WWE GREAT BALLS OF FIRE RESULTS: Legitimate Enemies Bring Legitimate Fire (July, 9th 2017)

Welcome all to the report on the most oddly titled Pay Per View in WWE History (in recent memory of course) and if Kurt’s hint on RAW meant anything, it may not be the last ever Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View. But we aren’t talking about Kurt on RAW, but rather what lead up to RAW, as several superstars waged war, including Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss over the RAW Women’s Championship.

But before we can get to the main show that featured those two rivals in combat, we get Dana Brooke having her first solo kickoff show panel appearance, weighing down on the conclusion of Sasha and Alexa’s match amongst other things of course. Dana expresses how bad the drama was between Sasha and Alexa, the rumored real life enemies, all the way back at NXT in the female locker room, and adds that while she sees herself more suited in battle with Alexa, her pick to win the match is Banks. However she cant stay as much longer as she would like, per being confronted by Emma for a “talk”.

Since thats our only women’s moment for the pre show, its time to talk the main show now, and Alexa and Sasha’s showdown over Alexa’s Women’s Title is match number four on the card, with the professed “Bo$$” Sasha entering first then the defending champion, Alexa Bliss. Its notable Alexa doesn’t have much momentum on her side coming out of RAW last week, as Banks submitted her in tag team action, but regardless its present day and Alexa is left to defend her title anyway. JoJo introduces the challenger Sasha then the champion Alexa and thus once those are concluded, the match can get underway.

Alexa and Sasha pace around to start off, but end up in near altercation at the ropes, though Alexa demands Sasha’s release. Sasha shoves the back of Alexa’s head and this ticks off the champ, and the two get into a vigorous lock up. Alexa powers through, forcing Sasha into a corner but Sasha gets the upper hand moments later, twisting her way around until she can lock in a side headlock on Alexa. Bliss sends Sasha to the ropes, following up slightly behind to also catch her out and send her down with a shoulder tackle. Sasha gets back on her feet while avoiding Alexa’s oncoming offense, soon sending the champ to the mat with a dropkick. Alexa isn’t happy at the switch in momentum, heading to the outside to regroup. By time she wishes to return to the ring, she has to block Sasha’s attempt to get the opening attack, tackling her between the ropes. Sasha blocks a fist from Alexa once shes fully back in the ring, and follows this up with a deep arm drag, utilizing the ropes along the way. Sasha’s offense round isn’t done there, as she charges over to Alexa in a corner and connects with running double knees. Sasha snapmares Alexa from the same corner and goes for her first pin attempt of the match, ending in a near fall result.

Alexa, despite seemingly begging mercy from Sasha, attempts to slap the challenger, but Sasha sees this coming and takes her to the mat. Alexa pulls the double jointed stunt utilized back in her Smackdown days before forearming a surprised Sasha in the face. Alexa taunts the WWE Universe after her trickery stunt then proceeds to utilize her new found momentum, choking Sasha against the second rope. Sasha reverses a whip from Alexa but is caught out by Alexa’s countering knee strike. Sasha blocks a forearm then connects with the Backstabber, rolling moments later into the attempted Bank Statement, thrown off by Alexa making her way under the ropes, heading out to the floor. Alexa seems to have changed plans from heading back to combat to retreat, and Sasha has none of that, hooking her by her hair and attempting to take her back to the ring, not without smacking her face in against the apron first. Sasha takes Alexa by the hair but Alexa responds by sweeping her on the apron, sending her tumbling to the floor. Alexa capitalizes on Sasha’s fallen position, placing herself on the back of Sasha and stomping on the back of her neck as she remains laid out. Alexa rolls Sasha back to the ring, attempting to pin the challenger afterwards and getting a near fall like Sasha before.

Sasha tries to fight back against Alexa with fists, but Alexa soon has Sasha hooked by the throat, and she goes forth with her standing STO. Alexa also utilizes the insult to injury move on Sasha, going for her second pin right after but getting a near fall again on the challenger. Alexa reverts to a stretch hold for a small amount of time, before trying to retaliate against Sasha’s comeback offense, only to be caught in a roll up courtesy of Sasha, which scores Sasha her second near fall on Alexa. Sasha is back on her feet quickly, firing a load of forearms at Alexa, before an irish whip is reversed into a backbreaker variation. Alexa unleashes forearms before the next pin attempt, one that ends in another near fall. Alexa doesn’t take this result lightly, going to pin again immediately but getting a one count. The third attempt just ends the same.

