WWE RAW RESULTS: A Familiar Face May Shift into the Hunt (July, 10th 2017)

This Past Sunday the WWE served to us their annual Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View, which brought forth one of the most heated matches in Alexa Bliss’s RAW Women’s Championship Reign, as the Proclaimed “Goddess” of WWE defended the championship against 3x RAW Women’s Champion and fellow NXT Alumni Sasha Banks. Following from that, Alexa is indeed still the Women’s Champion and with RAW and Smackdown playing host to the second biggest event in WWE history this year, Summerslam, Bliss may have just a little more than Banks to deal with. But who? Well a rematch from last weeks RAW may give subtle or plenty hints…

Its announced that an also former RAW Women’s Champion Bayley will be joining the contender of the previous night, Sasha Banks for tag team action, taking on the non surprising team of the still RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax. This is not just an opening chance of vengeance for Banks, but for Bayley to seek revenge against Jax for taking her out of competition briefly last week. However Bayley may have to wait for that chance, as once all 4 are in the ring, Banks is already demanding a face off with Bliss. Smack talk ensues and once Banks gives chase, Bliss is bolting and forcing separation by placing herself between the ropes. Sasha gives chase a second time after the ref is forced to pull her away and Alexa is again using the ropes to avoid a scrappy Sasha. Alexa ends up setting Sasha off by throwing an elbow to the face, throwing another near to the corner. Avoiding any chance of Sasha firing back at her, the champ tags in Nia.

Nia, a well known past rival of Sasha’s, pushes the fiery one around and before Sasha can strike back, Bayley opts to step in. Sasha throws a fiery elbow at Alexa, taking her right off the apron before her eventual retreat, and the two end up chasing one another around the ring then back in as Nia shoves around Bayley. Nia sees the ongoing rift between Bliss and Banks and comes to Bliss’s aid, taking Sasha off of her. Bayley sneak attacks Nia, allowing Sasha to get the upper hand with knees before leaving to allow Bayley to execute a diving elbow drop to the right shoulder of Nia. Nia rolls out, Alexa not too far behind and the two look to regroup before returning to combat against the currently dominant babyfaces.

When we return, its back to normal in ring combat, and Sasha has the current upper hand as she chokes Alexa against a corner with her foot. Sasha follows with a single kick to the throat before connecting with running double knees as the champ lays in the bottom of the corner. Sasha drags her slightly away from the ropes for a pin attempt, only getting a near fall on the RAW Women’s Champion. Sasha extends a hand to Bayley, who tags in to join in a double team, kicking off with Sasha tripping Alexa jaw first to the mat, leaving her in position for a bulldog off the ropes from Bayley. Bayley is next to cover the champ, also getting a near fall. She tries to stop Alexa from bounding over to Nia, but it doesn’t work out and Nia makes a successful tag.

Bayley, using the ring ropes for leverage, connects with many running forearms to Nia, though barely moving the imposing force, who catches Bayley as she runs the ropes a third time, attempting a possible powerslam that Bayley wriggles free from. Bayley dropkicks the knee of Nia to bring her down, but despite shown struggle, Nia makes it back to her feet, only to be attacked in a corner by Bayley. Nia tries to stall one of these attacks by elevating Bayley to the apron, but as she turns to try her next onslaught, Bayley kicks her between the ropes. Bayley snaps Nia above the second rope and looks to climb to the top turnbuckle, with Alexa stomping over with some sort of intervention planned. Bayley rids of Alexa, but this is capitalized on by Nia, clubbing Bayley from behind. With damage done, only more to be inflicted is decided from Nia, as she plants the face of Bayley against a nearby turnbuckle, then crushing her against an opposite corner, taking her from it moments later and tossing her to the mat with ease.

Nia locks a hold on Bayley, only for Bayley to try and break with a stomp to the foot and elbows to the face. Nia uses her strength to push Bayley with force to the heel corner, tagging Alexa back in. Nia assists in a double team, courtesy of an irish whip that sends Alexa directly over to Bayley though Alexa slows down the charge to instead deliver a wicked slap to the face of Bayley. Alexa applies her vicious second rope choke before trying to pin Bayley, getting a near fall. Alexa tugs at Bayleys hair, clubs her in the back then plants her against a turnbuckle before again bringing in Nia to work. Bayley tries to fend off Nia early with forearms, but a single headbutt wards her off. Nia ragdolls Bayley as she reverts to the earlier hold, having her grip broken by not one but two back elbows from Bayley. Bayley wishes to reach to Sasha but Nia catches her mid flight and her chance is thwarted. Having driven Bayley back first into the heel corner, Nia’s work is finished there with Alexa tagging in again.

Alexa engages in a workout near the center before turning and trying to clobber Sasha off the apron, but missing. As the two verbally scrap, gaining the refs attention, Nia takes out Bayley in the heel corner, then chucking her with ease near to the center to be possibly fed to Alexa. Alexa’s second shot at Sasha works wonders, doing its job in knocking Sasha to the floor, and with her out of the way, Alexa, after a single stomp to the fallen Bayley, heads to the top turnbuckle. Alexa connects with her finishing Twisted Bliss but it appears she didn’t clear off Sasha entirely, as Sasha suddenly makes her way to the ring to break up the attempted pin on Bayley after. Nia drives Sasha out of the ring then tries to crush her against a barricade though Sasha dodges, and as both are laid against the floor, remaining in the ring are Bayley and Alexa. Alexa becomes the target of a surprise roll up from out of nowhere by Bayley, also pinning the champ. Sasha and Bayley win the match.

Outside of the women’s division competition, Maryse was a part of her husbands first ever Mizzie awards ceremony, which Miz used to put over his companions in Axel and Bo Dallas as well as his emotional wife. This boastful moment was crashed by Dean Ambrose (again) and eventually Seth Rollins.

In addition to that, Alicia Fox managed Noam as he and Neville teamed against Tozawa and Cedric Alexander. The Heels would take the loss here, and right before Noam’s scheduled I Quit Match with Cedric Alexander which would proceed a day later on 205 Live.

(Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks and Bayley)

(The Miz, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Maryse, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Segment)

(Neville and Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox vs Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander)

Thoughts On This Match:
Well considering this was a fallout show to follow up a pretty good Pay Per View, i was left disappointed at a recycled rematch being on the card to be fair, though it made sense to also give Bayley her chance at revenge at Nia. As Much as im not a fan of Bayley going back into the title picture, it can go one of two ways or any direction to be fair, whether that is Sasha and Bayley competing for contendership or Alexa defending in a four way match featuring also Bayley, Sasha and Nia. But its evident as said before, the Horsewomen will not be left off a major Pay Per View. If it is going in the four way direction, each challenger needs to be built appropriately, with Nia actually getting to look like a beast by destroying everyone including Alexa who initially she should be getting her hands on for never receiving her women’s title rematch, Bayley should be built back as the lovable face and as a REAL Underdog and Sasha, well they just need to make her heat with Alexa in this feud even more heated, or plant the former tension with Bayley in between so she possibly uses heelish tactics to thwart Bayley at Summerslam or to thwart anyone for that matter.

– Catherine


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