hall of Famer, who will not mock McKenzie and falsely declare her name like others, was last seen keeping watch over Sienna’s historic match with now former Knockouts Champion Rosemary, and its understood that Gail has an announcement pending. McKenzie wonders what exactly this may be, and Gail doesn’t really insinuate much, other than this upcoming announcement was a long time coming, coming out of a lengthy back injury, and if there’s anytime its now. She just wants a little more details before she can head out with the announcement next week.

Two segments later, and we get to see a missed face back in the IMPACT Zone for Knockouts Singles action as former Dollhouse member Rebel returns to Orlando, sometime clear of her huge trip to the Japan wrestling scene where she got to battle the likes of Io Shirai amongst others. Her return match is against the woman holding not only the top women’s belts in the promotion, but the momentum coming out of Sundays Slammiversary event, Sienna, joined by an equally villainous KM. Sienna steps into the ring, briefly posing (with class) with her Global Force Wrestling Women’s Championship and her newly obtained second Knockouts Championship, before coming face to face with the improved former Knockout hopefully looking to make a permanent splash Rebel.

These two look to go for a lock up, but no such luck as Sienna has other plans, nailing a quick boot into Rebels midsection and clubbing her in the back. She boots Rebel towards the ropes, seizes her and sends her towards and into the nearest corner, and after a brief choke, she taunts to the audience. Rebel tries to take advantage of Sienna being turned away to go for a boot but Sienna turns in the nick of time and seizes her boot mid attack, sending her to the mat. Sienna continues the offense with continual boots to Rebel, before resorting to a mid rope choke. After another brief taunt, Sienna goes back to Rebel, briefly choking her then delivering chops. Sienna attempts to splash her against an opposite corner, but to no avail as Rebel musters enough energy in time to dodge this offense, utilizing her own long legs and giving her a kick to deal with. Rebel attempts a handspring back elbow but gets caught by the corner by Sienna, who has her seized by the waist before releasing her courtesy of a release German Suplex. Sienna follows this up with a running Samoan Drop, and seeing the finish there, she goes to pin the fellow competitor, only to get a near fall.

Sienna sets up for a possible powerbomb or the AK47 but either way its to no avail, as Rebel slips free from Sienna and rolls into a Jackknife cover, though like Sienna before, she gets a near fall. Before Rebel can strike, shes taken to the mat by an elbow from Sienna, though the follow up clothesline is evaded as Rebel comes back with a flying axe handle. Rebel throws several forearms at the champ, connecting after with a running back elbow and running double knees. Thats not all by Rebel however as she connects with a handspring clothesline, then looking to head to the turnbuckles. KM has his hand on the apron, in the way of Rebel who stomps on that very hand. She chooses not to target Sienna just yet, trying to do away with KM as she goes for a crossbody off the middle rope, though caught by KM. Rebel battles out and takes no mouth off KM, slapping him right in it instead. Rebel quickly returns to the ring, readying a possible new finisher but Sienna counters into her recent submission and its not long before the former Dollhouse member is tapping out. Sienna wins the match.

(Matt Sydal vs Braxton Sutter w/ Allie)

(Gail Kim Backstage Segment)

(Sienna w/ KM vs Rebel)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though its probably a brief show up like last time, its great to see Rebel back, and i truly hope its not piped in cheers because if legitimate, it seems the IMPACT Zone love Rebel, and the tour of Japan and working against some of Stardoms Greats has helped legitimize Rebel more, helping her come a long way since her in ring debut. I Dont think, however, that we saw enough of Rebels improvements here outside of the crossbody and handspring maneuvers due to a lot of expected domination from the champ coming out of her Slammiversary win but seeing Rebel work in the IMPACT Zone is good enough anyway and hopefully shes back permanently though it doesn’t seem so as shes not a part of the updated roster page. Another thing coming out of this is even though this was an understandable warm up for Sienna ahead of whats coming for her next, couldn’t we get any hinted angle progression? Why is a character as fearless and as undeterred by fellow Knockouts as Rosemary not showing herself and getting Sienna all worked up? Maybe shes selling the damage inflicted at Slammiversary but it wont be long before a sure rematch clause is in the works….

– Catherine


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