LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Will the Revolutionary Turn to the Dark Side? (July, 5th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks Lucha Underground report. So the anticipated battle between Taya and Jeremiah Crane in the continuation of the Cueto Cup is in fact next week, but no matter, Taya has a chance to bring some trouble elsewhere this week, targeting the Worldwide Undergrounds foe Sexy Star as she goes one on one with one of the units Luchadors, PJ Black.

The Match serves as the opener of the show, with both PJ and Sexy Star entering solo. Barely anything has been seen of the former Gift of the Gods Champion Sexy Star, only appearing on one occasion since mysteriously targeting Veneno close to the end of the mid season and then sorting unfinished business with the Worldwide Underground by getting involved in the Macks showdown with the still Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo, though this did Mack no favor.

Regardless to the present day, and as mentioned both have entered solo, no Mack and no Worldwide Underground present. PJ extends a hand upward for Star to try and reach for the opening lock up, but just as Star gets a grip on PJs hand, PJ swivels and arm drags Star before sending her over his shoulder to the canvas. PJ targets the same left arm, also pressing her against the mat for an attempted pin, one Star manages to break from at a count of two. PJ elevates Star into the air while still targeting the left arm, dropping her with ease back to the mat after a few moments. PJ seems to bring her back into position again, this time to also possibly set up a powerbomb which Star counters into a hurricanrana. Star executes a boot to the side of the head, heading to the ropes after and ducking an elbow from PJ as he follows up. Star heads to the opposite ropes, has her legs caught around PJ’s neck sides and along comes a tilt-a-whirl headscissor. Star charges to PJ as he rests up in a corner but is elevated to the apron, and despite a hard landing, Star is up quick and she chops at PJ. Star heads to the top rope, dives off and arm drags PJ, then locking in a guillotine that PJ counters. PJ, with one foot against the throat, goes for a cocky pin but the first ever female (former) Gift of the Gods Champion kicks out at two.

PJ ends up back on the ropes, heading to the top turnbuckle it seems. Star charges at PJ and manages to knock his position, delivering vicious chops as well as slaps before heading back to the corner and to PJ and using her legs to tilt him all the way to the other side of the ring. Unfortunately for Star, the big move doesn’t do as suggested, as PJ kicks out of the Luchadora’s pin attempt at two. Star tries to continue the momentum with an irish whip, though never managing to budge PJ who reverses it instead, sending Star to a corner but failing to splash her against it as she moves away in time. Star charges to PJ but takes a boot but she regroups in time to prevent a possible top rope moonsault from PJ, instead pushing him right to the floor as he is about to take flight. Star isn’t waiting for PJ to make it back or expecting a count-out, instead continuing the action as she dives onto PJ, joining him on the floor at ringside. This isn’t the first crossbody from Star however, as she returns to the ring along with PJ and sends him down once in with another. Star hooks the leg of PJ for the next pin attempt, but PJ’s still fighting, kicking out of two, resulting in Star getting another near fall.

Star has a whip reversed by PJ as their action resumes, but it doesn’t take long for PJ to get some outside support, as Taya sneaks to ringside and attempts to trip Star. Star swivels over, face to face with Taya, who is insistent in making no contact, and the former Reina de Reinas Champion gets the attention of the ref, who tries to send her away. Taya throws some brass knuckles into the hands of PJ while the refs eyes are elsewhere, and its certain PJ has definite plans with the weaponry in hand. PJ attempts a KO shot, only for Star to duck. Two kicks later and Star has the brass knuckles for herself, but the ref has turned by then as Star uses them to deliver a nasty blow to PJ. Having seen the misconduct, the referee calls for the bell to be rung, having PJ win by disqualification. PJ wins the match and Star, fuming over the decision, takes the referee out surprisingly. Taya is just smirking over this result, but sneaks off before Star can use the same weapon against her.

Taya is back to cause more trouble in the later main event that features Dante Fox and Azteca. Azteca is joined by Rey Mysterio Jr, the rival of the Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo who Taya ever so bravely looks to take out. Rey tries to evade the rest of the Worldwide Undergrounds sneaky ringside attacks for some time, until hes sent by Mundo into the apron. Joined additionally by Jack Evans, the entire Worldwide Underground clan beat down further on Rey at ringside, though Azteca looks to end the outside discord by diving onto the entire stable. Azteca returns to the ring, taking a boot to the jaw and Dante’s finisher, thus Dante wins the match, and the Worldwide Underground are left pleased by thwarting at least one of Mysterio’s comrades alongside Mysterio himself.

(PJ Black vs Sexy Star feat Taya 04.08 – 11.17)

(El Dragon Azteca w/ Rey Mysterio vs Dante Fox feat Taya and the Worldwide Underground 32.48 – 44.46)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Wasnt too interested in the match itself though we haven’t seen much in the ring from Star this season, but the finish gathers interest just because of the questionable intentions. Is Star slowly undergoing a character revamp and going heel? Is she mad because Taya wants to ensure shes the only female in the Cueto Cup Tournament? Is she furious because shes been wanting revenge on the Worldwide Underground all this time after being cost the Lucha Underground Championship? Is her target as of late that hasn’t been presented as a threat recently Veneno a reasoning for her rage? Who knows, but one things for sure, Star is either going to be the reason Taya doesn’t advance further in the tournament or these two have a full blown rivalry coming.

– Catherine


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