Alexa taunts Sasha, furious at the inability of the challenger to give up. She sets up a suplex but Sasha tries to stall it, and various knees from Sasha connect to the champ, stalling furthermore the suplex attempt and allowing Sasha to eventually reverse into her own, with Alexa’s legs also meeting a turnbuckle along the way. Both ladies are up for the count of seven, with hands thrown right at Alexa by Sasha. Alexa counteracts Sasha’s momentum with an irish whip reversal into a corner, though a follow up splash is blocked by raised boots from Sasha. More momentum kicks in for Sasha, courtesy of a few clotheslines and a single dropkick. Sasha then blocks a kick from Alexa and responds with a high knee. Sasha hooks Alexa by her pants, dropping her on her face after elevating her into the air. Sasha then connects in the center of the ring with a shining wizard to Alexa, looking for the victory there but again getting a near fall on the champ.

Sasha, despite some described pain inflicted during the shining wizard, charges over to Alexa who rests in the corner. Alexa sees her coming, responding with an elbow, then bringing herself upwards and connecting with a sunset flip powerbomb. The big move from the corner gets Alexa another near fall on Sasha Banks. Alexa returns a move not seen over a fair while, Twisted Bliss from the top rope, but to her dismay, Sasha has a counter ready as she raises the knees, connecting with Alexa’s body. Sasha crawls over after, locking the Bank Statement on Alexa, and Alexa, despite Sasha having her foot on the rope to try block her path at one time, manages to seize the ropes and breaks the finishing submission. It isnt until the count of four that Sasha releases the submission regardless, trying to seize Alexa again from between the ropes to only have her jaw snapped against them courtesy of Alexa’s counter. Alexa, after talking smack to Sasha, has eyes over by the barricade, looking to send Sasha right into it but its reversed and Alexa’s body meets the barricade instead. Sasha avoids both being counted out by heading to the ring, rolling Alexa in along with her. Sasha has the leg of Alexa but Alexa kicks her away, rolling back to the outside. Alexa, taking out Sasha mid intervention along the way, remains outside long enough to get counted out, keeping her title intact. Sasha wins the match via count-out, but WWE’s Wicked Witch remains the RAW Women’s Champion.

Sasha is fired up after this result, being costed the title. She chases after Alexa as she makes her way over to the back, clubbing her from behind. The Two go back and forth to the point where Alexa seeks to DDT Sasha into the commentary table. Its to no avail as Sasha sends Alexa all the way to the floor instead, connecting with diving double knees to completely floor Alexa afterward.

Miz vs Ambrose got its newest round at Great Balls of fire as well, with Maryse as well as the newest entourages of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas in Miz’s corner. Miz would go on to retain, to the delight of Maryse and the whole Miztourage.

(Dana Brooke and Emma on the Kickoff Show 26.49 – 29.54)

(Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss; RAW Women’s Championship Match)

(Dean Ambrose vs The Miz w/ Maryse, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel; Intercontinental Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Dana Brooke/Emma: Its good to see this rivalry possibly renewed, as good as it also is to see Dana utilize her character in her first solo Kickoff panel appearance. With sure names to be involved in the Summerslam women’s title match, Dana and Emma are sure to be left off, and need something to do to also showcase their ongoing growth as competitors. Though RAW (sadly) gave no insight as to what Emma was wishing to speak to Dana about, lets hope we are enlightened with some reasoning soon.

Sasha/Alexa: Alexa’s best PPV match since being moved to RAW for definite. Sure the ability to mesh well with Sasha might be due to legitimate animosity, but it really helped display some fire in this match, creating heated moments in each match that helped showcase each’s willingness to have the title. I Wasn’t expecting the post match brawl but that also came off well, also being WWEs way of hinting no closure in this feud, and if RAW hints anything, a four way may be on the cards. Kudos to Alexa and Sasha on a great match.

– Catherine


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