WWE NXT RESULTS: Borne to Step in the Mae Young Classic (July, 12th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks NXT Report. With the Mae Young Classic kick-starting this week, opportunities have opened for well known names to step into a WWE ring, and for the barely or yet to be used talent signed to NXT to be noticed. One who has recently returned from injury, Danielle Kamela, now going under the name of Vanessa Borne, is looking to join her fellow NXT future standout Bianca BelAir as the next entry into the all female tournament, but has a tough opponent in Indy worker Jayme Jaymeson to get through to make that moment a reality…

Entering first is a smiley Vanessa Borne for her newest match, then once SHINE Tag Team Champion Jayme, under the name of Jayme Hachey for this NXT appearance. Once both are in the ring, the bell rings and a lock up kick-starts the match, with waistlock reversals to follow. Jayme throws a back elbow right at Vanessa, heading to the ropes then shoulder tackling Vanessa on the way back. Vanessa uses the mat to avoid Jayme’s next offense but is rolled over by Jayme. Vanessa shows off her athleticism then additionally surprises Jayme with a running knee to the back before she can even find her way up. Jayme fights back with a knee, followed with a sidewalk slam which is only enough to get Jayme a one count in her first pin attempt.

Jayme reverts to a stretch, pressing the knee against the upper back of Vanessa also. Vanessa makes her way to a vertical base then manages to drive Jayme backwards into the corner. She arm drags Jayme then shoves her before firing plenty forearms her way. Vanessa connects also with a clothesline and dropkick before having a whip reversed. On the way back, Vanessa leaps over the back of Jayme, and knees Jayme in the left rib. Vanessa debuts her finishing sidewinder uranage for the finish and the three count. Vanessa wins the match, joining Bianca in the Mae Young Classic.

Nikki Cross, only a short few weeks clear of the grueling Last Woman Standing Showdown with Asuka, also appeared briefly on NXT this week, as her Sanity comrades teased their own future showdown with the Authors of Pain after they cleared through Heavy Machinery to retain their NXT Tag Team Championships.

(Vanessa Borne vs Jayme Hachey)

(Vanessa Borne Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
Rather short but i believe that may be due to Vanessa not having much experience and only having so much in her arsenal so far. While Vanessa had the basics down, her finisher is something different from the rest of the NXT Women’s Division. Its a start and women can pick up and have leaps and bounds so lets hope the Full Sail lot don’t crucify Vanessa as she tries to expand on what shes continually learning. My Only Gripe, other than the Full Sail Audience not being fans at times of more inexperienced, is Vanessa’s selling of moves at times but like i said, its a start and everyone comes leaps and bounds over time.

– Catherine


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