Your Monday Post #169: Brie Bella vs AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at Battleground 2013 (October, 6th 2013)

Welcome all to a new edition of Your Monday Post, and this weeks theme is based on past WWE Battleground clashes as the now Smackdown Roster Centric Pay Per View rolls around the corner in just over a weeks time. The first Battleground Pay Per View was introduced by the WWE in 2013, back in the day where the singular roster was stacked and showcased on both shows. At that time also, the Divas Championship was very much existent, in the hands of now Alumni AJ Lee, who defended the title against Brie Bella.

The Match came during the time of AJs anti Total Divas tirade, as the show debuted that year shortly after the return of the Bella Twins. On the September 23rd episode of RAW, Brie had managed to pin AJ successfully in multi women’s action, and thus was made the contender to the title, a title she had only won once in her career. Even with Sisterly support at her side, AJ would retain after taking advantage of Tamina abducting a supporting Nikki at ringside.

– Catherine


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